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ID 3041

David Crow


EiR at @OMERSVentures. Focused on custdev & productdev. Cofounder of @influitive. Worked at @microsoft, @reactivity, @trilogy. @carnegie-mellon-university MS in HCI + UWaterloo BSc.

ID 9718

Jevon MacDonald


Early. Enterprise. Platforms.

ID 22985

Scott Lake

CEO/Founder of @swix. Co-Founder of Experience in leading consumer and enterprise web-app companies. 10 years of startup experience.

ID 43744

Albert Lai


Serial Entrepreneur. Recently: Big Viking Games/co-founder/ceo, Kontagent/co-founder (Analytics). Sold: @bubbleshare (Disney), MyDesktop (WebMediaBrands).

ID 19260

Nabil Kassam


Managing Director at Zynik Capital Corp. • Founder & Executive Chairman at @noble-iron & Texada Software Inc. • Studied at @harvard-university University & @stanford-graduate-school-of-business

ID 46092

Victor Belfor


B2B SaaS GTM Strategy (marketing, BD, sales). Former head of BD @ringcentral. Investor and head of BD @influitive Mentor @500startups Studied at Wharton

ID 61485

Nicholas Eisenberger

Founder, @pure-energy-partners, a cleantech special forces outfit. 20yr+ cleantech investor & entrepreneur. Fmr advisor to Immelt on ecomagination. Harvard Law

ID 23958

Jamie McDonald


Co-founder Hubdoc, Co-founder/CEO of @sparkroom, investor, entrepreneur, ex-Expedia.

ID 204758

Nilesh Bansal


Founder @sysomos • Studied at @University of Toronto

ID 1929

Jonas Brandon


Cofounder of StartupNorth (@startupnorth), Captual (acq by @desire2learn). Seed investor in GoInstant (acq by @salesforce) and more!

ID 11053

Sarah Prevette


Founder Sprouter (acquired '11) & BetaKit (acquired '13) Co-Founder / Managing Partner at BrandProject. Inc Magazine Top 30 Under 30. Entrepreneur turned VC.

ID 3074

Jennifer Lum


Cofounder @adelphic, Investor, Mentor.

ID 2934

Mark Organ


Marketing technology entrepreneur, CEO of @influitive, co-founder of @eloqua.

ID 30964

Andy Yang


COO @500px | Formerly at @extremestartups @relay-ventures @chegg. @netflix. @thomas-weisel-partners. @goldman-sachs. @accenture. | @ChicagoBooth @university-of-california-berkeley.

ID 78013

Dave Johnson


Co-founder/CTO @nitobi-software (acq'd by @adobe). Worked on @phonegap-1 and @robotreplay (acq'd by @foresee-results). PhD, investor, father, and lover of beer.

ID 113792

Dean McCall


Venture Advisor, CEO, tech catalyst, innovator, foodie, music aficionado, and passionate startup guy who thrives on meeting people and helping startups kick ass

ID 38571

Geoffrey Lewis


Partner at @founders-fund.

ID 192943


ID 66809

Andrew D'Souza


President @bionym • Former COO @top-hat • Worked at @mckinsey-company, @top-prospect • Investor @tulip-retail • Studied at @university-of-waterloo

ID 24314

Cameron Chell


CEO, @business-instincts-group:Strategic Planning system. Chairman, @podium-ventures:Builds Startups from A-Z. Author, that last.

ID 181445

Marcus Daniels


Founder/CEO @highline ( @extremestartups + @growlab merged Accelerator ). Seed Investor. Digital Product Entrepreneur. Innovation Platform Architect

ID 28653

Shai Berger

CEO, co-founder of @fonolo. Formerly CEO of @streamcheck (sold to Keynote, KEYN)

ID 90116

Konrad Listwan-Ciesielski

Co-Founder Kira Talent • Worked at @minted, @nuance-communications • Studied at @university-of-waterloo • Next36 Entrepreneur

ID 38136

Mike McDerment


Founder & CEO Freshbooks. Founder mesh conference.

ID 185542

Prabhdeep Gill

Co-Founder Umano • Worked at @google, @yahoo, @tagged @socialdeck (acquired by @google) • @university-of-waterloo @software-engineering Grad

ID 1814

Chris Maeda


CEO Brick Street Software. EVP/CTO KANA Software. co-Founder / CTO Rubric Software (sold to KANA). @carnegie-mellon-university CS PhD. MIT VI-3. Former lispm hacker.

ID 190786

Craig Morantz


Founder @aware-marketing-group • Worked at @shifthub, @polyconcept-north-america • Investor @shifthub, @mavensay

ID 21913

Adam Mosam


Serial Entrepreneur. Founder - @pivotshare. Founder - @binspy-systems (sold to @anydata). B.Eng.Mgmt. in Software, @mcmaster-university U.

ID 231570

Afif S. Khan


Entrepreneur. Partner/owner in several businesses, looking to invest in start ups.

ID 73543

Trevor Coleman

Wikipedia says I'm "King of the Hipsters," but really I'm co-founder and COO of @interaxon, a user-experience focused thought controlled computing company.

ID 20974

Reuven Cohen


Chief Technology Advocate @citrix-systems | xFounder Enomaly & @CloudCamp | co-host @DigitalNibbles by @intel | Mentor @techstars @alchemist-accelerator

ID 57601

John-Paul Gallo


Entrepreneur, Investor

ID 2900

Tara Hunt

Founded, Lime Foundry; boutique agency specializing in social content marketing. Social media pioneer. Author, speaker, entrepreneur.

ID 41492

Rachel Sklar

Founder, Change The Ratio &; founding ed, Mediaite & HuffPo; advisor, @loverly, @the-muse-1, VoxMedia,, She's The First. Also: lawyer, showtunes.

ID 70024

Susan McGill


Executive Director, @jolt-accelerator-1. Builder. Negotiator. Strategist. Advocate for innovation. Passionate about the intersection of design & technology.

ID 20349

Jesse Rodgers


Director, Creative Destruction Lab @ Rotman; Founded, @tribehr; big fan of the Waterloo/Toronto community; built VeloCity; like early stage startups + Canada.

ID 46759

William Mougayar


Founder, Startup Management @startupmanage. CEO/Founder @engagio, @eqentia. ex- @influitive . 30 yrs in high-tech. Ex-HP, Cognizant. Marketing & Strategy.

ID 27594

Kirk Simpson

Founder & CEO Wave Accounting.

ID 173

John Philip Green


Chief Executive Dad, @careguide. BMath, UWaterloo.

ID 11456

Joseph Fung


CEO of @tribehr (Sold to NetSuite 2013), CEO of @lewis-media (Sold 2009), CEO @onmyblock-ca, and Co-Founder @simple-machines-forum. UWaterloo Computer Engineer.

ID 12109

Jonathan James

CoFounder, CEO @hub ∙ Worked at @microsoft ∙ Founding Team Vortex Connect (enterprise mobile acq '12) ∙ 10 yrs product design & dev.

ID 324870

Shashi Vaswani


Ceo and President of About Time Inc , a distribution company which we grew to over 100 million in revenues WITHOUT giving up equity.

ID 34987

Jeff Robinson

Investor - Advisor - Mentor - Author -

ID 22633

Brice Scheschuk


Investor in @braveinvestment, @globalive, @windmobile, @keek, @pragmatic, @locationary, @varicent, @sambadays, @brockview, @surfeasy, @millstreet, @whir, @pitchpoint

ID 23053

Ben Zifkin

Founder/CEO @hubba, Previously co-founder @axsium-group (succesful exit). Software Engineering/Consulting/Operations/Entrepreneurial background

ID 167213

Brett Ede

CMO & Co-founder of @picatic. Product Designer, Startup Marketer & Entrepreneur. Previously Co-founder of UX design agency @island, and Lead Designer for

ID 487122

Andrew Bridge


Founder @brandproject • Worked at @cadbury-schweppes, @diageo • Investor @brika-1, @surfeasy • Studied at @queen-s-university, @southern-methodist-university

ID 4854

Joel Auge


CEO of @fan-si, CEO of @hitgrab Inc., CEO of @social-stork Inc. High-school drop-out. Toured in a rock band for 4 years... straight.

ID 87685

Jayesh Parmar

Founder, Jayesh is Picatic’s public face and voice. As CEO his primary responsible for overseeing product strategy & vision.

ID 171664

Cory York


Founded two startups: GCI Network out of Mumbai that operates in the giftcard space, and PowerStores a SAAS do it yourself digital commerce platform for SMB's.

ID 165302

Qaid Damji

Founder @lighthouse-labs-1 • Worked at @accenture • Studied at @university-of-western-ontario and @richard-ivey-school-of-business

ID 57475

Saul Colt

Current Principal of Kinetic Startups, Former Head of Magic at FreshBooks and Launched Zipcar in Canada

ID 108677

Michael Petrov

Software consulting business at 16. Created a database engine for the iPhone (FMTouch). Built a hosting company (FMGateway). Author on PHP programming.

ID 150516

Josh Sookman

Founder at @guardly. Worked at @blackberry-partners-fund and @rbc-venture-partners. JOLT EIR/Mentor. Strong technical/design background.

ID 51452

Katherine Hague

Co-Founder, @shoplocket

ID 54775

Jamie Wang

Biz Dev / Marketing Talents. Co-founder and head of growth/marketing at @coursemodo and @notewagon. Richard Ivey SB.

ID 75932

Gabriel Chan

Serial Entrepreneur • uWaterloo Engineer • Founder, Product CEO, @coursemodo • Tech Startups Advisor: web, mobile, education, gamification, bigdata

ID 141386

Dessy Daskalov

Co-Founder & CTO at Greengage Mobile • Web and Mobile Developer • Worked at Eloqua, The Working Group • Studied at Queen's University

ID 208349

James Colliander

Founder/CEO @crowdmark • Math Professor @university-of-toronto-1, Worked at @uc-berkeley, @3m • Studied at @university-of-illinois-urbana-champaign, @macalester-college

ID 21923

Alex Norman


Founder @homesav • Worked at @mckinsey-company, @lehman-brothers, Xbridge, Savvio and TradeOut• Studied at @wharton-school, @mcgill-university

ID 87962

Timothy Gaweco

UX Intern @interaxon. Interned @mozilla and @hackernest. Co-founded @the-grand-signal. Studying industrial engineering at the University of Toronto.

ID 92488

Aron Jones

Hacker and Entrepreneur.

ID 42275

Mark Ruddock

CEO Wonga Canada. Formerly CEO of Viigo (acquired by RIM in 2010), Founder & CEO INEA (acquired by Cartesis in 2005).

ID 10906

Zak Homuth

Co-Founder & CEO @upverter • YC W11 • Hardware at @sandvine • Software at @infosys • Software at @ibm • Studied at @waterloo

ID 82467

Taufiq Husain

Founder at @listicle. Software Developer & Designer.

ID 154376

Nolan Dubeau

Co-Founder at @guardly, Worked at @xm-satellite-radio, @electramedia • Studied at @ryerson-university

ID 42402

Ryan Milnes


Founder @close-com, @cosmic-development • Investor @skycatch, @rumble-com @layer @geeklist

ID 16860

Craig Follett


CEO & Co-founder @uniiverse, the social marketplace for events. Top ranked analyst at @bcg and @credit-suisse's tech practices. Rock climbing enthusiast.

ID 32868

Dominic Bortolussi


Founder: @the-working-group @postageapp-2, Investor: @Greengage Mobile @omx @OrganicsLive @BigTerminal @rayku @rocketr @shoplocket

ID 23331

Christian Lassonde


Founder @millions-of-us, @virtual-greats • Worked at @the-next-36, @lucasarts • Investor @kira-talent-1 • Studied at @university-of-western-ontario, @university-of-san-francisco

ID 39834

Andrew Lockhart


Co-founder @realkick-1 , Co-founder @pophire, Experience Architect @idea-couture, Associate Creative Director @trapeze, @stanford-graduate-school-of-business @university-of-toronto

ID 139038

Emilie Cushman

Co-Founder Kira Talent • Enactus President • HSBC Woman Leader of Tomorrow • Next36 Entrepreneur

ID 39559

Rod Fitzsimmons Frey


BA MA BSc(CompEng); Dir of Engineering Jotter (sold to @saflink); Dir of Engineering (@saflink); CTO @careerid (taken private); CEO @attassa (sold to @hightail-2)

ID 38533

Kailash Subedi

Founder @sworly, Worked at @ibm, @adobe-systems • Studied at @carleton-university

ID 41671

Benjamin Raffi

CEO & President at Uniiverse - the social marketplace for events. Entrepreneur. Spearfisher.

ID 92050

Pema Hegan

Founder of Checkout 51, a mobile app reinventing the coupon industry. Past founder of GigPark (sold in 2009), Dose (Canadian media co.) and Rethink (agency).

ID 27271

Ben Baldwin

Founder @clearfit, Founder @careerxact. 13+ yrs experience building recruiting software for Fortune 500 & SMBs. Patent holder and board member of EO/YEO.

ID 22664

Martin Shen

CoFounder + CEO at @upout. 1st startup in high school: online bar coupon subscription. Strong UX experience with 80+ websites and apps built.

ID 113769

Andrew Konoff

Founder @strings-fm • Worked at @goinstant, @salesforce

ID 10844

Derek Szeto


Founder @redflagdeals • Worked at @yellow-pages-group • Investor @year-one-labs, @sky-motion-research • Studied at @queen-s-university

ID 186226

Scott Greenberg

Developer Relations @thalmic. Follow to get the latest details of the @thalmicdev program and how to develop with Myo!

ID 182580

Vincent J Vincent

Co-Founded GestureTek Inc. 25 years ago & co-invented multiple categories of tech/products to pioneer the video gesture control revolution. Business Leadership

ID 148755

Matthew Niewczas

Hardware Engineer at @facebook • Studied EE @university-of-waterloo

ID 140304

Noah Godfrey

Founder of Checkout 51, GigPark and Dose.

ID 205795

Haroon F. Mirza


EIR at @omers Ventures . Co-founder & CEO of CognoVision (acquired by @intel). TiE Charter Member. Canadian. Think big. I believe that anything is possible.

ID 5804

Mark Zimmerman


Mentor @mars-discovery-district, @jolt-accelerator-1, Next 36, and Ivey. CIO @mars-discovery-district

ID 88594

Jeremy Wright

Social/digital media executive with startup/agency/brand experience. Last position added 20MM in revenue and led industry in digital marketing.

ID 5788

Evgeny Tchebotarev

Co-founder and COO of 500px. B.Comm (Finance, Honors) at Ryerson University, 7+ years of experience working as a Photographer.

ID 4972

Bernd Petak

Consultant. Investment Professional. Advisor. Mentor. Opportunities Evaluated, Innovation Managed, Problems Solved, Ideas Developed Into Businesses.

ID 56747

Ryan Dewsbury


Senior Director Software Engineering @salesforce

ID 30435

Michael Woodworth

Co-Founder @upverter, worked at TrendHunter and IDT. Computer Engineering at UWaterloo.

ID 77212

Leila Banijamali

intellectual property and startup lawyer. idea maker. idea launcher. advocate of change.

ID 191130

Joseph Puopolo

Founder @printchomp • Worked at @oracle-corporation, @stickeryou • Studied at @university-of-waterloo, @wilfrid-laurier-university

ID 42318

Satish Kanwar


Director at @shopify. Previously Co-Founder at @jet-cooper (Acquired in August 2013).

ID 35133

Roii Patterson

Founder @youth-enterprise-innovation-platform, @dreamboats-au-com • Studied at @university-of-auckland

ID 255531

Joseph Santoro

DC/LA Superconnector @forbes @MoxieStrategy @StartupGrindDC @ADmapco Creative Strategist, Media2.0Sensei, Political Wonketeer, Entrepreneurial Techie, Neuro PhD

ID 5790

Oleg Gutsol

Co-founder and CEO of @500px

ID 41170

William Sacks

CEO & Co-Founder @kindara, Co-Founded @lumetro, Mech. Eng & Economics from @mcgill-university University. HW Engineer, Led @mcgill-university Solar Vehicle Team. Blog @

ID 30431

Stephen Hamer

Co-founder @upverter Senior Software Engineer @xobni, working on the server side of their cloud offering

ID 171236

Dan Servos

COO Locationary; CEO SocialDeck acq by Google; CEO NeoEdge led merger; VP AOL Strategy/Bus Dev; VP/GM AOL Telecom & Mobile Entertainment; SVP Quack acq by AOL

ID 187041

Saurabh Mukhi

Founder of fliiSolutions • @amazon, @kpmg Alum • Math/Comp Sci. at @university-of-waterloo, MBA @rotman-school-of-management, lover of social, mobile and TV

ID 12478

Phil McKegney

CEO & Co-Founder of DomainAgents Platform. Strong track record creating and operating startups internationally.

ID 109313

Jeremy Potvin

Current: Country Manager, Zomato Canada. Past: CEO & Founder, Shifthub • Lifelong entrepreneur. Tech. Apparel. Retail. Distribution.

ID 39994

Nuno Job

Geek. Open-source enthusiast. CCO @nodejitsu. Founder @thenodefirm & curator @lxjs

ID 217037

John Huang


ID 76070

Nikolai Bratkovski

CEO & Founder of @opencare. Entrepreneur with a track record, expert in healthcare - founded & exited @simms (diagnostic SaaS) & @cardiotrust (cardiac clinics).

ID 25796

Zaahir Moolla

4th year CS undergrad at @mcmaster-university • Intern at @duckduckgo • Plays acoustic guitar and sings

ID 23968

Ken Seto

CEO & Co-founder of @massive-damage, Inc. Also Co-founder and former CEO of @endloop Studios.

ID 86085

Ahmad Nassri

API Master @mashape, Technologist, Entrepreneur, Dog Lover. Creator of @RESTConsole, Write open-source @CodeInChaos. Organizer of @YeomanTO & @TorontoFacebook.

ID 393449

Borna Almasi

Waterloo CS graduate with a passion for startups

ID 75989

Jon Carr-Harris

Strong expertise on Mobile Products. Development & Design. Partner @ SwishLabs. Previously CEO @venio; PM @Theknetwork. Studied @mcgill-university

ID 64763

Max Teitelbaum


Co founder @ - Ad Tech Geek - Mentor at Growlabs - Founded first startup at 15

ID 34552

Brian Sharwood


Formerly, President, @homestars SeaBoard Group, Think Forward, Babson Entrepreneurship Alum

ID 123109

Kevin D.H Kim

Entrepreneur & Designer building @teamstory (

ID 10385

Vlad Barshai

Co-founder, engineer. I build and push products I love.

ID 55476

Renée Warren

Geek in stilettos. Co-Founder & CEO of @onboardly. Traveler. Tall. Canadian in San Francisco.

ID 8323

Kamal Hassan

CEO of VentureLynx. Past 15 years in entrepreneurship as CEO (3x), angel (10x), director (4x). Worked at Bain, MBA INSEAD.

ID 7989

Laurent Feral-Pierssens


Founder and CEO of @silentale. Computer Science and Mathematics at @mcgill-university

ID 141767

Erez Yerushalmi

Repeat entrepreneur. Innovator with massive background in turning ideas into operating businesses. Founder in numerous start-ups. M.Sc. Product

ID 56173

Mark Lesiw

Currently @bundle-manager. 12 yrs software sales & professional services at RIM, SAP Business Objects, Arthur Andersen & acquired startups Viigo & INEA.

ID 24166

Jack Tai

Founder @oneclass • Worked at @royal-bank-of-canada • Studied at @university-of-toronto 2010

ID 195786

Jaclyn Konzelmann

Founder Amulyte • Worked at @microsoft • Studied at @university-of-waterloo

ID 28407

Donny Ouyang

Founder at @rayku (venture funded), @kinkarso-tech (bootstrapped)

ID 89996

Brendon Sedo

Entrepreneur, founder @joist

ID 112485

Nabeel Mushtaq

Geek turned entrepreneur. COO & Co-Founder @ - website where Canadians outsource daily errands and tasks to people in their neighborhood.

ID 100008

Zaid Zawaideh

Founder @sandglaz • Studied at @mcgill-university. Love beautiful code and great UI/UX. Plays piano (love play Rachmaninoff).

ID 253493

David Albert


Toronto GM @handy-1. Previously: Co-Founder @wagjag-com - Canada's largest daily deal site, Co-Founder @homehub , GM at Postmedia

ID 105248

Alan Bekerman


Founder/CEO of iQ Food Co. moonlighting as a tech investor.

ID 72653

Saif Altimimi

Founder @notewagon, @coursemodo • Studied at @university-of-guelph. Strong UX/UI background

ID 65613

Herman Chan

Co-Founder, CTO at @hub; Hacker; UWaterloo Comp Sci; Architect at Workopolis

ID 41487

Jean-Luc David

Founder | Ed @york-university | Chief Evangelist @microsoft | CTO @digiflare @spently | API @yellow-pages-group | @facebook @y-combinator hack winner

ID 36038

Raymond Luk

Founder Year One Labs, Co-Founder/CEO Scalability, Founder, Founder Flow Ventures, Angel

ID 103280

Cameron Westland

Founder @kera • Worked at @sapient, @compaq

ID 71309

Nick DiZazzo

Experienced Software Developer

ID 147523

Justin Kathan

Founder Joist • Grew past business to 130 employees, $2.6M in rev before exit.

ID 132736

Jane Wu


Helping @founder-collective back great people.

ID 103249

Max Cameron

Founder @kera • Studied at @university-of-toronto. Passionate practitioner of Customer Development.

ID 12205

Mark Ury

@storybird CEO. Built & sold 3 companies since college. Had a kid, then built products & services for Nike, Starbucks, and @apple. Back to building my own thing.

ID 211011

Jim Moss

Founder / CEO of Plasticity Labs • Building the Happiest High Performing Workforce, Recently Closed $2.1M investment round

ID 112426

Muneeb Mushtaq


Co-Founder & CEO @askfortask • Graduate @university-of-toronto. Serial Entrepreneur. Love innovation and collaborative consumption.

ID 19761

Ken Nickerson


Entrepreneur, Angel, Inventor, BODs, @flixel-photos-inc, dTaz, Atomic Reach, ex-Kobo, ex-OpenCola, ex-Microsoft, ex-Rogers, ex-Banks -

ID 100012

Nada Aldahleh

Founded and built @sandglaz. Strong technical background. Software consultant and agile project management experience. Comp B.Eng from @mcgill-university.

ID 36351

John Rae-Grant

CEO of Glooey, Founder Zazengo, CTO/Founder of NRG Group (IPO), General Manager Microsoft Developer Network, Lead PM Microsoft Visual C++

ID 195327

Mohammad Badrah

Founder @sweety-heaven

ID 358473

Rod da Silva

Founder & CEO of WebCurfew

ID 84392

Michael Kosic


Tech Executive, Angel, and Entrepreneur

ID 508375

Lee Berger


VP, Investments at Langara Group. Entrepreneur and advisor.

ID 114423

Harpaul Sambhi

I'm going to make them a deal they can't refuse.

ID 362927

Gil Dantas

Founder @jigglist @culinote • Worked @philips @brazilian-federal-government • Studied @york-university-1

ID 78273

Andrew McGrath

Founder @checkout-51

ID 136705

Lee Horrocks

Media. System and web applications engineer. @nurun, @wpp, ICE, TVO

ID 35166

Nancy Peterson

Founder of @homestars. Formerly world class brand manager with Kraft and P&G

ID 68008

Jack Read

Web developer and product guy. Created Recipeasly. Formerly of @kik-interactive and @unata .

ID 19523

Alex Wheldon

Founder @kanary. @seedcamp alumni, making data work for smarketers.

ID 33128

Andrew Cross

Founder of Tripzaar. Brought previous startup @goosechase to 6 figure revenue. ex-@Apple and @polar-mobile, @university-of-waterloo Alumni.

ID 62532

Alex Blom

Founder @morseio. Hacker who likes to work in Ruby, Go & Ember

ID 138934

Edward Sun

Co-founder @121writing . uWaterloo CS . Next 36 Alum (co-founded Kira Talent). Previously @google @pwc-1

ID 124318

Bretton MacLean

• App Designer • Founder @flixel-photos-inc • Worked at @guardly, @endloop-mobile, Bridges/Xap, & others • Studied at @university-of-ottawa (Software Engineering)

ID 7383

Aidan Nulman

Co-Founder & CEO of Fleetbit (Winston Inc). Hacker. History of growing technology and entertainment products by 200%+ y/y. One of Canada's @the-next-36

ID 77633

Arshia Tabrizi

Founder @vidoyen • Worked at @wilson-sonsini-goodrich-rosati, @ibm • Studied at @university-of-toronto

ID 52971

Eran Henig

Co-founded @tradyo, winner venture of Next36. Software engineer. business analyst at Guildwood Capital. B.Sc. in Computer Science & Economics, UofT.

ID 68608

Andrew Angus

Founder and CEO of Switch Video. Producers of more then 300 videos. Clients: Microsoft, IBM, HP, Cisco, Unisys, AMEX, Salesforce Rypple, EO, World Bank.

ID 487057

Michael Koh


Founder & CEO - fypio • Founder of ApartmentsBA; Largest buyer of residential real estate in Argentina from 2003-2010; Proven leader who excels at leading Cos.

ID 246685

Matt Rae

Founder Tripzaar • Studied at @university-of-waterloo (VeloCity resident) - Founder MattRae Photo - Employee with Toyota, Ontario Power Generation, Cargill

ID 157986

Oscar A Jofre Jr.

BoardSuite secure Equity Crowdfunding Infrastructure Platform (CFIP) to help equity portals, companies organize, manage and share confidential information.

ID 345080

Debbie Zinman

Founder ECHOage

ID 345089

Alison Smith

Founder ECHOage

ID 37992

Jennifer Turliuk

ID 127137

Phil Jacobson

Co-founder of @pumpup; BBA @wilfrid-laurier-university; Former Marketer at @unilever, @pepsico and @ConAgra Foods.

ID 42581

Chris Pavlovski


CEO & Founder of @rumble-com / Founder of @cosmic-development / Worked at @microsoft

ID 343647

Aaron Glazer

Co-Founder of Launchpad. Engineer & Strategy Consultant (@accenture, @zs-associates). @rotman-school-of-management-1 MBA.

ID 63144

Yoseph West

Growth & Product Manager. By 24, exited 1st company & reached Director-level at a 70-person venture-backed company. LLB by 20. Swiss army knife. Driven.

ID 6791

Arfan Chaudhry

Founder & CEO of Tapgage, Co-Founded Social Krazy , Domain Enthusiast, Marketing (Affiliate Marketing, SEO, PPC, PPV, & Social Media), Founded GenXGSM (Sold)

ID 338226

Kosmayer Investments Inc.


Founded first dot com company in 1998. Have created a successful company with 55 employees and $80 million in total revenue. Sold company and now onto new ventures as well as angel and seed investing in interesting ideas.

ID 63751

Theban Ganesh

Action oriented entrepreneur with 2 successful exits in the last 6 years. Product Management expertise coupled with strong engineering background.

ID 79738

Guy Gal

Yes, that is my real name. Digital video strategist. Founder of Kingmaker. Advisor to @vidyard. My goal in life is not to die.

ID 16830

Ahmed Badruddin

Risk Taker. Software Veteran. Water Data Expert. CEO @watrhub, Worked at @microsoft, Studied at @university-of-toronto

ID 167192

Shyam Sheth

doing stuff. making stuff. helping others make stuff.

ID 72731

Sunit Mohindroo

Co-Founder of @watrhub Inc. Unique Product Dev & Incubation Experience (hardware @ @apple & @microsoft). Systems Design Grad from Waterloo. I remix tech+biz.

ID 56074

Kenneth Lee

Cofounder & Chief Developer at @vizualize-me. Former Developer at @telus and @viigo. Computer Engineering @university-of-waterloo.

ID 120295

Yang Yu

Chief Product Officer @opencare, was application framework architect @ibm. Serial entrepreneur started at age 12.

ID 366335

Ashley Beattie

Founder Kiwi Wearable Technologies

ID 130020

Oleg Melnikov

Product Management expert with 8 years of experience in healthcare informatics field and strong technical background. MBA degree, technical background.

ID 8038

Chris Bryson

Founder @unata • Worked at @aeroplan, @warrillow-co • BCOM at @queen-s-university

ID 48374

Dawson Whitfield

UX & frontend. Founder of @wisewords. Worked @weebly. Nature lover.

ID 343923

Andrew Norris

Co-Founder of Taplytics. Business background in Finance and Product (Shaw, @siemens). Queen's Engineer 2007. Mobile Entrepreneur.

ID 343408

Michael Castro

Software Engineering student. Ruby/Python/JavaScript/Java Programmer. Entrepreneur. proficient front-end developer. 5 years of experience as software developer.

ID 56463

Michael Nus

CEO of @epilogger. Well-known Digital Strategist & blogger. Strong biz backgrnd. Edited book on Digital Dist. (Columbia U). Brought MobileTREC to nat'l adoption.

ID 17539

Mohan Nadarajah

Cofounder and president of two successful media companies, TVI and CMR 101.3FM. Help build and mentor number of university based startups. - M.B.A. & Eng.

ID 200806

Adam Gravitis


CEO of Well-Ordered Labs • ex-CTO of @500px • Co-Founded @algo-anywhere • Studied at @university-of-toronto, @university-of-sydney, @university-of-buckingham

ID 86331

Michael Cayley

Founder, Cdling. CEO, PlanetEye. >$50-million in startup financing. 5 yrs China. 20 yrs new ventures, US, Canada. MBA in Paris. Director, Startup Grind Toronto.

ID 187916

Peter Davison

Chief Wabbit Hunter. Strong Collaborative approach to Business Growth. Speaker 140conf & Tedx speaker

ID 497910

Ali Dinani

Software Engineer at @careguide

ID 44509

Ahmad Iqbal

Co-founded @atendy. Experienced at developing event technology and mobile apps, and is a member of the Ontario Professional Ticketing Association.

ID 172336

Evan Lewis

Co-Founder @eprof - Dev/Design @StarterLeague - Ivey HBA 2012

ID 89703

Colin How

Startup Executive. Board Member. Entrepreneur. Angel Investor. Builder of Great Teams and Great Products. Strategic Business Transformation.

ID 379051

Joey Lomanto

Designer + Developer.

ID 391621

Cole Mackin

Cole Mackin is President of @keele-ux-inc-1 -- helping startups create digital products + services that people love, use routinely & share avidly.

ID 294102

Mehedi Hasan, CPA, CGA, MBA

Experienced management professional. Founder: @coin-macro, @unamee-inc-2. Worked @wolters-kluwer. @hec-montreal MBA. Professional accountant.

ID 208491

Lyssa Neel


Founder and President at Linkitz. COO at Crowdmark. Formerly at MaRS Innovation, UTEST. Multiple C-level positions. MIT SB, SM, PhD in Computer Science.

ID 127945

Chris Hogg

CEO of @digital-journal and CEO/co-founder of Future of Media. Digital media/user-generated content pioneer. Social and digital advocate.

ID 177488

Krista Caldwell

Co-Founder + VP Sales/Marketing at Fleetbit, graduate of The Next 36, Studied at Quest University Canada

ID 196212

Ivan Tsarynny

ID 76652

Ildar Shar

CEO of StackAdapt

ID 143683

Michael Meehan

Serial entrepreneur and advisor to investors and startups. Founder/CEO Carbonetworks, iVeridis, TCR Innovations.

ID 137710

Meghan Athavale

Founded PO-MO Inc., Po-motion Inc. and Lumo Play Inc. Accidental CEO, natural leader. Animator & game designer since 1997. Passionate about physical engagement.

ID 40255

Vahid Jozi

Product at @unata • Founder @armorant, @pickyoursup

ID 321327

Ajay Puri

Founding Engineer of @relay. Former Team Lead and Software Developer in network and real time communication in @blackberry; also worked at @microsoft.

ID 151492

Nicole Verkindt

Founder @omx & @tiburon-ltd Strong industry experience as VP Business Development and CEO of @gma-cover-corp

ID 398131

Daniel Lennon

Founder/CEO Begift • Investor @take-the-interview & @stockr • Former @us-navy Pilot, @wharton-school MBA, Real Estate PE @aew-capital • BS @united-states-naval-academy

ID 16113

Raif Barbaros


Head of eCommerce Tech at Loblaw - Canada's largest retailer. Prior, founder/CTO at various start-ups: 3 acquired & 2 hit 1MM+ users. eBay, OATV, Deloitte & UC-Berkeley alum.

ID 2532

Raja Bhatia


ID 171747

Rahul Raj

I unlock the potential of brands to better the world. VP of Mktg @ecobee, former Sustainability Exec @walmart, Fellow @AspenInstitute & Founder @MealExchange

ID 98425

Sean Holt

current Grand Basin Capital, Raincrow Studios, Purpose Capital, GreenSky Capital

ID 243060

Cory Rosenfield

Co-founder @qoints, @infinitesm • Team Member @brizi • Studied BBA at @wilfrid-laurier-university and Construction Engineering at @conestoga-college

ID 34281

Mayukh Gon

Founder and CEO at @perfectcloud-corp

ID 33293

Lucas Walker

Creativity meets hustle

ID 195519

Danny K Antwi

Founder RaveOrBash, first startup was my family, worked at City of Toronto

ID 24985

André LeBlanc


Founder and CTO of Sky Motion Research. Founding Member Discreet Logic (IPO, subsequently acquired by Autodesk). Director of Technology at Ubisoft.

ID 147718

Ben Docksteader

Entrepreneur | Product Manager | Next 36 Alumni

ID 79298

Trevor Koverko

Former NHL Player (NYR); Ivey HBA; 1st startup at 17; Sales and marketing, 6 yrs.

ID 166909

Soheil Alavi

Creative Director at @tunezy (The Music Experience Marketplace). Formerly Creative Director at @theredpin (Canada’s largest database for residential real estate listings).

ID 316122

Michael Cheng

CEO of Sniply

ID 95194

Philippe LeBlanc

Co-Founder and CEO @flixel-photos-inc

ID 214568

Andrew Sloss

Founder @healthcare-saas-startup • Worked at @bain-company, @ebay

ID 258946

Matthew Gardner

Founder @videostream, won Global Startup Battle • HYPERDRIVE alum • @research-in-motion Hardware • @McMaster B. Mechatronics Eng, min. Business

ID 37506

David Zhou

Co-Founder @epowerhouse

ID 49502

Bernie Li

Co-founded Pure Energies (solar PV, consumer brand); former Principal at iNovia Capital (early stage VC, digital media).

ID 50136

Kevin Gervais


CEO @ Pivot Labs Inc. Customers included Intel, Absolut Vodka. 15+ years in business. Latest startup revenue positive in first week.

ID 56620

Andrew Patricio

Owner of @bizlaunch-com - we train entrepreneurs through our webinars, seminars and quality content.

ID 44436

Dmitriy Mitchev

Founder @finmaven • Worked at @mckinsey-company, @sybase • Studied at @university-of-waterloo

ID 251054

Saleem Khan

Founder, @technovica • Worked at @toronto Star, @Canadian Broadcasting Corporation • Studied at @Ryerson

ID 19557

Anton Polski


3x Entrepreneur. Obsessed with mobile products. Founded @dateonfire, @pokerspace-com • @semacode-com Studied at @university-of-waterloo

ID 228442

Dmitri Tcherbadji

Artist, Founder @artsocket @eureka-1 @hechnr-business-engines-inc-1

ID 406605

Raza Shaikh


Patner at NorthBay. Multiple start-ups. Worked at MIT (Broad Institute). Strong technology background. Angel investor.

ID 155180

Tehsin Bhayani

Founder & CEO at Serind Labs

ID 266188

Jeff Ruby

Founder of Newtopia • Previously Founder of Cleveland Clinic Canada • Strong start-up background (4th). JD/MBA from @schulich-school-of-business /Osgoode Hall

ID 137735

Rafal Dittwald

Co-founder @penyo-pal. Passionate about scaling education. Systems Engineer. Mentat.

ID 79302

Michael Fedyna

Co-founder & CEO • serial entrepreneur • Studied at @ryerson-university University

ID 112381

Amanda Rose

CEO + Founder Timecounts. President, Connect the Dots Collective. Created Twestival and Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution Day.

ID 88541

Terry Smith

CTO at @23press; previously Lead Developer at @b5media, founder of Jaxified.

ID 1799

Ali Ghafour

Founder & CTO @viafoura. Toronto. U of T Computer Science. I blog about what I learn in business/startups and taekwondo

ID 353320

Bass Khadori

Founder @taptrack • Worked at @ge, @snc-lavalin-group-inc • Studied at @university-of-waterloo, @project-management-professional-pmp-pmi

ID 435469

Roopak Majmudar

Founder @popinshop, @kickir-studios • Studied at @wharton-school, @university-of-waterloo

ID 201078

Dustin Plett

VP, Business Development @500px. Strong background in Fortune 500 sales and strategic relationship development.

ID 226579

Anson MacKeracher

Chief Architect at @tophat. Crushes bugs. Studied Computer Engineering at Waterloo.

ID 79908

Mike Aonso

Partner at Heartland Capital Partners Corp.

ID 159385

Rosy Rumpal

Worked at @kiva @TheLeanLawyer-LawOffice @paper Kite Foundation • Studied at @university-of-california-los-angeles, @michigan-state-university @university-of-ottawa-1

ID 72520

Adam Epstein

Founder of @huddlers

ID 151863

Qasim Virjee


Founding Director of @getfilmi and Principal at @design-guru. Constantly exploring the world's music through editing and

ID 37509

Lon Wong

Founder @unstash - Platform for collaborative consumption Founder @reputate - Cross-platform reputation engine for trust

ID 212311

John P. Kennedy

Co-Founder/VP Engineering @amity-1 • Worked at @marketwired and @ibm • Studied at Queen's University

ID 113890

Robert Hurst


Founder @audio-network • Worked at @pwc-1, @pearson • Studied at @insead-1, @university-of-bath

ID 172925

Grant Yim

Co-Founder/CEO of Hypejar

ID 44491

Christopher Carmichael

CEO and Co-founder of Crater. I will continually dedicate my life to minimizing the distance between ideation and creation. Life is the only education you need.

ID 115958

Derrick Fung

CEO at @tunezy. Worked at @cibc-world-markets, @merrill-lynch, @clinton-foundation and @microsoft. Former founder of internet's largest sheet music community.

ID 55997

Jake Hirsch-Allen

startup, intellectual property and international criminal lawyer - business development and government relations consultant - diplo-brat and photographer

ID 147733

Anne-Marie Paquette

Founder and Chief Executive Officer of @talem-health-solutions • Worked @mcgill-university-design-services • Studied at Architecture and Management @McGill

ID 224513

George Easton

Founder @ludo-1, @ion8 • Worked at @ibm, @the-ben-farella-group • Studied at @stanford-university, @seneca-college-of-applied-arts-and-technology

ID 71313

Hana Abaza

Director of Marketing @uberflip. Background in marketing, product, strategy and ops.

ID 52634

Pankaj Gogia

Vice President, Strategy at @sigma-systems, Co-Founder @jingu Apps Inc., Kellogg MBA

ID 393023

Emmanuelle Deaton

Founder K Network • Teacher • Studied at @mount-allison-university, @queen-s-university. Debate coach, bad chess player. Stubborn do-gooder.

ID 49016

Jonathan Shriver-Blake

Co-Founder of Knack Registry. Product Manager (@microsoft, Blueprint Systems), with Strong Product, and Technical (MS Columbia, BA @pomona-college College) background.

ID 149762

Dan Seider

Founder @woof • Studied at @stanford-university, @wharton-school, @guelph. Building more intimate relationships for dogs, their parents and local dog communities.

ID 12028

Tal Shalit

Former VP of IT @PorterAirlines (Canada's 3rd largest scheduled airline) Entrepreneur; Deloitte Alumnus; Tired of status quo in transportation industry.

ID 147721

Morgan Moe

Founder and CIO @talem-health-solutions • Healthcare Innovator and Entrepreneur

ID 93359

Graham McCarthy

Founder HitSend • Worked at @ryerson-university-1, @york-university • Studied at @university-of-toronto, @york-university-1

ID 235522

Holly Knowlman

Event Inventor at T+H Events, Marketing Manager @theworkinggroup, on the @startupwkndTO organising team.

ID 115174

Jim Latimer

Entrepreneur and Independent Business & Technology Strategist

ID 37649

Ashley Huffman

Marketing & Strategic Alliances at Nano Magnetics. Commercialization ninja. Seneca Business Grad. Guinness World Record holder.

ID 1363

Kelly Fallis

15 years sales & operations. 9 years entrepreneur. Company #2. CEO of online furniture platform @remotestylist-com. Canadian!

ID 335308

Michael Kovacs

Co-Founder @cloudexchange. Former Wealth Management @raymond-james-financial and Musician @universal-music-group.

ID 90033

Vincent Panepinto

Co-Founder at Spently

ID 161504

Lyon Lee

Founder of FanCrank, and fan of all things good!

ID 111828

Steve Curry

President at 411 Local Search Corp.

ID 198970

Khurram Virani

ID 173214

Vlad Khomutov

Founder @cover • Did work for @microsoft, @visa and many others over the past 15 years.

ID 186882

Janice Diner

CEO Co Founder Horizn. Award-winning creative director and technologist. Worked at Syncapse, Interpublic, Euro Havas

ID 105537

Carlo Perez

Founder and CEO of Hammerati. UX Designer and Engineer. Ex-Researcher at Advanced Micro Devices.

ID 224389

Jeremy Gutsche

ID 112874

Safinaaz Rawji

@microsoft Alumni, Interened @rim, Currently a Sr. Technical PM @appnique. I get things done and make magic happen.

ID 147580

Bryan Hurren

Product Management leader at @research-in-motion; redefined mobile email, brought @livemocha to 10M users • MASc in Systems Design at @university-of-waterloo

ID 99168

Silvia Podubni

Co-Founder/Head of team @crowdhelps. Experience: Co-Founder@Twinon and @helloru, Admin/QA extraordinaire @causecart.

ID 111608

Eric Arnold

Co-Founder and CEO of @lessonvendor the marketplace for local, private lessons

ID 74028

Vincent John Vincent

see Vincent J Vincent profile

ID 13362

George Silagadze

Founded first company at age 23. Ran a successful digital marketing firm for 12 years. Strong product development background and technical expertise.

ID 90843

Arwid Bancewicz

At the delta of Design, Development, and Entrepreneurship.

ID 12437

Faisal Abid

Entrepreneur, software engineer, and author. Founder @dynamatik.

ID 141137

David Feldt

Founder & CEO of @JazLabs. Digital Innovator. Entrepreneur. Builder. Guide. Proud Father.

ID 197721

Joe Dee

VP, Product and Technology Strategy @cossette-lab & lead Toronto Lab. Worked @critical-mass, @organic, @ddb, @mars-discovery-district . Founder @homewire.

ID 138972

Jeremy Bell

Co-Founder and CEO of Wattage Inc. Former Partner at Teehan+Lax. 18 years of experience designing and building digital products.

ID 294058

Ali Jiwani

CoFounder @smartlabs, @sourced-fm • Worked at @bnotions @royal-bank-of-canada • Studied at @university-of-western-ontario, @hasso-plattner-institute-1

ID 160230

Marlina Kinnersley

Founder & CEO of @kiinzel. Born and raised entrepreneur.

ID 41406

Byron Ma

Software Engineer at @linkedin. Previously co-founded @thoora.

ID 28894

Kristopher Wong

Business Analyst by Day; Start-up evangelist by night. Director of Awesome @beaconize; where I bring together smart people to solve unique problems.

ID 259021

Eden Dhaliwal

Entrepreneur, Advisor to startups, Consulting growth companies

ID 119889

Tom Beckerman

Led seven startups. Built #1 iPad Banking App, Designer and developer of innovative mobile apps and services.

ID 339392

Joshua Liu

Co-founder & CEO @seamlessmd. Physician with expertise in hospital readmissions.

ID 199448

Devon Cranson

CEO & President of boutique investment banking firm. Focus on Capital Raising, Debt Advisory and M&A for small and mid-market companies.

ID 155956

Vick Mehrotra

ID 155939

Adam Jarczyn

CPO @slyce, Founder @Hovrit & @Boomurangapp • Worked @research In Motion, @teva Pharmaceutical Industries • Studied at @mcmaster-university

ID 45146

Jordy Koski

Founder at @tapfun Worked at @extendmedia • Studied at @mcgill-university, @university-of-north-carolina-chapel-hill

ID 155964

Dave Williams

Co-Founder @hovr-it & @Boomurangapp• Studied at @mcmaster-university

ID 278613

Thomas Courneyea

Management & Strategy Consultant. Founder @data-deck, @absolu-media & CMG. Developer of strategies in Healthcare & Technology.

ID 169615

Andrew Ko

CEO, Co-Founder of Moment.Us. Licensed Professional Engineer (PEO). Rotman MBA 2009. PhD candidate at Manchester Business School, DJ and music producer.

ID 11177

Gil Katz

Founder @comic-reply, @giant-step-1 • Studied at @university-of-toronto

ID 185933

Ankur Bansal

Worked at @the-gores-group @deutsche-bank, @oliver-wyman @ibm • Studied at @richard-ivey-school-of-business

ID 686295

Joe Auty

Co-founder of DataSprocket, experienced full-stack startup web app developer for numerous startups, enterprise computing/sys-admin experience, IU grad

ID 59986

Nicholas Wiktorczyk

Co-Founder of Spently

ID 186031

Steven Hanna

Founder of @FreshCanteen, full-stack software developer and lover of food.

ID 94559

Abraham Thomas

Founder at Quandl, the search engine for data. Former bond trader. BTech IITB. Interested in markets, technology and their intersection. Data geek.

ID 185674

Brandon Donnelly

CEO of Dirt. Strong background in real estate development. Master's in architecture + real estate from Penn.

ID 39651

Jonathan Ristovski

Co-Founder of @knok-me, Coder & Designer

ID 36924

Francis Pelland

First tech startup at 16, funded by the Ontario Govt. Developed social strategies and technology for multiple coorporations, awarded the fbFund in 2009.

ID 380744

Jeremy Bluvol

Founder @instant-chemistry, @university-of-toronto Engineer & MBA, @medical-devices R&D background. Enjoy tackling big challenges. An aspiring astronaut.

ID 35019

Greg Boutin

GrowthRoute founder, ex-BCG, @stanford-university MBA, Fulbright

ID 48013

Jeremy Campbell

Founder of Socially Collaborative Media, Inc. Have worked at the edge of media/tech startups since 2001. Serial entrepreneur. Blogger. Foodie. Lover of life.

ID 162200

Joshua Hudson

CEO and Founder of Groovie. CMO and Founder of Dingo Mobile (acquired September '12).

ID 129182

Lily Tse

Founder/CEO @happy-monday, @think-dirty

ID 218521

Henry Leopold

CEO of HealthWizer. Disruptive Health & Bio-tech Enthusiast, Transhumanist and Tai Chi Practitioner.

ID 326707

David Ciccarelli

CEO and Founder of @voices and @glassly. Member of the C100 and CommuniTech. Alumni of the @cta. Current nominee for E&Y Entrepreneur of the Year award.

ID 171605

Marisa Bernstein

Founder Projexity • Studied at @university-of-pennsylvania @university-of-delaware. Six years of experience in landscape architecture + urban planning.

ID 6426

Sasha Baksht

I run an offshore software development boutique for startups and emerging web companies.

ID 70557

Mo Shahin

An entrepreneur and product innovator with over 10 years of experience in successfully leading products to market.

ID 678898

Ray Frank

ID 441776

Sean Green

Founder @netrenos-1, MyCityMuse • Studied at @university-of-western-ontario, @york-university-1

ID 163786

Pranay Krishen

Founder @ecoswarm, @cloudgrid

ID 440216

Barry Fogarty

CEO and co-founder @klothed. Formerly CEO and co-founder @octopz (sold 2011), CEO and founder @diginiche, Studied @york University

ID 306486

Willie Kwok

Co-Founder and CTO @seamlessmd • Worked at @vodafone incubator and venture capital • Entrepreneur @the-next-36

ID 97007

Juan Gonzalez

Founder of Videogami, a startup using interactive video to bring the best of Maker attitudes to the classroom with a high dose of playful learning

ID 215090

Al Leong

Founder @ttr-staging-rental-systems • Worked at @ogilvy, @siemens • Studied at @massachusetts-institute-of-technology, @university-of-british-columbia - Researcher, for MLA of BC Legislative Assembly

ID 360226

QKD corp.

Co-Founder of QKD corp. Postdoc at MIT. Expert on quantum secure communication.

ID 479902

Matt Rice

Worked at @parkbench

ID 212631

Tahir Janmohamed

Founder @managinglife • Former technology strategy consultant with @ibm • PEng. (Comp) from @university-of-toronto, MBA from @rotman-school-of-management

ID 433416

Dilshan Kathriarachchi

Studied at @york-university-1

ID 170983

Nicolas Koff

Founder projexity • Studied at @university-of-pennsylvania-1, @university-of-toronto

ID 11170

Eyal Katz

Experienced full-stack developer / project manager, gets things done! Worked at @nortel Networks, studied Computer Engineering at the @university of Toronto. @comicreply

ID 30398

Josh Barkin

I like making things. Combining design, tech and biz skills. I've built mobile social apps that have served 20+ million users.

ID 107828

Michelle Caers

Founder @designedux• Worked at @savvica, @desire2learn-inc • Studied at @university-of-western-ontario, @university-of-nottingham

ID 33156

Steven Dengler


Founder, @dracogen-strategic-investments. Co-Founder and CEO, @xe-com-inc Co-Founder, Director, and Investor, Wifarer. Director and Investor, @bet-smart-media.

ID 75072

Stavros Rougas

Co-founder Expertise Finder, former TV journalist @ The Agenda with Steve Paikin, ongoing ex-USSR election monitor, transit geek, Zuckerberg look-alike

ID 507437

David Kapitany

Founder/CEO Guideally • Traveler by heart • Photographer by passion • Entrepreneur by ambition • Dog person by choice

ID 274202

Jonathan Davids

Built and sold a digital content business. Founded influencer marketplace Influicity, transforming the world of video influencer marketing.

ID 519180

Eric Spearin

Founder @logistadvise Worked at Penske and C.A.T. Logistics. MBA 2014. Ambitious, tireless work ethic and obsessed with logistics.

ID 335905

William Mann

Founder @sensimat, @williamfmann; Ivey MBA 2012; Strong healthcare products background, health economics, KOL mgmt, med comm.

ID 53139

Stephen Noone O'Connor

Co-Founder of @classvantage with a successful exit of my first startup — Cadee. I have experience in bus dev, marketing and customer support.

ID 177506

Leo Tse

Founder @cardign @alertly | @university-of-waterloo-2 BMath | Apps for @msn @linkedin @univision @pbs @rogers-communications-inc @cbc-radio-canada-1

ID 213509

Chinmay Patel

Co-Founder @joggle-io • Studied at @seneca-college-of-applied-arts-and-technology

ID 272832

Jeff Marsden


Co-founder PriceMetrix Inc. Former President Accretive Advisor. Strategic manager. Fundraising experienced. Financial Services Expert. Ideas, pragmatism & focus

ID 425122

Lukasz Kos

Founder Four O Nine • Studied at @university-of-toronto, @jagiellonian-university

ID 186821

Mauro Repacci

Founder @navut • Worked at @procter-gamble-2, @air-canada • MBA at @queen-s-university, @fundacao-getulio-vargas

ID 235326

Nabil Orfali

Founder AppAdvisor • Studied at @university-of-liverpool

ID 114576

Latif Nanji

Co-founder @ Roadmunk. Co-founder @ Pokerspace and Product Manager @ Miovision. All things startup and product.

ID 194111

Fon Tran

Founder @yoketown, Sence • Worked at @goldman-sachs, @morgan-stanley • Studied at @stanford-university, @university-of-waterloo

ID 43322

Fahd Ananta


co-founder, chime (acq. hubspot). worked at mckinsey & microsoft.

ID 60769

Amanda Blain

CEO of @girlfriend-social. Strong Social Media presence across all networks including over 3 million followers on Google+. Coder, CEO, and UberGeekGirl.

ID 111230

Peggy Dold

Founder, Navigation Partners LLC; Global Marketing Strategist & Entertainment Consultant

ID 118357

Ian Yates


Co-founder @fitzii. Global experience from UK, Sweden, Silicon Valley and Canada. MBA from Rotman School of Management (Valedictorian)

ID 253442

Samuel Legge

Program Manager @communitech-hyperdrive @communitech. Founder @shield-diagnostics , @unbound-books. Engineer from @UofWaterloo.

ID 238573

Daniel Penn

Founder @shift-health-paradigms, @happening-hamilton • Studied at @mcmaster-university

ID 308663

Michael Hofweller

Product Manager at Kinetic Cafe / Former Biz Dev Exec at BaseKit / Finance & Economics Degrees from UWO

ID 404099

Brien Givens

Founder Cyberaxiom • Studied at @university-of-waterloo • Full Stack Developer

ID 216742

Alan Smithson

Technology Entrepreneur & Founder @xxxxx-1 • Studied at @university-of-guelph

ID 138969

Nate Wolfe

Form & Function. Branding, Strategy, Art Direction, UI/UX Design + Dev. Polymath, hacker and entrepreneur. Co-Founder @drnk-to & @popshop-1 • Worked at @hopskoch

ID 6569

Khazret Sapenov

CTO of @cloudcor. Proficient in launching successful initiatives. I'm quick learner & progressive thinker, building disruptive innovations.

ID 441588

Chaitanya Shah

Director of Development @swish-labs. Formerly @macquarie-bank @rbc-capital-markets. Studied @university-of-western-ontario @richard-ivey-school-of-business.

ID 94526

Jeremy Einhorn

COO of Koru. Lead sales associate at Medcan. Started PR firm that was acquired. Ran Canada's top biz plan comp. Business, @queen-s-university University.

ID 128864

Hossein Kaffash Bokharaei

Co-founder of @capucina Inc.; PhD Student at @university-of-toronto; Worked at @facebook.

ID 38919

Matt Doerner-Miller

Serial entrepreneur. Founder VRTR Tech (sold to private investor). Seabright (sold to private investor). MBA @stockholm-school-of-economics

ID 195675

Armen Matosyan

Chief Product Developer & Strategist at T-TAG

ID 169973

Michael Laccetti

End-to-end epic scale apps in Java, fun with node and angular, love for redis. Asynchronous IO, distributed processing, and responsive webapps.

ID 438313

Betty Xi

Founder Modastic Groupe • Mathie at @university-of-waterloo. Worked at @caijing, @deutsche-bank , @bmo-capital-markets .

ID 230855

Aaron Carr

Founder of Friendefi. Expertise: loyalty industry, product and business development. Worked at Aeroplan (AIMIA), Air Miles (LoyaltyOne), Star Alliance GmbH.

ID 236089

Alireza Samar

CompSci student, Coffee-dependent developer, Co-founder and CTO at @oonbox

ID 344549

Philip Chen

Co-founder @seamlessmd, Canada's Next 36

ID 409821

Hussain Bandukwala

Co-founder of @locawoka. Seasoned Management & Technology Advisor. Crowdsourcing Advocate. Self-Empowerment Fan. Aspiring Writer.

ID 159740

Paul Kudlow

Founder @trendmd-inc-1, Clinician-Scientist in Psychiatry @university-of-toronto , business background @mcgill-university. Published in NEJM, CMAJ, etc.

ID 85821

Alexander Last

Founder of SportsHedge.

ID 78757

Randy Frisch

COO and Co-Founder at @uberflip, Randy wears many hats including strategy, operations, sales and execution of Uberflip's solution. Schulich MBA 2006.

ID 58357

Lee Redwood

Education: BA Sales and Marketing graduate. Sold over 30MM+ in tech products and 50MM+ in real estate. @sundaybell-1 is going to surpass both combined.

ID 274356

Brainier Kids

Founder @2012, Brainier Kids Company • Studied at @university-of-toronto

ID 688557

Armin Mahmoudi

Co-Founder @fixo • Co-Founder @triposhare • @the-next-36 Entrepreneur

ID 127875

Ryan St. James

Co-founded @visionary-igaming, a live online casino provider, in 2008.

ID 262557

Seema Marwaha

Studying Technology and Innovation in Education @harvard. Founder of @death-happens. Internal Medicine MD. Documentary filmmaker.

ID 39094

Arnold Wytenburg

Founder @my-studio-assistant, @nuvisto-inc • Studied at @carleton-university, @university-of-toronto

ID 162656

Eugene Miretsky

MASc at @university-of-toronto • Worked at @ibm, @amd • YCombinator Alumni • Amature Boxer

ID 86685

Anton Belov

Co-founder of @gossipz.

ID 338737

Jacob Sheehy

CEO at Cumulonimbus.

ID 34893

Nic Sulsky

Founder and co-CEO of @ingamer. Digital Media professional & Sports expert.

ID 453722

Roger Sholanki

ID 251354

Behzad Malek

Founder OnTab, team builder, visionary, innovator, patents in authentication systems, PhD in security and cryptography

ID 99364

Francis Yanga

Founder @red-square-labs-inc, Property Pinz • Studied at @niagara-community-college

ID 31980

Dominik Dryja

Co-founder of Volume

ID 136569

Lucas Lu

Founder of 2nd software startup out of university. Studied marketing at Wilfrid Laurier. Strong product management background, complemented by mrk & sales.

ID 342219

Sepand Norouzi

Founder/CTO of Glimpse • @the-next-36 Alum • Worked at @deloitte-consulting • Software Engineering/Tech Entrepreneurship from @mcgill-university

ID 446569

Simon Tian

Founder & CEO at Neptune

ID 45699

Daniel Shain

Founder & CEO of @finizi, former banker, featured in several publications (Financial Post, Investment Executive, etc.), Schulich School of Business BBA.

ID 325677

Albin Bronkhorst

Founder and CEO at Fastr, Founder at Snowvel • Strong Business Background, Product Guy, Internet Junky, Finance, Building successful business relations.

ID 477482

Brian Deck


Entrepreneur, Investor & Techie passionate about innovation and good design. Internet, mobile, payments and customer loyalty.

ID 177556

Mano Kulasingam


Co-founder and Managing Director @digiflare

ID 190776

James Woods

Founder @ReactorApps

ID 80466

Jonathan Kreindler

Tech entrepreneur, advisor, dad3.0, mountain-biker, guitar hack, car-nut, recovering Diet Coke addict. Also founded @freshtransition.

ID 244884

Matthew Burns

Full-time thinker, part-time savant. Founder @fondly , @groudu , @ticket-elephant • Studied at @wilfrid-laurier-university

ID 678036

Chantelle Buffie

Co-Founder @fixo • Co-Founder Fusion Kitchen • HSBC Woman Leader of Tomorrow • @the-next-36 Entrepreneur

ID 170008

Bruce Croxon


Early-stage digital investor, Rookie Dragon, spa owner ( Vida ) and family guy.

ID 345193

Evan Price

Founder Rechnor • Worked at @upverter • Studying at @george-brown-college, @ryerson-university

ID 110565

Xitij Ritesh Patel

Founder of @taab, simplifying mobile payments. Waterloo ElecEng & CompEng graduate. Master's student at Toronto. Second software startup after UW.

ID 486975

Steven Wang

Co-Founder and CEO at Homefed • Studied at @university-of-waterloo, @simon-fraser-university

ID 192259

Kristin Morris

Founder, CEO + President of @hubster. Entrepreneur. Worked at Rogers, TD Wealth, CCH, Walt Disney Animation

ID 439378

Adam Rivietz

Founder InstaElite • Top 1% iOS developer; 15+ apps in top 200 ranks • Bitmaker Labs alumni

ID 179671

Wayne Helman

Founder BackSpin • Ran interactive agency A51 for 16 years. Studied at @mcgill-university, @university-of-guelph

ID 145289

P. A. Castillón

Director of moniSuite. Previous start up experience. Banking & payments thought leader; senior executive positions globally @ Citi, IBM, @accenture, FIS Global.

ID 241009

Alex MacLeod

Founder @studybucks • Studied at @dalhousie-university, @university-of-toronto

ID 221008

Emmanuel Elmajian

Founder of @spinzo. Engineering degree from @university-of-waterloo. Worked at @mckinsey-company, @google, and @barclays-capital. More:

ID 35530

Fabrizio Pilato

I love to visualize, create and change things. Always connecting with bright, interesting people makes my life so wonderful.

ID 123363

Bijan Ahmadi

VP at Doric Homes • Worked at @capital-one, @gymlife • Studied at @university-of-toronto

ID 458728

Sébastien Roy

Founder @prevly. CEO @spr-consult. Entrepreneur & consultant in the healthcare management & technology space.

ID 330520

Roy Firestein

Hacker, Entrepreneur, Human

ID 379959

Kurt DaCosta

Founder @woof • Worked at @niteroll • Studied at @mcmaster-university

ID 34846

Kyron Baxter

Worked at @top-hat, @uberflip • Studied at @stanford-university

ID 208334

Ross McKegney

CEO at @verold

ID 52863

Kelly Noland

Founder/CEO of @www-myblackcard-ca. Owner of Identity Clothing, been in business for 8 years. Founder/CEO of MyBenefitCard. Very connected, and love new Idea's

ID 219653

Rajan Sharma

Founder @umyum • Worked at @new-york-university-1 • Studied at @new-york-university, @cornell-university

ID 318672

Matt Celuszak

Founder @crowdemotion, Cotton Group • Worked at @vision-critical, @img. Global sales & strategy expertise in kicking off new products and new markets

ID 402945

Alireza Saberi

Founder @digital Brain Zone Also, Ph.D in biomedical engineering @McGill University Passionate about building & scaling digital product startups

ID 363260

David Dexter

Recent founder of LiveXp,proven record of success in domestic/international strategic planning/business development (Nokia, IBM), Waterloo grad & World traveler

ID 474450

Paul Bhatti

Founder & CEO of @sowingo-com-corp • Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon • Alumni at @northwestern-university, @university-of-toronto

ID 131301

Mike Cunningham

Founder of @feedseed. Experienced investor and entrepreneur. Finance guy who left the street. Founded @speak-telecom, acquired '08. MFIN @queen-s-university, BA Hons UWO.

ID 77424

Connor Edwards

Management Consultant at IBM Consulting. Strong business background (ex-@HootSuite, @westjet, @cibc-world-markets). Gustavson alumni.

ID 194846

Mark D'Cunha

Engineer. Father. Archery Coach. Startup Advisor. Social media & mobile technology consultant. Building technologies that will rock your social future.

ID 207649

Rares Crisan

Co-founder @clayza. Full-stack developer. Canadian Lightweight Rower. Degree in BioMedical Computing, Masters in Computer Assisted Surgery.

ID 72174

Ratko Vidakovic


Entrepreneur. Angel Investor. VP Product & Marketing @sitescout (acquired '13). Co-founder @toyotanation (acquired '06).

ID 114620

Andrew Wright

Focusing on identifying and working with Technology based Startups, bringing Creativity with practicality, vision with experience. The best of both worlds

ID 176595

Chris Petersen

Innovative entrepreneur and results driven Sales Professional • Founder @venuespace @tilgreen-aviation-inc • Worked at @xerox • Growth Specialist • Team Leader

ID 179467

Andrei Arkhanguelski

Co-Founder of • Entrepreneur • Passionate about solving problems through great user experience and design. HBA from @university-of-toronto.

ID 84601

Miah Lightbody

Founder of @jetpronto; Partner, Chat for LinkedIn; Created @wurdzee; Graphic Design; Software Development; Marketing; Fortune 500 experienced; PhD in Awesome

ID 153157

Mark Raju Mauleesan, MD

Founder @scolaris • Studied at @university-of-toronto; MD from All Saints University. Lecturer, Educator; Avid Musician, Artist and Entrepreneur

ID 79405

Paul Dowman

Founder of OK GROW! where I help startups | Past Director of Technology at GigPark (acquired 2009), developed v1 of TurboTax Online (Canada) at Intuit in 2001

ID 21255

Soheil Seyfaie

Co-founder of @49st-technologies-corp Early employee at Cryptologic. PhD in Chem Eng'g (@university-of-toronto).

ID 135467

Wendy MacKinnon Keith

CEO & Founder Digital Retail Apps • Worked at @gemini-consulting, @the-mac-group • Ivey MBA Set to disrupt retail shopping and payments

ID 226287

Mike Borg

Mike is an information systems professional with experience in design, front/back-end dev, usability engineering and information architecture.

ID 117492

Joshua Siva

Procurement at GlaxoSmithKline Co-Author of "BOLD: Get Noticed, Get Hired"

ID 92811

Matthew Woo

CEO at @shore-up

ID 515712

Michael Fabing

Founder SPE-mail • Worked at @boardsuite • Studied at @university-paul-verlaine-metz

ID 261802

Henry Quach

Co-Founder @gotoclassroom, @pesome-1, @wheretolist-1 , @ilearnulearn. Studied at University of Saskatchewan, McMaster University.

ID 689431

Justin Picone

Co-Founder at HouseIt • Studied at @ryerson-university

ID 151740

Timothy Quinn

Senior technology leader with 15 years of hands-on experience growing small to medium-sized companies into market leaders through strategic process development.

ID 131139

Mitchell Hammerstedt

Co-Founder of @cryptiv @market-clouds-1. Financial market junkie. Biz dev. Stock and options broker. Trader.

ID 379884

Pete Forde

Founded Unspace and BuzzData; Toronto Rails guy; start-up advisor and tech strategist; I connect interesting people and help my clients avoid fucking up.

ID 307706

Neil Stevenson-Moore

Founder of StylePixi • Studied at @princeton-university

ID 496696

Jenn Neilson

Founder Jill and Jack

ID 76114

Dan Lussier

PhD candidate at University of @oxford-university in Mechanical Engineering as Rhodes Scholar. Teacher and strong generalist engineer who can code.

ID 324708

Jonathan Polak

Founder, CEO of 1Datapoint Medical Devices Inc. Multilingual, with global work experience at Goldman Sachs, IBM, and Perimeter Esecurity. UofT Rotman MBA, 2007

ID 199220

Don Radhay

Founder of @kukuzoo-1.Designer and Animator.

ID 35092

Yang Han

Founder @stackadapt • Founder @Uni+ • Worked at @bloomberg • Studied at @university-of-toronto

ID 182587

Betsy Bascom

CEO ConferenceChecker. An innovative thinker and networker extraordinaire–deep roots in the conference industry on both the attendee,advisor and organizer sides and in the Life Science industry.

ID 332735

Luiz Zorzella

Founder @lifestats • Founded @imla-inc Worked at @McKinsey, @jp-morgan-chase

ID 124740

Elaine-Solema Concepcion

Founder of ACW & CMI. Founded two media co's prior, exited 1 outdoor media co. Built a career in media at Canada's largest fashion majors + tech @ Xerox, 3Com

ID 370283

Abrar Siddiqui

Founder @lucova. Worked at @ibm, @accenture, @cibc, @td-canada-trust

ID 229077

Yen Hsiao

Founder TVphoon • Worked at @kiinzel, @qualcomm • Studied at @university-of-waterloo

ID 102343

Driven Accelerator Group

Driven is a startup program designed to accelerate young minority led startups in the digital space.

ID 414062

Ildar Khanov

Founder Flextrela • Worked at @thomson-reuters, @opentext • Studied at @rensselaer-polytechnic-institute, @bauman-moscow-state-technical-university

ID 523988

Carmine Valentini

Founder of @blabloud

ID 207651

Neil Martin

Co-founder @clayza. Serial entrepreneur. Degree in Media Studies. Passionate about the merging of art and tech. Amateur rockstar.

ID 11647

Denim Smith

Dad. Founder & Product guy at Lifemap. Previously Investment Banker in the US & Canada with over $6Bln in transactions.

ID 178719

Hilary Gillespie

Founder ShelfLife

ID 437460

Tahir Khan

Worked at @sun-microsystems, @accenture • Studied at @york-university-1

ID 232690

Matt Kwa

CEO at @travelog-pte-ltd . Worked @ibm and @dell-computer. Business grad from @university-of-toronto-1

ID 514506

Miguel A. Santos

Founder @spe-mail-1, SPE-mail • Worked at @fraunhofer • Studied at @university-of-washington, @universidad-central-de-barcelona, Ph.D. Physics, Information Assessment

ID 141375

Nautilus Labs

Founder Nautilus Labs Private Limited

ID 262406

Marylin Ma

Worked at @communitech-waterloo • Studied at @university-of-waterloo, @wilfrid-laurier-university

ID 282528

Ramin Hazegh

CTO @seamless-planet PhD Computer Aided Design

ID 500342

Michael Shi

Founder Gratious • Worked at @zynga, @amazon • Studied at Software Engineering @university-of-waterloo

ID 389916

Vikram Somasundaram

Co-Founder, CEO of Edusight • ex-Strategy Consultant at Monitor Deloitte • Studied Mathematics at @university-of-waterloo

ID 176610

Andrew Kish

Founder & CTO of Nifcee. From sys-ops to stylesheets and literally everything in between. I live for tech and love to see it pushed forward.

ID 51467

TJ Donnelly

CEO - Have built and sold several companies, currently building the next big one.

ID 225646

Blake Edwards

Founder EARMILK • Studied at @university-of-waterloo

ID 178026

Hesham Fahim

Engineer & Entrepreneur • Founder @inlocus-1 • Worked @polar-mobile @esight @blackberry-2 • Studied Engineering @uwaterloo

ID 73533

Johnny Chauvet

CCO @ Cardign. UI / UX specialist. York University / Sheridan College Bachelor of Design, Honours. Clients include CTV, Weather Network, Rogers, TheScore, RONA.

ID 443038

Margarita Cargher

Founder of PartnerConnection and Crystal Owl Consulting • Studied at @university-of-waterloo and worked at @loblaws as an analyst

ID 134518

James McLean

Co-founder / CPO @homefed. Strong design and tech background, studied Industrial Design at OCADU

ID 210671

Artur Minacov

Chief Gaming Officer & Owner @RevoltServers + Co-Founder at Modde | I am a creative, passionate young entrepreneur from Montreal.

ID 218928

Tim Aiello

Founder @simplefilter, @blogchat, @MindMayhem • Worked at @wineclubreviews-net, @quikktutor • Studied at @university-of-waterloo

ID 246924

Neel Lukka

Co-Founder and COO @gata-labs. Former Investment Banker. CFA Charter Candidate. Queen's Commerce Alum.

ID 47068

Ralph Baddour


Co-founder of @polltogo. Engineer, former biomedical researcher.

ID 52882

Katie Hrycak

Founder Commentair Tech. BIB Carleton U

ID 90305

Victor Ientilucci

Founder of @mma-victor Inc - A new social and mobile fantasy gaming platform. Looking for advisors and investors for it.

ID 181120

Alex Hyssen

Founder at Koge Vitamins. Former institutional equity sales analyst at Sprott Asset Management. 10 years of experience in the nutraceutical industry!

ID 387698

Jeff Bernstein

Looking for new gig in partnerships/project-product/strategy, special focus on social impact • ruby on rails dabbler • @carleton-university M.A.

ID 164333

Paul LeBlanc

Founder @Karmagaming . Serial entrepreneur with strong track record of success. Top 40 Under 40 recipient in Canada. YPO member.

ID 437141

Ayokunnu Are

Ayokunnu Are is an international financier and advisor who has worked in the private banking and financial services industry for over 20 years.

ID 45370

Mark Kudlac

Founder of Adladl. Co-founder of Conxsys Inc, a turnkey system provider, acquired in 2000. Developed Teralet, a mobile location browser. Co-founder

ID 191008

Peter Newhook

Co-founder in the 5th wave of Start-Up Chile. Runner. Above-median.

ID 165387

Matthew Miller

Founder of @crouzz & @BuckandSpitz. Studied at the @college-of-wooster

ID 361399

Nigel Gutzmann

CPO of Sniply

ID 223257

Ilcho Bojchevski

CEO of @Cosmic Development

ID 405749

Anthony Carbone

ID 140728

Joe Anandarajah

Founder & CEO Xtreme Interactions, strong techno commercial background, numerous innovations, $500M+ in new bus dev, and prestigious math and physics awards.

ID 300160

David Michaels

eBusiness entrepreneur and brand consultant; 20 years of experience in trademark law; J.D., B.Eng., CHRM

ID 190065

Reza Muhammad

Founder and Lead Developer at Sixceed Inc, VP Enginerring at Burufly

ID 41983

Pilwon Huh

Founder @stockpad • Full-stack Software Engineer, Skydiver from Canada • Worked at @scotia-capital, @td-securities • Studied at @university-of-waterloo

ID 225184

Vanessa Dawson

CEO Evry. BscH, Strategy & product guidance for startups & brands in the mobile, web, & social space. Love fashion, travel, event planning & lol'ing w friends

ID 308037

Gerry Brown

Founder @2life Corporate commercial lawyer and legal editor. Assisted in business start-ups. Active volunteer in child-care and education.

ID 204904

Rob Mackenzie

Business Development Lead @functional-imperative . Founder @un-lease-com MBA with a history of hustle and background in sales & entrepreneurship.

ID 102912

Ezra Grossman

Entrepreneur. Masters of Digital Media 2014 @digital-media-zone-at-ryerson-university.

ID 159403

Telm Perez

Founder @openease • Worked at @ebay, @zerofootprint • Studied at @university-of-waterloo

ID 246597

Allen Wang

Founder Skimtoon and LVC Investment, Specialize in Financial analysis and operations Studied at @university-of-waterloo

ID 85701

Poya (Marcus) Rahmati

Fashion photographer, frontend developer and mech engineer. Cofounder at Gizmolabs and Talentell.

ID 101955

Anis Merchant

Founder Spotartist, Spotartist • Studied at @university-of-toronto, @mcmaster-university

ID 167875

Gave Lindo

Founder Vidliv

ID 463146

Todd Zeligman

Founder, Better Capital • 8+ years of Corporate Finance and Investment Banking experience • Worked at TD Securities, Scotia Capital • Ivey Business School MBA.

ID 400479

Stefano Cerone

Founder of Foobli & Tworp. Experience in Business Consulting & Business Plan Development. MBA (2014) - Majoring in Marketing, Strategy, & Brand Management.

ID 66598

Edwin Liang

Founder and CTO of Hammerati. Computational AI @ University of Toronto. Ex-IBM, HP, Compaq.

ID 94110

Chris Wilson

ID 312983

Chris Kolmatycki

Co-Founder of FundMetric. Marketing expert with strong background in charities and fundraising. Interested in fundraising, marketing communications, statistics.

ID 199806

James Hergott

Ceo of Owned Entertainment, writer/exec producer of doc about GSP (the UFC's top PPV draw) writer/producer/director of several released MMA film and TV projects

ID 151877

Babak Motamedi

Founder @adcquire • Studied at @university-of-western-ontario, @humber-college

ID 108289

Bijan Shahrokhi

Founder @virtual-next, @cellclients • Worked at @best-buy • Studied at @university-of-toronto, @rotman-school-of-management

ID 280754

William Tang

Co-Founder and CEO of Find My Itin. 4 year consulting background. PMP. Passionate about travel and photography.

ID 503831

Thomas Price

ID 389951

Derek Braid

Meteor js, d3js, and lodash. Some Angularjs, Ruby on Rails. Biochem double major, certified financial planner, writer, number-cruncher.

ID 339468

Jonathan Goldberg

CEO of Kimberfire. Previously diamond industry manufacturing, business development and wholesale, followed by resources investment banking.

ID 298575

Stan Okounev

Multitude of business development experience in various fields. Passion for technology in general, mobile technologies in particular.

ID 113402

Oleg Grodzevich

CTO at @lanamark

ID 484031

Rizwan Tejpar

Founder @rt-code-spark-software-ltd • Worked at @computer-task-group, @ibm, @canadian-broadcasting-corporation, @university-of-western-ontario, @x-eye

ID 105782

Arturo Sheimberg

Head of Marketing and Business Development at @pricetag

ID 276233

Frank Qin

Cofounder at @questr-co, Toronto

ID 434478

Jesse Isaac

Founder of @loadup @kriticc @zestfuse @emfixr - Innovative guy that creates dynamic and super social platforms.

ID 308414

William Chau

Community Manager & Marketer • @university-of-waterloo, York University & @startupinst Alum

ID 103782

Dave Wormald

President, Pintegrate. Previously GM of @nortel's $200M Enterprise Messaging portfolio & @open-text's FirstClass Division, creators of @open-text Social Workplace.

ID 282469

Ethan Baron

Founder at Ontab. Alumni @the-next-36 . Co-founded @triumf-rewards . Studied Economics and Entrepreneurship @university-of-toronto-1

ID 407884

Pats Krysiak

Founder @artisana • Studied at @university-of-western-ontario / Developing e-commerce in South America.

ID 178136

Lynn Yen

Worked at @electronic-arts, @nortel-networks • Studied at @queen-s-university, @schulich-school-of-business

ID 276882

Patrick Yan

Masters in Management 2013 UCD. University of Toronto HBA graduate. Founder/CEO of SportsEh. Changing the face of Canadian sports.Think Rivals meets Yardbarker.

ID 65734

Terence Hong

Co-Founder and CEO at @adjuno, Former medical researcher at The Hospital for Sick Children.

ID 316207

Christopher Bowal

CTO of Sniply

ID 95128

Jeffery Thomas

Thinkin' about stuff...

ID 165530

Michael Yokota

Founder of @made-with-magnolia. Gemini award-winning digital producer.

ID 302244

Diane Hall

Founder of @2life: the app for your relationship

ID 427704

Bryn Jones

Co-Founder/CEO @yunite ; Grad school dropout; Retired national team athlete. Building my own adventure.

ID 321022

Lauren Rotman

Founder of Luvly Marletplace. Co-founder of Spills the Beans and Share as Image

ID 473757

Kris Tabetando

Founder @premiumwebsitebrokers-com • Studied at @mcgill-university

ID 103953

Jason Lavigne

Serial entrepreneur with a passion for building event ticketing engines in the cloud.

ID 125711

Jeff Lande

Founder @buzzdraft, @blushberry • Studied at @mcgill-university

ID 133860

Andrew Kim

Operations specialist. Lean Six Sigma Black Belt. Co-Founder at Kingmaker (now a Joyus company) and serial entrepreneur.

ID 103193

Douglas Coyle

Founder, Managing Director, Double Helix, Previous: Phoenix Biomolecular. Serial technology entrepreneur, Engineering Physics, Molecular Biology, Innovation.

ID 204793

Guilherme M. Trein

M.Sc.A.C. student at UofT; Passionate about technology; Focused on Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing; Actively engaged in innovative projects;

ID 335906

Sina Fakhrabady

Founder Addibuy • Studied at @schulich-school-of-business Founder @addibuy

ID 342737

Thomas Lock

Founder and CEO @fhotoroom , Worked at IBM, also Microsoft Partner and BizSpark Plus Member, school Ryerson.

ID 330551

Daniel Malinov, CPA, CA

Studied @copenhagen-business-school School, @ryerson-university University • CPA, CA in Private Equity • Competitive Swimmer

ID 421669

Rebecca Rose

Founder STUDEO • Worked at @alias-wavefront-@alias-wavefront • Studied at @ryerson-university

ID 68658

Toffene kama

Dad. African. Co-Founder & CEO - @willstream Labs.

ID 256660

Andre Taylor

Founder Jirnee (Journey) • Studied at @northeastern-university

ID 51757

Juil Yoon

Jack of all trades, Master of none

ID 429920

Tamara Kate

Founder + CEO of @begift

ID 231892

Mike Post

Founder of FitFriend. Previously worked as a mobile developer building apps for media companies.

ID 294899

Sebastian Barwinski

Founder of soundsLARGE. The very first electronic music discovery platform. Users on soundsLARGE can discover music as well as read & learn about it.

ID 401312

Jacob Adams

Founder @pearson-spectre • Worked at @xyz-associates, @acme-corp-3 • Studied at @mcgill-university, @devry-university

ID 470686

Mihai Alin Diaconu

Studied at @politechnic-university-of-bucharest

ID 140058

Frank Svatousek

Co-founded in 2006 by Frank Svatousek, Carta Worldwide operates at the convergence of payment systems and technology.

ID 236824

Apoorv Gupta

Worked at @nestle • Strong business background. Richard Ivey School of Business HBA 2013.

ID 82947

Adam Brind

Co-Founder & President at

ID 91493

Alex Wideman

Electrical engineering graduate, online marketing enthusiast, SEO fanatic, builder of websites, owner of too many domain names.

ID 159400

Sean Lee

Javascript Enthusiast. Strong technical background in Web Development

ID 3091

Sasha Uritsky

Founder of nmodes. Father, linguist, programmer, motivator and organiser, technology visionary

ID 160893

Leonard Drimmer


Founder Property Vista • CEO at @Property Vista, CEO @transglobe-property-management

ID 236928


HBA Candidate at Richard Ivey School of Business

ID 276586

Raji Kalra

Strong digital media entrepreneur in the natural health industry. Founded Synnergy Group Inc. Studied at @LaurentianU and @BondUniversity.

ID 73709

Quinn Roukema

Co-Founder, Co-Founded, Alum Student Brand Manager at Red Bull. Good with people, words and obstacles. No-nonsense, creative and lean.

ID 210864

Bruno Wong

- Cofounder at @orchard - Founder of Technest Consulting Group - PR & Marketing at Radar Entertainment Product and design guy at heart.

ID 183412

Jason Wiele

Work at @to-punchy, @plum-traders-inc • Studied at @university-of-toronto, @george-brown-college

ID 38431

Edward Walker

CEO, Founder at @sanga-yoga

ID 88731

Jeffrey Howard

Founder Project: SPACES • Studied at @queen-s-university

ID 293039

York Hua

Worked at @edusight • Studied at @university-of-waterloo

ID 221093

Payman Berjis

Founder @gymlife • Studied at @university-of-toronto

ID 355632

Andrew Malek

Founder Just a guy trying to build cool and exciting products.

ID 407333

Brandon Love

Canadian. McGill Student. Entrepreneur. @EsntlApparel

ID 455179

Klaus Homman

Worked at @mobile-roadie, @microsoft-accelerator-for-windows-azure-israel • Studied at @university-of-western-ontario

ID 189818

Paul Krajewski

Working on @shario & @ming-labs-gmbh (@MINGlabs)

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