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ID 27271

Ben Baldwin

Founder @clearfit, Founder @careerxact. 13+ yrs experience building recruiting software for Fortune 500 & SMBs. Patent holder and board member of EO/YEO.

ID 185654

Arunan Sri


Business Development @pivotal-software • Founded @card-robot & @clohost-com • Investor @securacoin • Worked at @xtreme-labs, @salesforce & @thomson-reuters

ID 54775

Jamie Wang

Biz Dev / Marketing Talents. Co-founder and head of growth/marketing at @coursemodo and @notewagon. Richard Ivey SB.

ID 505297

Hima Batavia

Health & Wellness Tech. Strategy + Bus Dev. Global Experience. Worked at @clinton-health-access-initiative, @gsf, @united-nations-foundation , @telus. UofT '07.

ID 255531

Joseph Santoro

DC/LA Superconnector @forbes @MoxieStrategy @StartupGrindDC @ADmapco Creative Strategist, Media2.0Sensei, Political Wonketeer, Entrepreneurial Techie, Neuro PhD

ID 27030

Mark Matta

Sales Engineer @pagerduty. EE @uwaterloo alum. Ex- @salesforce, @assistly.

ID 84381

April Dunford

Startup Marketing advisor/mentor/investor. 6-time startup marketing exec including @janna-systems, @datamirror. Also former marketing exec at @ibm, Siebel.

ID 2900

Tara Hunt

Founded, Lime Foundry; boutique agency specializing in social content marketing. Social media pioneer. Author, speaker, entrepreneur.

ID 135758

Robert Lendvai


Strategic marketer with war wounds from Corel, Cognos, Hedge Funds & startups. Angel investor. Dad to 15yr old. Training for my Ironman Muskoka 2013.

ID 92469

Judy Sims

CEO/Co-founder @shopcaster-1 • Worked at @cansport-live, @toronto-star

ID 271416

Craig Hunter

CEO at @bitmaker-labs-3. Previously @uber , @rtraction, Canadian federal/provincial politics, @tedxuwo Co-Chair.

ID 101718

Daniel Craig Stuart


Founder @gonabit • Worked at @livingsocial, @adgear • Investor @dash, @flashprops • Studied at @university-of-toronto, @wilfrid-laurier-university

ID 23599

Zaki Mahomed

Early-stage product & marketing generalist, launched 2 companies: 1 in B2B, the other in games. Helped a few more.

ID 57475

Saul Colt

Current Principal of Kinetic Startups, Former Head of Magic at FreshBooks and Launched Zipcar in Canada

ID 487122

Andrew Bridge


Founder @brandproject • Worked at @cadbury-schweppes, @diageo • Investor @brika-1, @surfeasy • Studied at @queen-s-university, @southern-methodist-university

ID 145774

Corby Fine


Worked at @rogers-communications-inc, Invested in @careguide and @shifthub, mentored at @extremestartups.

ID 135135

Taige Zhang

Founder @wellingtons-travel and @mificlub. Worked at @apple, @wimdu, @oanda. Studied at @university-of-toronto

ID 142016

Mike Fiorillo


Strong business, marketing, UX/design chops. Experience agency & client side. Kellogg MBA 2013.

ID 394432

Max Tremblay

Entrepreneur, Brand believer, Data head, Thinker, Runner, Dad, SOLOMO E-commerce expert, CRM/Email Driver, Digerati, Revenue Model Maximizer

ID 151559

Rahul Parmar

Co-Founder @lighthouse-labs-1, investor @retsly (acq @zillow), @picatic and @careguide. Former consultant turned entrepreneur building tools for SMBs.

ID 39994

Nuno Job

Geek. Open-source enthusiast. CCO @nodejitsu. Founder @thenodefirm & curator @lxjs

ID 64763

Max Teitelbaum


Co founder @ - Ad Tech Geek - Mentor at Growlabs - Founded first startup at 15

ID 41487

Jean-Luc David

Founder | Ed @york-university | Chief Evangelist @microsoft | CTO @digiflare @spently | API @yellow-pages-group | @facebook @y-combinator hack winner

ID 189964

Ariel Remer

Founder of Pinbooster, Trifunk & Brio. Enjoys smokey scotch, sports, pop culture, and is a mustache enthusiast. He completed Tough Mudder Vermont and Toronto

ID 191130

Joseph Puopolo

Founder @printchomp • Worked at @oracle-corporation, @stickeryou • Studied at @university-of-waterloo, @wilfrid-laurier-university

ID 34552

Brian Sharwood


Formerly, President, @homestars SeaBoard Group, Think Forward, Babson Entrepreneurship Alum

ID 210832

Ian Gerald King

ID 103249

Max Cameron

Founder @kera • Studied at @university-of-toronto. Passionate practitioner of Customer Development.

ID 608671

Anthony Wolf

Founder @thedrop • Worked at @microsoft, @ninemsn

ID 78808

Nima Gardideh

Product Manager @frank-oak | Ex-CTO @venio | Ex-PM @xtreme-labs

ID 227876

Arvin Yeo

online marketing, sem, display, mobile, landing page optimization, a/b testing, analytics, product

ID 226443

Danish Siddiqui

Waterloo Computer Engineer with 5+ years experience shipping code to millions of customers worldwide. Worked at start ups as well as large multinationals.

ID 88594

Jeremy Wright

Social/digital media executive with startup/agency/brand experience. Last position added 20MM in revenue and led industry in digital marketing.

ID 323719

Feng Xie

Strategy, Product Management, UI/UX, Customer Experience

ID 43399

Zunaid Khan

Technology strategy and business development expert

ID 72653

Saif Altimimi

Founder @notewagon, @coursemodo • Studied at @university-of-guelph. Strong UX/UI background

ID 220209

Tania Hew

@university-of-north-carolina-chapel-hill 2012 MBA. Loves working at startups in marketing or other strategic roles. Great tech background (CS undergrad).

ID 602627

Grant Furlane

Founder @locomobi, @anai-global-media, experienced start up specialist and mentor

ID 349092

Craig Miller

VP of Marketing at Shopify

ID 75989

Jon Carr-Harris

Strong expertise on Mobile Products. Development & Design. Partner @ SwishLabs. Previously CEO @venio; PM @Theknetwork. Studied @mcgill-university

ID 147148

Vijay Jeyapalan

Community Manager at Clarity. Helping you find the right advice for your business.

ID 7383

Aidan Nulman

Co-Founder & CEO of Fleetbit (Winston Inc). Hacker. History of growing technology and entertainment products by 200%+ y/y. One of Canada's @the-next-36

ID 490698

Myles Kaufman

Founder @joosebox • Studied at @duke-university, Law @ucl

ID 196902

Meir Sheldon Dick


BizDev at Sciencescape, Partner at RRG. Developed validation platform for investors, and BizDev mentor for early stage startups

ID 89169

Dan Kershaw

Chief Operating Officer at Spreed Inc.

ID 172361

Jas Banwait

Previously co-founded @seat14a @twomangoes, and "Savillian" - menswear label. Waterloo grad, MBET, Canadian.

ID 487925

Emma Nemtin

Marketing Director @hubba • Digital Strategist, lead content creator, and growthhacker marketer. Community builder and manager.

ID 347847

Ryan Freeman

Experienced Turnaround Advisor. Management Consultant. International Experience: Europe, Asia, North America. Ivey HBA

ID 37381

Maggie Peng

VP Marketing and Head of Design @oneclass. UofT 2011.

ID 68608

Andrew Angus

Founder and CEO of Switch Video. Producers of more then 300 videos. Clients: Microsoft, IBM, HP, Cisco, Unisys, AMEX, Salesforce Rypple, EO, World Bank.

ID 326485

Karan Yadav


Enterprise s/w space for 12+ yrs, primarily around "new age" enterprise technology, mobile, big data (B2B, B2C). Work and compete with startups.

ID 133105

Abdallah Al-Hakim

PhD biochemist working in B2B sales and marketing. Currently @influitive. Other interests Science | CleanTech | Digital Arabia

ID 136116

Bryan Watson


Director at INcubes, Managing Director of CleanTech North & Organizer of StartupDrinksTO. Independent Venture Capital expert; built Canadian Angel community.

ID 145917

Ravi Prashad

Founder @pitchpoint-solutions • Worked at @the-boston-consulting-group-1, @sapient • Studied at @university-of-waterloo, @rotman-school-of-management

ID 153608

Seif Khemaissia

Digital Marketing Specialist

ID 465626

Nir Zahavi

Director of Marketing @flipgive Worked @guardly

ID 179431

Joshua Kelly

Rails/Javascript Hacker #2 at @uniiverse • Founder @kmsm • Studied at @university-of-toronto

ID 163123

Hayden Tay

Marketing and Community Manager @relay • @university-of-waterloo Grad

ID 94176

Rodolfo Novak

I make things.

ID 137766

Darby Sieben

Head of Business Development @yellow-pages-group

ID 55997

Jake Hirsch-Allen

startup, intellectual property and international criminal lawyer - business development and government relations consultant - diplo-brat and photographer

ID 163679

Adam Bent

Business Development, Growing Hospitality + Food-Tech + Tourism companies from zero to hero

ID 102477

Chris Long

Product Marketing Manager @ Shopify. Strong technical and product background.

ID 39140

Luke Sequeira

Founder @dccper, Worked at @bnotions, @indivibe-com

ID 243060

Cory Rosenfield

Co-founder @qoints, @infinitesm • Team Member @brizi • Studied BBA at @wilfrid-laurier-university and Construction Engineering at @conestoga-college

ID 336016

Taylor Gendron

"Publish, don't patent"

ID 171747

Rahul Raj

I unlock the potential of brands to better the world. VP of Mktg @ecobee, former Sustainability Exec @walmart, Fellow @AspenInstitute & Founder @MealExchange

ID 88795

Justin Norris

Director of CRM at Marketing automation, content creation, lead nurturing, data. Architecting cool things.

ID 172099

Sean Lynch

Founder @postbeyond • Worked at @zipcar, @vibrant-ideation-and-marketing

ID 715541

David Hurley

Full Stack Developer with an strong working knowledge of Ruby, Rails, and JS. Previously was in a business development role at Top Hat and

ID 81145

Chris Advansun

Digital marketer and entrepreneur skilled in persuasion, marketing strategy and storytelling.

ID 187916

Peter Davison

Chief Wabbit Hunter. Strong Collaborative approach to Business Growth. Speaker 140conf & Tedx speaker

ID 424274

Sibi Nathaniel SR

Agency and In House Account Management and Project Management. Social Media Junkie who's worked with several large MNCs on Digital Media Endeavours and Projects

ID 199225

Ali Hanif

Director of Sales @mirego, a mobile app development firm. Our clients include Apple, Pfizer, Box, RedBull, Yellow Pages Group. VP Bus. Development @crowdbase. Previously Sales & Account Manager @thomson-reuters and Co-Founder @kukuzoo-1

ID 176633

Chris Stefanyk

Experienced digital strategist with a proven track record of creating strategies and implementing changes for companies and new ventures in Canada and abroad.

ID 290443

Sam Cohan

Berkeley MFE, Waterloo Comp Eng, International Experience Designing and Developing World Class Software Systems, Working with Large Data Sets

ID 259906

Katherine Wellman

Marketing and Community Manager at @shifthub. Previously worked at Wishabi, Roots. Social media and email marketing pro.

ID 50136

Kevin Gervais


CEO @ Pivot Labs Inc. Customers included Intel, Absolut Vodka. 15+ years in business. Latest startup revenue positive in first week.

ID 480701

Mark Keating

Founder of AGD Services. Tech industry marketing executive living the Healthy Way of Life, Ironman triathlete, motorcyclist, and dad.

ID 79302

Michael Fedyna

Co-founder & CEO • serial entrepreneur • Studied at @ryerson-university University

ID 690542

Chris Fitzgerald

A driven and creative content marketer who is passionate about promoting startups and communicating unique value propositions to key stakeholders and customers.

ID 58946

Rohan Pinto


ID 333298

Erik Davis


Relatively-hairless ape

ID 479902

Matt Rice

Worked at @parkbench

ID 71313

Hana Abaza

Director of Marketing @uberflip. Background in marketing, product, strategy and ops.

ID 469894

Nataliya D.

Worked at @bdc-venture-capital, @bdc-financing • Studied at @george-brown-college, @rotman-school-of-management

ID 334326

Brian Luong

Founder @schedulingdirect & Glimpse | Associate @bcg | Owner @scholars-at-your-service | Canada's @the-next-36 | Studied at @wharton-school, @mcgill-university

ID 278613

Thomas Courneyea

Management & Strategy Consultant. Founder @data-deck, @absolu-media & CMG. Developer of strategies in Healthcare & Technology.

ID 147580

Bryan Hurren

Product Management leader at @research-in-motion; redefined mobile email, brought @livemocha to 10M users • MASc in Systems Design at @university-of-waterloo

ID 585287

Chris DeLuca

Financial journalist. Strong communicator and marketer.

ID 11177

Gil Katz

Founder @comic-reply, @giant-step-1 • Studied at @university-of-toronto

ID 541305

Preet Chandhoke


Founder 01 Synergy, @social-media-freaks • Worked at @bank-of-montreal • Investor @social-media-freaks • Studied at @university-of-toronto

ID 159385

Rosy Rumpal

Worked at @kiva @TheLeanLawyer-LawOffice @paper Kite Foundation • Studied at @university-of-california-los-angeles, @michigan-state-university @university-of-ottawa-1

ID 235522

Holly Knowlman

Event Inventor at T+H Events, Marketing Manager @theworkinggroup, on the @startupwkndTO organising team.

ID 37649

Ashley Huffman

Marketing & Strategic Alliances at Nano Magnetics. Commercialization ninja. Seneca Business Grad. Guinness World Record holder.

ID 28894

Kristopher Wong

Business Analyst by Day; Start-up evangelist by night. Director of Awesome @beaconize; where I bring together smart people to solve unique problems.

ID 169430

Steve McPhee

Founder @makeover-solutions • Worked at @procter-gamble, @daily-makeover • Studied at @wilfrid-laurier-university

ID 155937

Nitin Chopra

Biz Dev, PM, VC

ID 48013

Jeremy Campbell

Founder of Socially Collaborative Media, Inc. Have worked at the edge of media/tech startups since 2001. Serial entrepreneur. Blogger. Foodie. Lover of life.

ID 122066

Jordan Klein

Dynamic global business development and marketing executive with strong interpersonal and communication skills focused on building revenue

ID 272832

Jeff Marsden


Co-founder PriceMetrix Inc. Former President Accretive Advisor. Strategic manager. Fundraising experienced. Financial Services Expert. Ideas, pragmatism & focus

ID 48275

Alan Seiffert

Founder @seiffert-media-advisors • Worked at NBCUniversal, NBA, Fox. Studied at Michigan Law.

ID 111230

Peggy Dold

Founder, Navigation Partners LLC; Global Marketing Strategist & Entertainment Consultant

ID 266774

Brandon Vlaar

Co-Founder Lending Loop • Worked at @incubes, @manulife-financial • Studied at @university-of-western-ontario, @richard-ivey-school-of-business

ID 60769

Amanda Blain

CEO of @girlfriend-social. Strong Social Media presence across all networks including over 3 million followers on Google+. Coder, CEO, and UberGeekGirl.

ID 415303

Mike Cardiff ICD.D

Leadership Led development of product strategy and execution of International expansion plan into 30 countries for a Software Company resulting in 200% annual growth rate and 82% gross margin within 3 years.

ID 148099

Danielle Geva

Head of Marketing at @volley-2, previously self-employed startup marketer, studied @entrepreneurship and Marketing at @ryerson-university-1

ID 13091

Mihnea Stoian

Co-founder and CMO of Luevo, 1st fashion crowdfunding platform in North America. Online marketer with strong front-end design background (Workopolis)

ID 326707

David Ciccarelli

CEO and Founder of @voices and @glassly. Member of the C100 and CommuniTech. Alumni of the @cta. Current nominee for E&Y Entrepreneur of the Year award.

ID 320783

Alexandra Brown

Dalhousie University graduate. Worked at MavenSay as Web Content Editor + Social Media Manager; launched MavenSay's web content and social media strategy.

ID 335905

William Mann

Founder @sensimat, @williamfmann; Ivey MBA 2012; Strong healthcare products background, health economics, KOL mgmt, med comm.

ID 154677

Shawn Kalin


Founder @allberta-com, Customerge • Worked at @intercell, @venturesource • Studied at @university-of-victoria

ID 625983

Marc Belgrave

McGill comp eng and former sales engineer with 12 years' sales and sales training experience

ID 194111

Fon Tran

Founder @yoketown, Sence • Worked at @goldman-sachs, @morgan-stanley • Studied at @stanford-university, @university-of-waterloo

ID 329384

David King

One service for all of your favourite streaming content - Reserve your username today! Being built by @davidcreates & @electblake

ID 215090

Al Leong

Founder @ttr-staging-rental-systems • Worked at @ogilvy, @siemens • Studied at @massachusetts-institute-of-technology, @university-of-british-columbia - Researcher, for MLA of BC Legislative Assembly

ID 503325

Farhad Sadeghi

Former Sales Engineering Director at Dell, Engineer with technology consulting, business development, sales experience, Kellogg-Schulich Exec MBA 2014

ID 771564

Tiffany daSilva

Full stack marketer, 10 years experience, multi million dollar budgets & results. Worked at Tsavo Media, Achievers & Shopify

ID 131838

Ozgur Nazilli

Marketing Manager at Logic Software Inc.

ID 728627

Peter Valin

Head of App Store & Content Marketing at BlackBerry. Expertise in Channel, Product and Ecosystem Marketing, e-Commerce, Business Development and Operations.

ID 537594

Able Varghese

Founder @able-entrepreneurs • Studied at @carleton-university

ID 413815

Tony Tang ★

Tech Enthusiast | Sales & Recruitment | Master of International Business | Mathematician

ID 223120

Paul Clark

CMO at BlueCamroo Inc.: all-in-one SaaS Team Collaboration Application for CRM, Social CRM, Project Management, Email Marketing and more...

ID 99346

Tremain Wheatley

Strategy consultant with Bain & Co. Led prod/service innovation project for regional wireless carrier. Experience in FS, telecom and private equity diligence.

ID 119640

Nafiz Somani

A self-managed and result-oriented operations expert with ten years of experience in project management, digital media, ad operations, campaign optimization, resource management, product development and client relations.

ID 691292

Amina Tariq

Business development and marketing strategist with 3 years experience in sustainable e-commerce startup

ID 72476

miraj khaled

Connecting People, Passion & Ideas! I ♥ Onine Communications. Social Media. Mobiles. ICT4D. Media+News | Organizer: @HacksHackersYVR. Curator: @BEEvancity

ID 136569

Lucas Lu

Founder of 2nd software startup out of university. Studied marketing at Wilfrid Laurier. Strong product management background, complemented by mrk & sales.

ID 333507

Aditya Jhamb

Digital Marketing professional @webchutney , Studied @university-of-waterloo

ID 455552

Hafiz Vellani

Worked at Xtreme Labs/Pivotal Labs

ID 528410

Alexandra Connerty

Storyteller through words and movement; keen interest in social ventures, new tech and gastronomy; explorer and creator

ID 498029

Susie Pan

Queen's Commerce grad, Marketing enthusiasts, Entrepreneur at Next 36, founder of NPO Science Expo, world traveler

ID 139013

Francois Mathieu

Inbound Marketing Manager @uberflip

ID 412598

Christian Borys

Worked at @shopify, @kiwi-wearables • Studied at @wilfrid-laurier-university

ID 733442

Kevin Suitor

VP, Strategy & Alliances at Exinda. Worked at Redline, CopperCom, CTI Datacom, Tekelec, Wandel & Golterman

ID 121413

Andrew Dertinger

Strategic Accounts and Sales at BuySellAds

ID 232241

Ana Caracaleanu

Entrepreneur, MBA graduate, marketing professional. Co-founder and CEO of Luevo, a crowd-funding website for emerging independent fashion designers.

ID 644786

Todd Boxer

Product Marketing Manager, Google

ID 197045

Devon Shapiro

Tuck MBA, launched divisional Predictive Analytics team for large finance company, consulted top NYC designer, have created retail channel roll-out strategies

ID 177105

Neil Closner

Founder @babyuniverse-com, @vitalhub • Worked at @mount-sinai-hospital, @citigroup • Studied at @wharton-school, @mcgill-university

ID 331033

WWW.RICKCORDEIRO.COM (Actor/ Comic) The Al Capone of Toronto.

ID 253415

Martin Sumner-Smith

Executive in biotech, life science & enterprise software. Research mgmt, marketing, communications, business development. Founded several start-up companies.

ID 286220

Garry Chan


Tech entrepreneur with successful track record of building companies from the ground-up; CMU M.Sc. (expected in Aug 2013); MBA from Rotman School.

ID 236137

Sammy Lau

Digital Strategist at @canopy-labs. Formerly at @united-nations. @university-of-toronto Class of 2014.

ID 542718

Karen Mazurkewich

Business Development, Producer at Discovery Channel. Journalist. Worked at @wall-street-journal, @national-film-board-of-canada • Studied at @queen-s-university

ID 635017

David S. Murayama

Univ. Waterloo Masters, Co-founded a social media star-up, multicultural/bilingual. Abilities: Biz Dev, Project & Brand Management and Data Analytics

ID 330520

Roy Firestein

Hacker, Entrepreneur, Human

ID 244884

Matthew Burns

Full-time thinker, part-time savant. Founder @fondly , @groudu , @ticket-elephant • Studied at @wilfrid-laurier-university

ID 77297

Ahmed Shuaib

Web and Data Analyst @ @aol Canada

ID 713504

George Dawson

Retail & ecommerce business side guy. Well connected to legacy B&M retail.

ID 242623

Vivian Chow

Strong business and analytics background; worked at Facebook, LoyaltyOne, PepsiCo; passionate about developing others.

ID 34846

Kyron Baxter

Worked at @top-hat, @uberflip • Studied at @stanford-university

ID 505828

Allan Levine

VP of Marketing & Business Development at E-Leads Canada VP of Strategy at In The Game, MBA from Kellogg & Schulich; Worked at Workbrain and Infor Global.

ID 599122

Jim Watson

Proven ability to blend technical and business savvy with leadership and relationship management skills. Athlete that can wear many hats.

ID 69163

Farid Ali

Worked at @bnotions, @fedex. Studied at @mcmaster-university

ID 181103

Jason Goldlist

VP Strategy @aplaceformom (@warburgpincus portfolio company). Previously @olympics 2010 @mckinsey @INSEAD MBA. Advisor to great leaders & companies.

ID 114620

Andrew Wright

Focusing on identifying and working with Technology based Startups, bringing Creativity with practicality, vision with experience. The best of both worlds

ID 480260

Tara Shahru Amiri

Oxford MBA, 5 yrs of IT consulting at Deloitte, PMP. Entrepreneurial, creative, and analytical. Excellent interpersonal skills.

ID 123291

Simon Smith

Digital Strategist for Marketing & Product Development. 12+ Years Experience with Digital Startups, Digital Publishers & Digital Marketing Agencies.

ID 278468

Brian Gordon

Entrepreneur in Residence at Baycrest Hospital. Experience building ideas and research into products and markets. IT background with MBA 2004 from Ivey.

ID 342238

Brian Hartlen

ID 104148

Indra Dosanjh

Startup Executive: Agile/Lean Methods & Tools,Teams, Lean Six Sigma techniques, Expert Facilitation

ID 322545

Nasrin Azad-McGuire

Currently, in light of my recent studies I provide management support to researchers and entrepreneurs, and work as technology transfer manager to facilitate commercialization of nanotechnology based products and services, and to improve time to market. I

ID 591671

Eli Alter

Strategic executive and international entrepreneur with exceptionally strong interpersonal, communication, problem solving and decision making skills.

ID 558138

Amy Saunders

Lean Communications Specialist with a knack for working with Tech StartUps; Freelance Writer and Journalist; Five years experience with grassroots and startups

ID 698355

Jake Kotzer

CEO of MagneticHR - started out of University. Strong sales and marketing background. Tireless work ethic.

ID 661689

Allison Friedmann

I tackle challenges with an approach that's inspired by innovation; guided by data; nurtured through brainstorm; and driven by the goal of sustainable growth.

ID 485421

Sebastian Richter

CS/BA all-rounder from leading German university with start-up experience and a passion for learning new things

ID 531784

Alexandra Printzios

Princeton Operations Research and Financial Engineering, Minor in CS, work at TD Securities

ID 214395

Nick Rogov


1st startup in high school; computer engineering, economics, and finance education; 4 yrs of investment banking; 3 yrs working with startups

ID 583974

Jeff Forrest

Experienced business strategist and operations manager, background in management consulting and technology startups.

ID 176595

Chris Petersen

Innovative entrepreneur and results driven Sales Professional • Founder @venuespace @tilgreen-aviation-inc • Worked at @xerox • Growth Specialist • Team Leader

ID 179467

Andrei Arkhanguelski

Co-Founder of • Entrepreneur • Passionate about solving problems through great user experience and design. HBA from @university-of-toronto.

ID 79183

Jijesh Devan

Hands-on SaaS & Mobile Marketer. Keen on social-media, mobile, & A/B testing.Views are mine! Tweets @QuickPlayMedia & blogs at

ID 72174

Ratko Vidakovic


Entrepreneur. Angel Investor. VP Product & Marketing @sitescout (acquired '13). Co-founder @toyotanation (acquired '06).

ID 364992

Lauralee Guthrie

Social Media Strategist

ID 492249

Buyi Zhu

Studied at @oxford-university, @university-of-toronto

ID 219653

Rajan Sharma

Founder @umyum • Worked at @new-york-university-1 • Studied at @new-york-university, @cornell-university

ID 433170

Brad Hayes

Engineer (Eng Phys, Queen's). Strong Business Bkgrd (Currently BCG Consultant, Rotman MBA 2011). Ops Bkgrd (Construction, 4 years). Hobby iOS app 'Route-Out'.

ID 654077

Carlos Castaneda

MBA Ryerson University/Harvard University; Director of Finance at a toy start-up company; strong business acumen

ID 500701

Kristina Grinshpoon

Worked at @blast-radius, @israel-ministry-of-finance • Studied at @hebrew-university-of-jerusalem

ID 470038

Ryan H

Business Process Manager; extensive client experience with setup of processes and software; strong communications skills (law firm experience).

ID 390739

Nicholas Teo

Strong background in finance. Experience with helping emerging companies to grow. Expertise in technology and manufacturing. Good leadership and coaching skills.

ID 193620

Amrita Chandra

Freelance marketing exec with a focus on startups and early stage companies.

ID 602146

Sebastian Hayto

McGill Psyc/Econ, Social Entrepreneur and Business Developer; currently a Senior Supply Chain Analyst

ID 231009

David Brait

Umich Ross BBA, Worked @ OMERS @Ox Capital

ID 758473

Pelin Keskin

Cambrige Grad, Masters in IR, worked for a first time political candidate, a law firm and currently working for another start up all in charge of social media.

ID 323711

Ludovic Buzaglo

Startup founder looking for a new adventure!

ID 178514

Melvin Suen

Worked at @accenture, @ibm, @loosebutton • Studied at @university-of-toronto-Business&Finance

ID 276739

Noorin Ladhani

ID 761451

Alex Flint

Start-Up Customer Support Manager

ID 260758


Innovative and entrepreneurial senior executive. Kellogg MBA. Extensive capital markets background. Data evangelist. Start-up & systems development experience.

ID 227082

Wayne Louie

Waterloo Mech Eng with an MBA from UofT. Worked at Xerox, Siemens

ID 645771

Lucy Lin

Marketing at American Express, Linklaters focused on customer acquisition, loyalty, product & project mgmt. MComm (Marketing/Strategic Mgmt) from Uni of Sydney.

ID 516401

Rachel Huang

Founder TagTalk • Studied at @university-of-waterloo and three other different universities

ID 547385

Alicja Hlibowicka

Dynamic finance/marketing professional with a natural knack for investing, communications and innovation.

ID 616772

Nathan Holder

ID 22817

Timothy Anyasi

Startup Founder, managed and grew many profitable startups, degree in accounting/ finance, self taught geek.

ID 207651

Neil Martin

Co-founder @clayza. Serial entrepreneur. Degree in Media Studies. Passionate about the merging of art and tech. Amateur rockstar.

ID 240308

Prem Kalevar

ID 609325

Geet Bawa

University of Toronto, Portfolio Management, Strategy Consulting

ID 485059

Andrei Larionov

Experienced IT professional and entrepreneur, EMBA student (Kellogg-Schulich)

ID 364715

Thomas Bell


ID 250547

Praising Gaw

Startup junkie focused on marketing, product and client service. Loves working with companies where I can make an impact.

ID 745416

Michael McCormick, CPA, CGA, FRI(E)

Executive in Finance / Real Estate with Start-up Experience. CPA/CGA + IBM management + Cornell/Queens EMBA. Passion for business, engineering & design.

ID 220868

Mark Greenberg

ID 525220

Lak Chinta Ph.D.

Founder & CEO of Health-Seeds, Board Director, Senior Management experience, Start-up sales & marketing exp., Creative Destruction Lab @ U of T, MBA, PhD

ID 387698

Jeff Bernstein

Looking for new gig in partnerships/project-product/strategy, special focus on social impact • ruby on rails dabbler • @carleton-university M.A.

ID 232296

Jessica Grossman

Startup lover, marketer, digital strategist, community manager, philanthropist.

ID 674456

Inna Didenko

Erasmus Mundus graduate; held several marketing and corporate management positions at Novartis Animal Health

ID 650345

James Geneau

An experienced senior marketing, technology, and sales specialist with extensive experience in early stage start-ups.

ID 629559

Andrew Muzzatti

Marketing Leader who has brought to market products and services in the Tech and Financial industries in product marketing, advertising and digital roles.

ID 745975

Jordano Tonial

Masters of economics from Simon Fraser University. Got my love of tech from doing my undergrad at the UWaterloo. Product Manaement, sales, and Marketing.

ID 219462

J. Scott McGregor

ID 492116

Andrew Gordon

Founding Partner at AIR Media - Digital Marketing Guru, Entrepreneur, Coder and Designer, Part-Time Ninja, Amateur Photographer & Uber Geek

ID 308137

Teehij Kaul

MBA candidate, Schulich School of Business, Accenture, Business Analyst

ID 501475

Amad Abdullah

Co-founder of OneSet. Strong business and analytics background. MPS (UWaterloo), BBA (WLU)

ID 429815

Wei Wei

Corporate secretarial support staff ensure compliance, governance requirements are met. Help you manage your corporate records.

ID 298600

Prasanna Vijayakumar

Market focused product manager, accustomed to building the plane as it's being flown. Successfully launched an iPad app & API platform.

ID 177524

Ron Goldstein


Ivey MBA / CFA. Successfully marketed financial products and services to affluent consumers and institutional clients. Also developed strategic plans and financial / management reporting packages.

ID 166582

Jason C. McArthur

Founder Krow • Studied at @university-of-western-ontario (Mathematics), @wilfrid-laurier-university (MBA). Superior business acumen.

ID 564942

Kate Rootman

Design, Marketing & Project Management Professional. Hands-on MBA anomaly. Driven to make an impact, not to get rich.

ID 274964

Vlad Molchanov

ID 597049

Reza Abasi

Leveraged technology to advance business @semtech, @nspire-innovation-network • Studied EE|CE|CS|BIZ|MGMT @ucla, @UofT

ID 277949

Jaxson Khan

President @ImpactOrg. Human rights delegate to Rwanda @globalyouthcnct. Top 20 Under 20. I lead multiple non-profits; conducted a 10,000 person survey. Closer.

ID 749317

Stephen Green

Business & Market Development Specialist for early-growth-stage SMBs; Strategic “ideas” visionary equally competent as a detail-oriented, hands-on contributor

ID 384118

Ela Mezhiborsky

Business Development at BookMyCity

ID 703492

Tim Sigindere


ID 289553

Shannon Cummings


ID 308860

Barnabe Geis

Effective management and leadership; communications prowess; entrepreneurship experience; interpersonal intelligence; out-of-the-box thinking; abundant energy.

ID 535747

Adam Henechowicz

Entrepreneurially-driven and energetic SENIOR MARKETING EXECUTIVE who is highly regarded as a creative problem solver;

ID 678334

Liz Gallo

NYU ITP alum, with a focus on creative strategies, has worked to create and implement digital campaigns with major media brands across North America.

ID 300160

David Michaels

eBusiness entrepreneur and brand consultant; 20 years of experience in trademark law; J.D., B.Eng., CHRM

ID 752162

Giuseppina (Pina) Russo. EMBA, BBA.

PR 3.0 expert, helping global organizations create digital marketing and communications solutions with the ability to develop cross-cultural strategies.

ID 176233

Camila Kosco

Studied at Sheridan College - Business Administration Marketing

ID 203977

Jasdeep Singh

Chief Evangelist @metaware-labs & Rails Engineer @mosaic-sales-solution

ID 511883

Doug Ko

Technology Partnerships and Products Leader

ID 154146

Edward On

Rotman MBA, xStrategy Consultant, xIBM Extreme Blue Product Mgr, 2 failed startups

ID 769378

Richard Hyun

Business Development & Sales at

ID 527656

Jonathan Rhyz Li

Ivey HBA - Analytic, Artistic and Entrepreneurial - Former P&G Marketing Intern

ID 187748

Aron Levitz

Worked at @wattpad, @xtreme-labs • Studied at @university of Waterlo. Play in the entertainment space, music, tv/movies, gaming, native advertising & brands

ID 565167

Rakan Khalid

Richard Ivey School of Business MBA, Corporate Development and Strategy Professional; Experienced Product Development Manager

ID 627003

Sarah Giesbrecht

Passionate MBA graduate who wants to make a positive impact on the world be combining business skills with the social sector

ID 728999

Arthur Mui

Current management consultant in pharma, xIDEO business design intern, Rotman MBA

ID 102912

Ezra Grossman

Entrepreneur. Masters of Digital Media 2014 @digital-media-zone-at-ryerson-university.

ID 366595

Jeremy Goldman

Financial Professional, CFA. Incubated 12 companies, taken 7 public. Worked at TD Bank (Banking and eCommerce), BCE Emergis, and 2 start-ups (1 acquired by Equifax).

ID 535148

Nicolina Savelli

Communications consultant @herscupr. I develop creative strategies to increase brand awareness for multiple tech startups. Masters of Professional Communication

ID 701300

Han Ryoo

Over four years of experience in primary market capital market transactions involving all aspects of marketing, syndication and pricing.

ID 501254

Alexa Clark

Content & digital marketing strategist, author, social entrepreneur, over 15 yrs experience in digital communications, food and tech

ID 524134

Jesse Quist

Digital Marketing Specialist. Published on, Targeted traffic generator.

ID 94110

Chris Wilson

ID 593492

Charles Nguyen

Waterloo Comp Eng, Global product marketing expertise, user/market research, messaging, positioning, e-commerce, A/B testing. MaSc Management of Innovation.

ID 132476

John M. Swinimer

Successful, results-oriented Public Relations Professional, 10+ yrs of communications experience in the high tech sector in the US, Canada and Europe.

ID 723215

Arin Goswami

Waterloo Math & Laurier Business. Previous experience at BlackBerry - R&D Finance, TD Canada Trust - Technology Services, and GE Nuclear - Finance & Accounting.

ID 339529

Birju Patel

Strategy, Product and Venture Development

ID 81189

Bojan Tomanovic

Jungian psychometrics applied to marketing @university-of-sheffield • Founder @perfect-music-for-am • Invested in @phoenix-new-media @qiwi-usa in 2013

ID 721039

Jennifer Shen

University of Waterloo and Wilfred Laurier University student looking to work as an intern at an innovative and challenging start-up

ID 733281

Andre Jr. Ayotte

Boutique furniture design studio. Mainly featuring recycled woods, raw metals, and handcrafted leathers. Toronto // New York City

ID 768524

Mo Bazazi

MBA - University of Oxford Founder, Call Link Telecommunications Ltd. Marketing - Aim Image Camera Company Marketing/Producer - Whitematter

ID 416247

Matt Himel

Lawyer. Strategist. Entrepreneur.

ID 616647

Ashton Rourke

Ivey HBA and materials science dual degree candidate 2016. Currently working with medical technology start-up Fernando Kerr. Co-founded first start-up in 2012.

ID 319752

Kevin Chen

Startup Co-founder, Aspiring Innovator

ID 661011

Robert Mindzak

Passion for pixel perfect design, user-centered design, desire differentiate between "good" and GREAT. Design that works, entrepreneur spirit.

ID 575856

Jason Yoo

Student at UC Berkeley (Economics & Business)

ID 471386

Andrew Dick

I have over 14 years of expertise in the online and software industry. This has allowed me to contribute to many different roles in the digital world.

ID 587053

Kimberly Chen

Cornell ILR'13, HR, Analytics, Operations, started own company in web design

ID 668945

Kimberley D. Radmacher (MA)

Communication and Event Management.

ID 42491

Tim Ryan

Country Manager @tilt-3 . CEO/Founder of @vestiigo (acquired by Talentlab). Market Planning & Pricing @bell-mobility. MA @grenoble Graduate School of Business.

ID 409618

Stas Dimos

Ivey Business grad, Business Development/Sales experience with creative/marketing skills and entrepreneurial spirit.

ID 160105

Dennis Fong

Founder @cygnus-connect. MBA, CFA Charterholder, former equity analyst (Macquarie), writes code, rides a bike.

ID 739222

Hayden McFarlane

Berkeley BA, launched 24 apps for iOS/Android/Amazon as UA lead, Product Manager of top grossing app in Canada, web ad/social media for cross-platform sites

ID 753442

Andrew Best

Rotman MBA, Marketing & Strategy generalist, successfully launched and managed media and consulting companies in North America and China. Work at RBC.

ID 307255

Mason Kuang

Co-founder of Heka, Trustee at CKI, CR at AIESEC

ID 555694

Michael Kravshik

Worked at @ernst-and-young, @protiviti • Studied at @carleton-university, @richard-ivey-school-of-business

ID 105782

Arturo Sheimberg

Head of Marketing and Business Development at @pricetag

ID 391071

Shan Lian

Passionate about retail, technology and operations. Experienced with full-agency account management, inside sales, copywriting and analytics.

ID 666308

Michael Nguyen

MiM Graduate at W.P. Carey School of Business

ID 124223

Jordan Choo

Hacking and hustling my way through the startup world.

ID 363319

Hazel Ho

University of Waterloo grad, strong marketing and PR background, worked with IT startup company Application Craft/Codio, work experience in Canada and Europe.

ID 186175

Steven Carr

Worked at @sigma-systems, @toyota • Studied at @arizona-state-university

ID 308414

William Chau

Community Manager & Marketer • @university-of-waterloo, York University & @startupinst Alum

ID 725556

Sachi Patel

Optimized business motions and lowered costs (of over $40K annually) by finding more efficient processes with less resistance at Microsoft Canada.

ID 750154

Anna Nicolaou

Journalist and web producer for the Financial Times, writer for Fast Company, former financial trader.

ID 661687

Wen-Hung Lue

Economics MA looking to bring my skills into the start up world either doing data analysis, finance, or project management

ID 267695

Alison Lee

Studies Nanotechnology Engineering and Knowledge Integration @university-of-waterloo . Works at @Nicoya Lifsciences. Athlete, traveller, problem-solver.

ID 664942

Matt Devlin

Recent MA in Media Studies graduate; Extensive experience working for Universities; Social Media expert and marketing enthusiast.

ID 487176

Don Affleck

ID 685158

Sean O'Reilly

U of T MMI Graduate with Pharmaceutical Experience. Strong background in molecular biology.

ID 270317

Mandeep Johar

Schulich School of Business MBA 2013, Self starter, Entrepreneur, Good Leadership and Customer Relation skills.

ID 413555

Julian Reiche

Worked at @microsoft, @future-us • Studied at @university-of-western-ontario

ID 497072


Former Analyst, Strategist turned Founder of

ID 103782

Dave Wormald

President, Pintegrate. Previously GM of @nortel's $200M Enterprise Messaging portfolio & @open-text's FirstClass Division, creators of @open-text Social Workplace.

ID 95128

Jeffery Thomas

Thinkin' about stuff...

ID 642390

Elana Cipin

B.Com graduate from McGill. Diverse marketing background. Experience in 2 startups.

ID 698439

Amanda Hosek

McGill Graduate; Sales, marketing and startup experience. Business and Psychology background.

ID 685717

Jessica Chambers

Digital Account Manager at SlimCut Media.

ID 731596

George Holicka

E-Commerce Leader * Senior Leader * Digital Marketing * Turnaround Management

ID 457170

Govi Ravindran

Ph.D. EE, Generalist, Worked at large, mid-, small companies.

ID 677813

Lasith Lansakara

NYU MBA with Undergrad in CS; Experienced consultant advising high-growth companies to develop business plans, product roadmaps and growth strategies.

ID 252152

Gilbert Cassar

Founder @netnome • Worked at @towers-watson, @grant-thornton-llp • Studied at @university-of-toronto

ID 549747

Sean Coates

Marketing, Sales & Operations Strategy Guru who knows your customer

ID 174767

Natasha Baker

Founder of @snapeda • Worked for @national-instruments, @analog-devices. Columnist for @thomson-reuters and @forbes • Elec eng at @university-of-toronto

ID 50121

Alan Wood

Co-founder of The HUB Concierge - enterprise software for hotels. MBA Candidate 2015 at Rotman, University of Toronto

ID 100235

Peter Chen

Innovation Architect

ID 721632

Eric Stober

Creative solutions and simple messages. Experienced writer seeking content marketing position at startup.

ID 252480

Darcy Clarke

Developer, designer, ux, founder & speaker. Founded Themify and DealPage. Love open source and developer/designer advocacy.

ID 524835

Andrew Witchell

4th startup, 1st time CEO & Co-Founder, @agrikee, passionate for customer & partner engagement, strong business background @QueensMBA

ID 179335

Rafi Skapinker

Founder Hoochhound • Worked at @istopover, @gaggleup • Studied at @university of Western Ontario

ID 190592

Christopher Gilbert

Schulich MBA graduate ('14); Specialization in RE (with PE and VC exp.); Interned @ Cdn. pension plan (alt. investments); Management and consulting experience.

ID 743022

Shastri Sookdeo

Edinburgh Business School MBA 2011. Worked as an engineer on development and design of several projects.

ID 426602

Matthew Gierc

Successful international marketing visionary with solid engineering background.

ID 294899

Sebastian Barwinski

Founder of soundsLARGE. The very first electronic music discovery platform. Users on soundsLARGE can discover music as well as read & learn about it.

ID 489541

Andrew Carmichael

Worked for several blue chip firms in cross-functional roles. Looking to take this training and apply it in a more entrepreneurial minded environment.

ID 496320

Alison Hoy

Communications Coordinator, CFC Media Lab at the Canadian Film Centre. Schulich MBA 2011.

ID 213915

Eric Sorenson

Seasoned communications professional with experience in academic, non-profit, corporate and startup environments. Worked at @kidobi, Studied at U of T

ID 588146

Vernon Tam

Campus Ambassador at Nspire Innovation Network | Accounting and Finance Student at the University of Waterloo

ID 586350

Madhu Revuru

A University of Waterloo Student at the School of Accounting and Finance while also completing a BSc in Biotechnology. Graduated with an IB Diploma in 2013.

ID 125711

Jeff Lande

Founder @buzzdraft, @blushberry • Studied at @mcgill-university

ID 703631

Maxine Williams

Founder Nexus Miner • Studied at @mcgill-university, @university-of-the-west-indies COO of Nexus Miner, serial Entrepreneur

ID 577097

Christian Lin

UWaterloo co-op grad in Accounting and Finance, passionate about technology and food. Looking to start my startup adventure!

ID 400249

Ron Kunitzky


Worked at @aol, @mamma-com • Studied at @mcgill-university, @concordia-university

ID 574282

Terry Chin

Professional Services @Artez.Studied @UofT & @sheridan.Project Manager & Client Success specialist. Tech freak. Wants to keep learning & change the world.

ID 616931

Caroline McCarthy

Management consultant with strong analytics background and MBA. Worked with a number of start-ups and big data strategies across industries

ID 748095

Wayne T. Bacik

Generated many millions of dollars of business at aerospace, manufacturing and hi tech companies. Looking to join a start-up opportunity with unique technology.

ID 333414

Farahana Jobanputra, MBA, PMP

Financial Services professional, with an eye for enterprise risk, project management, and business analytics.

ID 630778

sarah t

Brand marketing professional, exceptional writer in three languages, content marketing and writing expert.

ID 635596

Amin Nikdel

Queen's CS; CEO of nPulse - real time in class Educational Platform application. CTO of PrepYou - Online Educational Platform. Over 5000+ students & 7+ teacher

ID 583273

Rita Pang

Multilingual translator, worked in Hong Kong, France, Belgium, Canada and Brazil. Superstar resource finder. University of Toronto 2008.

ID 507213

Flora Pan

Communications Assistant at Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry. Experienced with social media platforms. Past web design and management experience.

ID 574815

Al Mithani

Entrepreneur, technologist and startup consultant. I'm the kind of guy that can turn and idea into something real and useful.

ID 674410

Meg Shannon

Communications pro and arts administrator looking to make the jump to the start-up world.

ID 523844

Elliott Charbonneau

McGill BCom. and lvl II CFA candidate with global perspective and a passion for finance, sustainable business and alternative investments

ID 520711

Sean Reczulski

Western U graduate. George Brown Post Graduate in Business. Marketing & Social Media Coordinator for The Michael "Pinball" Clemons Foundation.

ID 628446

Andrew Yang

Growth Hacker & Marketing Professional for Start-Ups and SMBs, launched 2 successful organizations and a personal brand.

ID 276276

Temi Kolarinwa

MBA Grad, obsessed with the future of digital entertainment media (and how to properly monetize it), part-time rapper

ID 316859

Samrin Kibria

Electrical Engineer with 3+ yrs technical project delivery experience, UofT Rotman MBA - Marketing and Strategy

ID 475562

Liz Thompson

Marketing professional; Finance to Kids' media; Communications, event planning, branding and strategy.

ID 684454

Zamiul Haque

Waterloo Economics, Launched Website, Considerable experience with Sales while working for Ontario Energy Group

ID 616824

Sibi Nathaniel

University Of Toronto, Advertising and Marketing Experience as Project Manager, Content Manager, SEO Consultant, Account Manager, BizDev and Start Up Junkie

ID 525961

Brian Lui

University of Waterloo, Accounting and Financial Management Major; Ex-Canadian Forces Officer; Audit Manager at CIBC; Helped develop CIBC's trading app

ID 566262

Blayne Cameron Chong

Psychology major with keen interests in Marketing and Innovation.

ID 772861

Sebastian Law

Ryerson Architecture Grad., Eclectic set of skills ranging from problem solving to project management. Work experience in Sales/Design/Architecture/Engineering.

ID 373429

John La

A business minded individual with a passion for technology and innovation. Extensive exposure to every phase of the product development life cycle.

ID 414612

Usman Raja

University of Waterloo EE; Worked at BlackBerry (various), Trimble Navigation & Ericsson Canada.

ID 624617

Sisi Wei

Mathematics/Financial Analysis Student at University of Waterloo, actively looking for jobs, and startup companies to join, learn, and improve:)

ID 535237

Thomas Kim

Worked at @deloitte-consulting @manulife-financial Studied Actuarial Science & Statistics & Finance at @university-of-waterloo

ID 617685

Jonathan To

Economics with Finance Specialization at Waterloo. Passion for marketing, sales, and driving results by thinking outside the box.

ID 501151

Jordan Resnick

Worked at @skilledwizard • Studied at @university-of-toronto

ID 582643

Steffan Edward

Strategy, Marketing and Business Dev, Venturer, University of Waterloo, Business Enthusiast, Winner of Deloitte case comp

ID 650115

Rick Rotman

Digital Marketing | Content Marketing | Blogging | SEO/SEM | Social Media | Marketing Strategy | Creative & Collateral Growing Companies and Product Launches

ID 492147

Eva Wang

Worked at @mommiesfirst • Studied at @university-of-waterloo • Generalist looking for entry-level role to grow skills in Business Development, Sales & Marketing

ID 625614

Sam McWhirter

Environment and Business student at the University of Waterloo

ID 531447

Aseem Sharma

Systems engineer, Entrepreneurial minded, open source fan, Linux expert, Writer, Enterprise messaging, Python

ID 343635

Alex Rasmussen

Investor and Connector, fascinated by compounding returns, hidden gems, and new business models.

ID 107390

Sunny Shao

Entrepreneur, marketer & DIY investor | Currently freelancing & hustling, Advisor at the National Crowdfunding Association of Canada (NCFA Canada).

ID 164881

Joel Read

Western Economics & Ivey HBA grad; strong analytical skills combined with corporate presence to create an articulate, personable strategist (LoyaltyOne & CEB)

ID 340533

Neil Campbell

Full stack marketer & creative. Strong art & design focus. Studied as an artist, work as a designer; future in marketing. Proud designer and idea generator.

ID 772205

Justin Vermeer

Queen's engineer and Mac MBA- managed a consulting start-up while completing MBA studies. An outside of the box thinker that doesn't conform to MBA stereotypes

ID 603871

Michael Jordan Novack

Creative Analytical Thinker; CPA-CA looking to scale business operations in utilizing financial acumen to promote corporate innovation & accelerate monetization

ID 743990

Shereen Ladha

Schulich MBA experienced in Marketing, Analytics, Market Research, Brand Development

ID 559652

Gagan Gill

Marketing and sales professional with a 7-year career in the uber competitive biotech industry. Solid business acumen and the ability to get the job done

ID 447750

Justin Bansal

Marketing Grad from University of Western Ontario.

ID 363838

Kerri Minns

Co-founder of fieldr. Placed third at Toronto Startup Weekend EDU. Worked at Starbucks, Target, HTC and G Adventures.

ID 750879

Michael Alexis

Lawyer with 5+ years in marketing/sales, master at getting VIP clients, intermediate coding skills, introduced s'mores to the Beijing market

ID 635230

Weber Wang

Western Business Grad, interested in Sales & Marketing Positions. Past experiences in BW and analytics.

ID 249020

Jamil Velji


Marketing Expert, Growth Hacker and Full Stack Developer

ID 772788

Tyler Maynard

Technology Business Development @blackberry-2 & Former Investment Banker

ID 618732

Julien Hradecky

University of Toronto Undergrad, Two years of freelance graphic design experience with startup companies, creative and intelligent with marketing ideas.

ID 493337

Rares Finatan

Western University; Interested in Client Relations and Brand Coordination. Current project lead at Marketers Without Borders, a non-profit startup.

ID 381014

Joseph D. Viviano

Mercenary Neuroscientist & Medical Image Analyst • Research Analyst @Center for Addiction and Mental Health • Worked @york U • Studied @queen's U, @york U

ID 674445

Mark Hinnen

ID 407333

Brandon Love

Canadian. McGill Student. Entrepreneur. @EsntlApparel

ID 404397

Scott Walker, PMP

PMP Certified, Project Management Institute, YouTube Content Creator, iTunes Team Agent, Digital Strategist for leading Independent Entertainment Corporation

ID 671849

Ana Plenter

Former Marketing Executive turned Entrepreneur, with stong leadership skills and experiance building and managing large multi functional marketing teams.

ID 161963


Studied at @university-of-western-ontario

ID 228800

Eli Gladstone

Aspiring start-up junky! Richard Ivey School of Business - HBA 2010 (Dean's List). Award-winning lecturer at Western University. Super-connector and communicator.

ID 591740

Jenna Quint

Results driven marketer with a passion for tech. Combines analytical skill, curiosity and an interest in people, to oversee the development of campaigns.

ID 442525

Alexis Silaidis

Image expert, charismatic relationship builder and successful idea designer

ID 763004

Corinne Rose G

Internet things.

ID 332475

Boris Jovic

Managed 2 successful products, Helped 2 companies realize highest earning FY, managed products, SFDC administrator, Sales Rep Manager

ID 543190

Jesse Finn

Management consultant seeking exciting start up or product to build into an internationally known brand.

ID 235460

Victor Lu

ID 394154

David Elmaleh

Ivey Business School grad. Worked at RecordSetter, UCB Comedy, and COEDmagazine. Strong YouTube marketer (generated over 5 million organic views).

ID 208069

Dan Hill

Visionary leader who understands the entire media landscape (traditional, digital, social, mobile, etc.) and transitions easily between business, creative, technical, marketing and operational aspects. Have 20 years experience being part of turning emergi

ID 600522

Cathy Cao

Capital Markets professional with broad skill set, ex-VC, ex-ad agency, Top 3 Finalist in Canada's Next Top Ad Exec, yogi.

ID 189818

Paul Krajewski

Working on @shario & @ming-labs-gmbh (@MINGlabs)

ID 600501

Kara Chiki

Master of Global Affairs graduate student, strong business background (TD Bank, Ernst and Young), working in economic development in NYC

ID 730279

Vinay Kanthan

University of Western Ontario, BSc, BA. Worked at Labatt Breweries of Canada. Strong business and analytical background

ID 375665

John Younes

Successfully started and ran two separate entrepreneurial ventures throughout undergraduate. Further education in entrepreneurship over the last year taking part in the GEP through EM-LYON Business School

ID 770942

Lueda Alia

Highly-driven, multi-­talented, and influential individual with almost ten years of experience in media and digital marketing.

ID 236928


HBA Candidate at Richard Ivey School of Business

ID 426816

Peter Foy

Graduate from McGill University. Internships as a research analyst and business analyst. Ran a startup event production company in university.

ID 553195

Tiffany Wan

Student at Richard Ivey Business School

ID 73709

Quinn Roukema

Co-Founder, Co-Founded, Alum Student Brand Manager at Red Bull. Good with people, words and obstacles. No-nonsense, creative and lean.

ID 393978

Adam Noyek

University of Western Ontario, Ivey School of Business Graduate, 3 years as a finance professional, now working on a business of my own, love to explore new ops

ID 336576

Sari Abdo

Marketing and research expert, hopeful serial entrepreneur

ID 560722

Myra Khosa

Undergraduate student at McGill; worked at KPMG, Nestle and Bank Alfalah Ltd.

ID 630382

Ammara Niyaz

SSB, York MBA graduate; 5 years experience in Sales and Finance at CIBC, ING Direct and Ennovent; interested in Innovation and Entrepreneurial Ventures

ID 459518

Hamza Naqi

Student at Queen's School of Business

ID 165344

Chris Miller

@tdbank, @BMOBank Alum. Founder @coincad @overc-studios • Studied Economics & Logic at @college-of-wooster

ID 652928

Ammar S

Recent MBA grad. Strong regulatory and health experience. Worked with federal government for five years and clients including Google Canada.

ID 601072

Celine Plante

Entering student at the Richard Ivey School of Business (HBA1). Completed two years of undergraduate degree in Financial Economics at the University of Western Ontario.

ID 183412

Jason Wiele

Work at @to-punchy, @plum-traders-inc • Studied at @university-of-toronto, @george-brown-college

ID 500364

Dan Gunam

Brand development and Marketer who loves startup. Specialize in customer acquisition and validation.

ID 463915

Jade Luo

Customer Success @ Unbounce

ID 740739

Sarmad Ahmad

Honors BBA with Specialization in Marketing & Brand Communication, excellent at Marketing Strategy; Worked at Samsung and Microsoft.

ID 707574

Sergey S.

CCG-OEM Field PAM @ Microsoft

ID 542868

Amy Wasserman

Assigned an ENTP personality type on my MBTI test in university, only to learn shortly thereafter that the only acronyms people care about are PhD and YOLO.

ID 501644

Michael Keshen

M.A. Communication & Culture at York & Ryerson Universities; Marketing Specialist at Uberflip; Tech enthusiast; Music lover.

ID 547814

Jonathan Gottesman

BA from Western University of Canada. Started my own flag football league in London Ontario.

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