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ID 21913

Adam Mosam


Serial Entrepreneur. Founder - @pivotshare. Founder - @binspy-systems (sold to @anydata). B.Eng.Mgmt. in Software, @mcmaster-university U.

ID 108677

Michael Petrov

Software consulting business at 16. Created a database engine for the iPhone (FMTouch). Built a hosting company (FMGateway). Author on PHP programming.

ID 78013

Dave Johnson


Co-founder/CTO @nitobi-software (acq'd by @adobe). Worked on @phonegap-1 and @robotreplay (acq'd by @foresee-results). PhD, investor, father, and lover of beer.

ID 166917

James Sapara

CTO and Co-founder at @picatic • Studied at @university-of-saskatchewan. Mixed background of project management and software development.

ID 234382

Felix Fung

CS at the University of Waterloo.

ID 27271

Ben Baldwin

Founder @clearfit, Founder @careerxact. 13+ yrs experience building recruiting software for Fortune 500 & SMBs. Patent holder and board member of EO/YEO.

ID 94903

Andrew Louis

All things tech (and some design) at @shoplocket

ID 185542

Prabhdeep Gill

Co-Founder Umano • Worked at @google, @yahoo, @tagged @socialdeck (acquired by @google) • @university-of-waterloo @software-engineering Grad

ID 41044

Chris Arsenault


Founder @inovia-capital, @sit-europe • Worked at @telesystems-ltd, @msbi-inc • Studied at @university-of-laval

ID 141386

Dessy Daskalov

Co-Founder & CTO at Greengage Mobile • Web and Mobile Developer • Worked at Eloqua, The Working Group • Studied at Queen's University

ID 173

John Philip Green


Chief Executive Dad, @careguide. BMath, UWaterloo.

ID 194727

Joseph Bou-Younes

Using data to build better products. Product leadership, operations & interaction design. @yahoo, @university-of-michigan & @university-of-waterloo alumnus.

ID 525017

Sheraz Bashir

Founder, Offshore Engineering Services. Launched 20+ Android and iOS games working for Gameview Studios, Northbay Solutions, Dakota Interactive and Midverse.

ID 38533

Kailash Subedi

Founder @sworly, Worked at @ibm, @adobe-systems • Studied at @carleton-university

ID 92488

Aron Jones

Hacker and Entrepreneur.

ID 11456

Joseph Fung


CEO of @tribehr (Sold to NetSuite 2013), CEO of @lewis-media (Sold 2009), CEO @onmyblock-ca, and Co-Founder @simple-machines-forum. UWaterloo Computer Engineer.

ID 82467

Taufiq Husain

Founder at @listicle. Software Developer & Designer.

ID 84623

Oleksiy Kovyrin

Technical Operations Lead at @swiftype; Worked as a Senior Technical Operations Engineer at @livingsocial, Operations Team Lead at and MySQL Performance Consultant at Percona.

ID 39559

Rod Fitzsimmons Frey


BA MA BSc(CompEng); Dir of Engineering Jotter (sold to @saflink); Dir of Engineering (@saflink); CTO @careerid (taken private); CEO @attassa (sold to @hightail-2)

ID 90116

Konrad Listwan-Ciesielski

Co-Founder Kira Talent • Worked at @minted, @nuance-communications • Studied at @university-of-waterloo • Next36 Entrepreneur

ID 154376

Nolan Dubeau

Co-Founder at @guardly, Worked at @xm-satellite-radio, @electramedia • Studied at @ryerson-university

ID 39994

Nuno Job

Geek. Open-source enthusiast. CCO @nodejitsu. Founder @thenodefirm & curator @lxjs

ID 88932

Joe Rideout

Co-Founder of @relay. Former Product Manager on Google+ Mobile and Software Engineer on Mobile Search/Gmail. Waterloo CS grad.

ID 56747

Ryan Dewsbury


Senior Director Software Engineering @salesforce

ID 542188

Stanley Soo

Waterloo CS. Web applications. Android. Random codes

ID 506224

Kris Coward

Data Scientist with a solid track record in predictive modeling

ID 86085

Ahmad Nassri

API Master @mashape, Technologist, Entrepreneur, Dog Lover. Creator of @RESTConsole, Write open-source @CodeInChaos. Organizer of @YeomanTO & @TorontoFacebook.

ID 45622

Sean Rucker

Co-founder & CTO @rover; Co-founder & CTO @cadee (exited); @500startups alumni

ID 82732

Bart Gajderowicz

PhD student in Ontology Eng @university-of-toronto, ex SrDev @influitive, ex CTO @engagio. MSc in CompSci @ryerson-university. Machine Learning, Semantic Web, ontology, large-scale NLP.

ID 226443

Danish Siddiqui

Waterloo Computer Engineer with 5+ years experience shipping code to millions of customers worldwide. Worked at start ups as well as large multinationals.

ID 553103

Leyla Samiee

Senior technology leader with an extraordinary record of success in technical and people management, product development, software and enterprise architecture.

ID 518980

Ian Logan

Engineering Lead at @airbnb • Studied at @university-of-waterloo

ID 13722

Aysar Khalid

Founder @washly. Engineer @salesforce.

ID 25796

Zaahir Moolla

4th year CS undergrad at @mcmaster-university • Intern at @duckduckgo • Plays acoustic guitar and sings

ID 186226

Scott Greenberg

Developer Relations @thalmic. Follow to get the latest details of the @thalmicdev program and how to develop with Myo!

ID 255531

Joseph Santoro

DC/LA Superconnector @forbes @MoxieStrategy @StartupGrindDC @ADmapco Creative Strategist, Media2.0Sensei, Political Wonketeer, Entrepreneurial Techie, Neuro PhD

ID 227041

Anibal Martin Llano

Software Engineer, Team Lead at Instaclick. Former technical director at Globant's gaming studio.

ID 393449

Borna Almasi

Waterloo CS graduate with a passion for startups

ID 30431

Stephen Hamer

Co-founder @upverter Senior Software Engineer @xobni, working on the server side of their cloud offering

ID 614579

Mark Val

GM Europe PlayFab. Opened offices for @unity & @ubisoft. Ran multimillion user online projects. Entrepreneur, award-winning developer with 15 years of experience.

ID 503387

Bryan Wan

FS Web Designer, Founder @ hueclues

ID 38861

Dimitri Gnidash

Experienced Django Developer

ID 155584

David Mills

Mobile/Full Stack Developer

ID 108542

Kasra Kyanzadeh

Created ProgrammerMeetDesigner, Classtell, Swing Away. Interned at Mixpanel. Studying CS in Toronto.

ID 65613

Herman Chan

Co-Founder, CTO at @hub; Hacker; UWaterloo Comp Sci; Architect at Workopolis

ID 10385

Vlad Barshai

Co-founder, engineer. I build and push products I love.

ID 336461

Conner Fritz

Software Developer @uniiverse, co-founder @wompit

ID 24339

Rahil Sondhi

Entrepreneurial, product-minded, full stack developer. BBA @university-of-toronto-1.

ID 61182

John Antoni Griffiths

Founder @babysimplify • Worked at @homesav, @thomson-reuters

ID 608671

Anthony Wolf

Founder @thedrop • Worked at @microsoft, @ninemsn

ID 41487

Jean-Luc David

Founder | Ed @york-university | Chief Evangelist @microsoft | CTO @digiflare @spently | API @yellow-pages-group | @facebook @y-combinator hack winner

ID 442942

Steve Pereira

Worked at @wave-accounting, @ibm • Studied at @ryerson-university

ID 419340

Aneesh Joshi

Worked at @symphony-1, @algorithmics • Studied at @university-of-toronto

ID 210832

Ian Gerald King

ID 71309

Nick DiZazzo

Experienced Software Developer

ID 229264

Nick Kavassalis

Head of Technical Operations at @crunched, acquired by @clearslide, worked at @federated Media as systems lead. Systems administrator, hacker & tech evangelist.

ID 116624

Scott Nguyen

Co-founder of @bibim-ly. 4th year undergraduate student at UWindsor.

ID 78030

Peter Graham

Full-stack web developer. Worked at @ancestry-com and @1000memories.

ID 72635

Jaco Joubert

Founder of @guestlist Creator of EmberUI Worked at @upverter and @freshooks

ID 179431

Joshua Kelly

Rails/Javascript Hacker #2 at @uniiverse • Founder @kmsm • Studied at @university-of-toronto

ID 530491

Paul Mennega

Passionate problem solver; Application architect.

ID 103280

Cameron Westland

Founder @kera • Worked at @sapient, @compaq

ID 195327

Mohammad Badrah

Founder @sweety-heaven

ID 759646

Susan Feng

ID 36351

John Rae-Grant

CEO of Glooey, Founder Zazengo, CTO/Founder of NRG Group (IPO), General Manager Microsoft Developer Network, Lead PM Microsoft Visual C++

ID 88691

James Walker

serial troublemaker.

ID 100897

Peter D. Gray

Founder/CTO of 2 successful Canadian technology companies before @ripe-apps. I'm the guy who codes all the hardest stuff.

ID 56074

Kenneth Lee

Cofounder & Chief Developer at @vizualize-me. Former Developer at @telus and @viigo. Computer Engineering @university-of-waterloo.

ID 31131

Leon Kuperman


Founder @modnique, HostedPCI • Worked at @ibm, @bidz-com • Investor @hostedpci • Studied at @york-university-1

ID 136705

Lee Horrocks

Media. System and web applications engineer. @nurun, @wpp, ICE, TVO

ID 270398

Erik von Harten

iOS Developer at @shopcaster-1

ID 343647

Aaron Glazer

Co-Founder of Launchpad. Engineer & Strategy Consultant (@accenture, @zs-associates). @rotman-school-of-management-1 MBA.

ID 440366

Po Yao (Paul) Wang

Unviersity of Toronto CE.worked at IBM

ID 96723

Ryan Brunner

VP, Engineering at @influitive. 10 years of B2B web startup experience. Organizer of @torontorb. Open-source contributor to Apartment, Octopub, and others

ID 7383

Aidan Nulman

Co-Founder & CEO of Fleetbit (Winston Inc). Hacker. History of growing technology and entertainment products by 200%+ y/y. One of Canada's @the-next-36

ID 94176

Rodolfo Novak

I make things.

ID 78273

Andrew McGrath

Founder @checkout-51

ID 55960

Hannah Wei

Co-founder & Creative Director @ @vizualize-me. Hybrid designer & developer. Former Lead Courseware Dev at Canadian Forces, worked at Telus and Nortel.

ID 84085

Ed Lui

Senior Software Engineer; Team Leader;

ID 238260

Dmytro Yashkir

Currently Nodejs, Rails, iOS. Love coding, making things, running and rockclimbing

ID 227801

Angelo R.


ID 237840

Ryan Renna

Founder @instaradio

ID 68008

Jack Read

Web developer and product guy. Created Recipeasly. Formerly of @kik-interactive and @unata .

ID 285212

Alex Williams

Developer at @upverter

ID 33526

Sergei Bezborodko

Software Engineer @rollbar. Cofounder @goosechase. Bachelor of Computer Science at the @university-of-waterloo

ID 138259

Edward A Robinson

Ubuntu Member, Programmer, Python, C++, Open Source!

ID 48374

Dawson Whitfield

UX & frontend. Founder of @wisewords. Worked @weebly. Nature lover.

ID 6654

Richardson Dackam

Back-end Engineer. Senior Ruby/Rails Developer at Rogers Digital Media. Extreme Startup 2nd co-op.

ID 219692

Colin Hutchinson

Experienced team lead full stack knowledge specialized on the LAMP stack

ID 715541

David Hurley

Full Stack Developer with an strong working knowledge of Ruby, Rails, and JS. Previously was in a business development role at Top Hat and

ID 200806

Adam Gravitis


CEO of Well-Ordered Labs • ex-CTO of @500px • Co-Founded @algo-anywhere • Studied at @university-of-toronto, @university-of-sydney, @university-of-buckingham

ID 137735

Rafal Dittwald

Co-founder @penyo-pal. Passionate about scaling education. Systems Engineer. Mentat.

ID 61774

Kevin Sornberger

Co-Founder and Developer for @devbbq -

ID 316256

Benjamin Graner

Created award winning iPhone app Fridge Pal, previously senior developer at Oracle, wrote SDKs for Kiwi Move (BLE wearable) and Rover iBeacon framework

ID 343408

Michael Castro

Software Engineering student. Ruby/Python/JavaScript/Java Programmer. Entrepreneur. proficient front-end developer. 5 years of experience as software developer.

ID 660481

Philip Ojha

iOS and front-end development experience at 3 startups and contract work. University of Toronto computer science graduate.

ID 120295

Yang Yu

Chief Product Officer @opencare, was application framework architect @ibm. Serial entrepreneur started at age 12.

ID 321327

Ajay Puri

Founding Engineer of @relay. Former Team Lead and Software Developer in network and real time communication in @blackberry; also worked at @microsoft.

ID 177709

William Humphreys-Cloutier

CS Student @umanitoba, startup fanatic, co-op'd @freshbooks-1, @500px, and @meldium

ID 135204

Ronen Ackerman

Developer & Designer from Toronto.

ID 497910

Ali Dinani

Software Engineer at @careguide

ID 24985

André LeBlanc


Founder and CTO of Sky Motion Research. Founding Member Discreet Logic (IPO, subsequently acquired by Autodesk). Director of Technology at Ubisoft.

ID 124727

Mark Pavlidis


ID 16113

Raif Barbaros


Head of eCommerce Tech at Loblaw - Canada's largest retailer. Prior, founder/CTO at various start-ups: 3 acquired & 2 hit 1MM+ users. eBay, OATV, Deloitte & UC-Berkeley alum.

ID 76167

Mike Wu

CTO of Loupe, PhD in computer science; HCI researcher, worked in tech industry and research labs across US and Canada

ID 212311

John P. Kennedy

Co-Founder/VP Engineering @amity-1 • Worked at @marketwired and @ibm • Studied at Queen's University

ID 397185

Anna Oguienko

iOS Developer @spatch

ID 308287

Kirushanth Sakthivetpillai

Waterloo engineer, expert UI/UX, frontent guru, solid backend, full stack development experience

ID 93359

Graham McCarthy

Founder HitSend • Worked at @ryerson-university-1, @york-university • Studied at @university-of-toronto, @york-university-1

ID 105537

Carlo Perez

Founder and CEO of Hammerati. UX Designer and Engineer. Ex-Researcher at Advanced Micro Devices.

ID 532298

Nadayar Enegesi

Worked at @fora, @bnotions, @mks, @opentext • Studied Computer Science at @university-of-waterloo

ID 224389

Jeremy Gutsche

ID 435469

Roopak Majmudar

Founder @popinshop, @kickir-studios • Studied at @wharton-school, @university-of-waterloo

ID 226579

Anson MacKeracher

Chief Architect at @tophat. Crushes bugs. Studied Computer Engineering at Waterloo.

ID 188611

Derek Marshall

Vice President, Engineering at ClearFit; worked at Syncapse, Rogers Media and Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.

ID 289000

Jonathan Chan

CTO StyleSage. Tech nerd and startup enthusiast. 6+ years in software development and product management (BlackBerry, Infor). INSEAD MBA 2013.

ID 102477

Chris Long

Product Marketing Manager @ Shopify. Strong technical and product background.

ID 198970

Khurram Virani

ID 267770

Mohamed El Mahallawy

Entrepreneur, Riding Rails and love flip flops.

ID 88541

Terry Smith

CTO at @23press; previously Lead Developer at @b5media, founder of Jaxified.

ID 231148

Ritwick Gupta

Working on API for POS integration at @ethor ; MSc Computers at @university-of-windsor; Experience as research assistance in field of healthcare data.

ID 82868

Arseniy Ivanov

Developer at @500px. Maker of software. @university-of-toronto student.

ID 45116

Jon Evans

TechCrunch columnist, web/app developer, award-winning novelist, creator of Scanvine and WikiSherpa.

ID 290443

Sam Cohan

Berkeley MFE, Waterloo Comp Eng, International Experience Designing and Developing World Class Software Systems, Working with Large Data Sets

ID 451047

Carson Perrotti

iOS Developer at @joist. Previously at The Mobile Cartel and Apple Inc.

ID 678228

Alexandar Podobnik

full-stack web developer. Launched my first startup out of high school.

ID 686295

Joe Auty

Co-founder of DataSprocket, experienced full-stack startup web app developer for numerous startups, enterprise computing/sys-admin experience, IU grad

ID 58946

Rohan Pinto


ID 10201

Bijan Vaez

Founder EventMobi, @traksem • Worked at @amd • Studied at @university-of-toronto

ID 306486

Willie Kwok

Co-Founder and CTO @seamlessmd • Worked at @vodafone incubator and venture capital • Entrepreneur @the-next-36

ID 141137

David Feldt

Founder & CEO of @JazLabs. Digital Innovator. Entrepreneur. Builder. Guide. Proud Father.

ID 119889

Tom Beckerman

Led seven startups. Built #1 iPad Banking App, Designer and developer of innovative mobile apps and services.

ID 51440

Michael Schwanzer

Award-winning web application developer Past: Coded, grew and sold 1st startup at age 20, Won Cisco Award (AT) for most innovative web 2.0 app, Developer at TWG

ID 139450

Rishi Khanna

Founder/CTO, GreenOwl Mobile. Very strong problem solving & technical skills. Experienced leader, who leads by example, never shys away to get hands dirty.

ID 315970

Dmitri Amariei

Entrepreneur and all-around hacker, ready to tackle any problems.

ID 39651

Jonathan Ristovski

Co-Founder of @knok-me, Coder & Designer

ID 6426

Sasha Baksht

I run an offshore software development boutique for startups and emerging web companies.

ID 286730

Sina Shahandeh

Cofounder at Di-Rays, PhD in Computational Materials Science from UBC. Started an engineering startup after BSc. Passionate about International Development.

ID 41406

Byron Ma

Software Engineer at @linkedin. Previously co-founded @thoora.

ID 186031

Steven Hanna

Founder of @FreshCanteen, full-stack software developer and lover of food.

ID 66423

Dan McGrady

Front-end engineer; UX designer and Ruby/Javascript developer. Creator of @carelogger

ID 11177

Gil Katz

Founder @comic-reply, @giant-step-1 • Studied at @university-of-toronto

ID 90843

Arwid Bancewicz

At the delta of Design, Development, and Entrepreneurship.

ID 355688

Rajesh Duggal

Technologist (Available for a new project starting in 2014 Nov)

ID 12437

Faisal Abid

Entrepreneur, software engineer, and author. Founder @dynamatik.

ID 11170

Eyal Katz

Experienced full-stack developer / project manager, gets things done! Worked at @nortel Networks, studied Computer Engineering at the @university of Toronto. @comicreply

ID 593022

Syed Mazhar Hasan Qadri

Seasoned software consultant turned into project manager/entrepreneur with experience of running two startups and a small consultancy firm of my own

ID 342724

Matt Brown

Looking to revolutionize the field of Artificial Intelligence, Complexity and the algorithms of Gestalt. Bootstrapping my way there in the meantime.

ID 213509

Chinmay Patel

Co-Founder @joggle-io • Studied at @seneca-college-of-applied-arts-and-technology

ID 194111

Fon Tran

Founder @yoketown, Sence • Worked at @goldman-sachs, @morgan-stanley • Studied at @stanford-university, @university-of-waterloo

ID 441588

Chaitanya Shah

Director of Development @swish-labs. Formerly @macquarie-bank @rbc-capital-markets. Studied @university-of-western-ontario @richard-ivey-school-of-business.

ID 404099

Brien Givens

Founder Cyberaxiom • Studied at @university-of-waterloo • Full Stack Developer

ID 206133

Prashant Viswanathan

Works at @careerify • Studied at @university-of-waterloo. Worked at companies in New York and the Silicon Valley.

ID 236089

Alireza Samar

CompSci student, Coffee-dependent developer, Co-founder and CTO at @oonbox

ID 76284

Jake Grygowski


Computer Science @university-of-waterloo / Client-Side Internet Tech & Entrepreneurship @stanford-university / Intern @checkout-51 / @velocity Resident

ID 342219

Sepand Norouzi

Founder/CTO of Glimpse • @the-next-36 Alum • Worked at @deloitte-consulting • Software Engineering/Tech Entrepreneurship from @mcgill-university

ID 226276

Ivan Cheung

Founder of Singspiel • Matlab, C# and Java guru • Plays 3 instruments • Studied Systems Eng (Honours) at @university-of-waterloo-2

ID 169601

David Ko

CTO, Co-Founder @Moment_Us_. Comp Eng @university-of-toronto 2010.

ID 169973

Michael Laccetti

End-to-end epic scale apps in Java, fun with node and angular, love for redis. Asynchronous IO, distributed processing, and responsive webapps.

ID 537594

Able Varghese

Founder @able-entrepreneurs • Studied at @carleton-university

ID 60769

Amanda Blain

CEO of @girlfriend-social. Strong Social Media presence across all networks including over 3 million followers on Google+. Coder, CEO, and UberGeekGirl.

ID 590891

William Parker

Eager, passionate and experienced software engineer with something to prove. 10+ years experience and success.

ID 128864

Hossein Kaffash Bokharaei

Co-founder of @capucina Inc.; PhD Student at @university-of-toronto; Worked at @facebook.

ID 154677

Shawn Kalin


Founder @allberta-com, Customerge • Worked at @intercell, @venturesource • Studied at @university-of-victoria

ID 177506

Leo Tse

Founder @cardign @alertly | @university-of-waterloo-2 BMath | Apps for @msn @linkedin @univision @pbs @rogers-communications-inc @cbc-radio-canada-1

ID 20457

Nick Hoffman

Co-Founder and CTO of @shelflife, software polyglot, and first certified parkour instructor in Canada.

ID 86282

Zain Abiddin

Entrepreneur, Designer & Developer

ID 99364

Francis Yanga

Founder @red-square-labs-inc, Property Pinz • Studied at @niagara-community-college

ID 249166

Alfred Lee

Worked at @sysomos • Studied at @university-of-toronto;

ID 286220

Garry Chan


Tech entrepreneur with successful track record of building companies from the ground-up; CMU M.Sc. (expected in Aug 2013); MBA from Rotman School.

ID 448201

Severin Smith

Co Founder of Minuum, the tiny keyboard for big fingers. Focused on the interaction design and engineering of new high-tech everyday objects.

ID 489406

Sachin Siby

UofT computer engineer, Full stack from drivers to web, Worked at corporation and 10 person startup.

ID 379959

Kurt DaCosta

Founder @woof • Worked at @niteroll • Studied at @mcmaster-university

ID 753422

Rishikesan Kamaleswaran

PhD Candidate in Computer Science - Information Science (Real-time Analytics)

ID 491980

Michael Sharpe

Full Stack Web Developer with a flair for creativity and innovation. The internet gives me hope.

ID 509267

Headley (Danny) Brown

Founder @hueclues • Freelance Web Developer • Music Producer

ID 269707

Saviero Rinaldi

Founder&CEO of Consulting Cadre International Inc. Architected,designed,development & deployed Clarity Healthcare Solutions&Clarity Health Journal in Canada&US.

ID 241009

Alex MacLeod

Founder @studybucks • Studied at @dalhousie-university, @university-of-toronto

ID 471271

Simon Bromberg

EngSci Biomed at @university-of-toronto , Currently Master's in Clinical Eng @IBBME. @next36 '13, co-founder of Love to code; experienced iOS dev

ID 109344

Simon Lightstone

My startup was acquired by a public company. From programming to sales, I built it from scratch. (BSc. Comp. Science.)

ID 338737

Jacob Sheehy

CEO at Cumulonimbus.

ID 71230

Trillium Energy

Founded the first local benefit community power generation co-operative. Assembled a team of commmunity power professionals.

ID 273091

Mikayel Amirkhanyan

Team Lead, Front End Development

ID 440221

Paul Nykamp

CTO and Co-founder @klothed, CTO and Co-founder @octopz-inc (sold, 2011); Named inventor on 4 USPTO patents; Presenter, SIGGRAPH; Studied at @york-university-1, @ryerson-university

ID 144015

Sumit Arora

4+ years of experience in web applications. Strong architecture skills very fast learner and innovative. Worked at Atendy, Cognizant and NetsolutionsIndia.

ID 330520

Roy Firestein

Hacker, Entrepreneur, Human

ID 68756

Shayan Rahnama

Technical Co-Founder of @willstream at UToronto MBA, UWaterloo Computer Engineering. Product Management, Sales & Marketing in B2B & B2C.

ID 379884

Pete Forde

Founded Unspace and BuzzData; Toronto Rails guy; start-up advisor and tech strategist; I connect interesting people and help my clients avoid fucking up.

ID 359873

Eric Carroll

Technology development expert in high scale software & infrastructure. 4 startups, 1 IPO, 20 products, 4 million customers, & $400M in new revenue.

ID 79405

Paul Dowman

Founder of OK GROW! where I help startups | Past Director of Technology at GigPark (acquired 2009), developed v1 of TurboTax Online (Canada) at Intuit in 2001

ID 110565

Xitij Ritesh Patel

Founder of @taab, simplifying mobile payments. Waterloo ElecEng & CompEng graduate. Master's student at Toronto. Second software startup after UW.

ID 720574

george zhu

ID 165520

William Hoang

Worked at @microsoft, @blackberry, Studied at @McGill- University

ID 485421

Sebastian Richter

CS/BA all-rounder from leading German university with start-up experience and a passion for learning new things

ID 677146

Peter Nitsch

Co-Founder and CTO of Wattage Inc. Former Director of Teehan+Lax Labs.

ID 258799

Byra Ray

Computer Science and MBA, 14 years of consulting experience from start ups to banking, hotel, lending and mortgage

ID 200871

Dan Guberman

Worked at @microsoft as Program Manager, Studied at @university-of-toronto

ID 391927

Eric Wright

High-growth Start-Up Executive * Software Hacker (UofT MSc. CS) * B2B business development * Management Consultant

ID 439378

Adam Rivietz

Founder InstaElite • Top 1% iOS developer; 15+ apps in top 200 ranks • Bitmaker Labs alumni

ID 499857

Serge Bornow

Seasoned engineer but most importantly team player and entrepreneur at heart.

ID 711281

Nem Stefanovic

PhD, MBA - Innovator, Engineer and Start-up Enthusiast

ID 357998

Aaron Vegh

iOS, Mac and web developer with startup and personal agency experience. Author of Web Development with the Mac. Remote superstar.

ID 321956

Geoff Flarity

ID 207649

Rares Crisan

Co-founder @clayza. Full-stack developer. Canadian Lightweight Rower. Degree in BioMedical Computing, Masters in Computer Assisted Surgery.

ID 573682

Chris Livadas

CTO of Partnershop. Experienced entrepreneur with strong technical background building enterprise-grade apps. Social networking & APIs are a current speciality.

ID 308665


UofT CS, Kellogg MBA, Started two startups

ID 76114

Dan Lussier

PhD candidate at University of @oxford-university in Mechanical Engineering as Rhodes Scholar. Teacher and strong generalist engineer who can code.

ID 439189

Adrian Domanico

iOS Developer at ChartCube. Passionate about building engaging mobile software.

ID 110801

Irvanjit Singh Gill

CompEng @university-of-waterloo • Interned @vitalhub @bnotions, @ibm • Tech, Hacking, Books

ID 226287

Mike Borg

Mike is an information systems professional with experience in design, front/back-end dev, usability engineering and information architecture.

ID 461721

Edward Shen

New grad with wide range of experience; specialization in computer vision, and imaging systems.

ID 291668

Matt Johnson

iOS wizard. Created an advanced multiplayer iOS game from scratch. Launched an Android and iOS social game at BNOTIONS, and wrote dozens of apps and prototypes.

ID 342423

Ryder Mackay

iOS Mercenary.

ID 437460

Tahir Khan

Worked at @sun-microsystems, @accenture • Studied at @york-university-1

ID 35092

Yang Han

Founder @stackadapt • Founder @Uni+ • Worked at @bloomberg • Studied at @university-of-toronto

ID 307632

Bahram Zahir

PhD from Telecom ParisTech.

ID 185070

Ata Namvari

Founder @huddlers • Studied at @university-of-waterloo

ID 151740

Timothy Quinn

Senior technology leader with 15 years of hands-on experience growing small to medium-sized companies into market leaders through strategic process development.

ID 178026

Hesham Fahim

Engineer & Entrepreneur • Founder @inlocus-1 • Worked @polar-mobile @esight @blackberry-2 • Studied Engineering @uwaterloo

ID 355612

Manpreet Singh Narang

Founder @metawarelabs • Worked at Virtace Inc, Studied at @university-of-california-berkeley

ID 211890

Sharon Lourduraj

University of Waterloo and Toronto graduate, interested in mobile applications, software development, product development. Early adopter, and team player.

ID 176610

Andrew Kish

Founder & CTO of Nifcee. From sys-ops to stylesheets and literally everything in between. I live for tech and love to see it pushed forward.

ID 34303

Maxim Karp

Co-founded DAX Solutions and Secure Silence. 18 year track record specializing in mobile, telephony, media production and digital TV. Excelled at Accenture.

ID 547420

Zuhair Ghalib

Carnegie Mellon- Information Systems with a minor in Business Administration. I worked for KPMG and Qatar Airways.

ID 547080

Sumit Sikder

Software Engineer @cloudexchange . Web Developer @ UFMS Inc. Software Developer Intern @ Ontario Power Generation

ID 261802

Henry Quach

Co-Founder @gotoclassroom, @pesome-1, @wheretolist-1 , @ilearnulearn. Studied at University of Saskatchewan, McMaster University.

ID 191008

Peter Newhook

Co-founder in the 5th wave of Start-Up Chile. Runner. Above-median.

ID 203977

Jasdeep Singh

Chief Evangelist @metaware-labs & Rails Engineer @mosaic-sales-solution

ID 500342

Michael Shi

Founder Gratious • Worked at @zynga, @amazon • Studied at Software Engineering @university-of-waterloo

ID 310530

Paul Sobocinski

Full-stack SW engineer & tech lead (Rails, JavaScript, SQL, PHP). Degrees in Comp Eng & Econ from Queen's Uni. Fusenet's 1st hire and ex-CTO.

ID 17477

Adam McKerlie

Python developer. I code, I eat, I snowboard and I sleep. Oh, I also travel a bit

ID 730662

Grace Li

Software engineer generalist python, Java, C++, ruby/javascript, web developer, interested in data-related positions, Ph.D

ID 178719

Hilary Gillespie

Founder ShelfLife

ID 218928

Tim Aiello

Founder @simplefilter, @blogchat, @MindMayhem • Worked at @wineclubreviews-net, @quikktutor • Studied at @university-of-waterloo

ID 715526

Graham Lavender

Ruby on Rails / JavaScript Developer with a background in Library and Information Studies

ID 32818

Menan Vadivel

Founder @roadsight, @tinrit • Worked at @canadian-heritage • Studied at @carleton-university

ID 308137

Teehij Kaul

MBA candidate, Schulich School of Business, Accenture, Business Analyst

ID 47068

Ralph Baddour


Co-founder of @polltogo. Engineer, former biomedical researcher.

ID 287112

Ben Aneesh

U of T Computer Engineering, Interested in how systems work, Always learning something new.

ID 166068

Joey Freund

A distinguished academic scholar, and experienced software engineer.

ID 573009

Martin Miaotian Deng

Freshmen student at UPenn studying EE, Fast learner and hard worker.

ID 110667

Meet Godhani

Freelancer Web Developer & Full Stack Developer @crowdlinker

ID 607755

Henry Zhang

Waterloo CS with UofT Masters in machine learning. Worked full stack. Experience with analytics/machine learning problems

ID 597049

Reza Abasi

Leveraged technology to advance business @semtech, @nspire-innovation-network • Studied EE|CE|CS|BIZ|MGMT @ucla, @UofT

ID 248330

Wesley George

Founder Engineered for Google, Business Objects. PhD student at University of Toronto's DCS. Waterloo CS/Pure math undergrad '08.

ID 485059

Andrei Larionov

Experienced IT professional and entrepreneur, EMBA student (Kellogg-Schulich)

ID 721039

Jennifer Shen

University of Waterloo and Wilfred Laurier University student looking to work as an intern at an innovative and challenging start-up

ID 231356

Jerry Jiaxuan Zhang

Waterloo CS/Laurier BBA Double Degree, created working real-time traffic light system from building hardware/coding, created application at Facebook Hackathon

ID 770410

Hao Cheng (Henry) Zhu

MASc candidate at University of Toronto Institute for Aerospace Engineering; Expertise in control and autonomous navigation of UAVs and other mobile robotics.

ID 685348

Pranav Dobhal

Carnegie Mellon grad student, 5 years Business Intelligence experience, Currently interested in machine learning and data science using Python.

ID 162581

Albert VanderMeulen

Senior Software Engineer @sitescout. BSc of Computer Science from @york-university.

ID 695043

Alireza Sahraei

Aspiring Computer Engineer

ID 361716

Devanshu Pandey

BI Analyst. Scripting enthusiast. Experienced researcher. Waterloo M.Math 2012

ID 542109

Ahmed Abdul-Salam

Technology enthusiast. Software/Hardware generalist. Worked at Qualcomm

ID 573723

Will Dick

Founder Can.MD - Canada's Marijuana Database. Worked as Quant Analyst for $30B real estate fund. Queen's Commerce. UofT MA Econ.

ID 730683

Tristan Homsi

2nd Year Waterloo CS/Business student, looking for adventures and new challenges in software engineering internships and entrepreneurship.

ID 66598

Edwin Liang

Founder and CTO of Hammerati. Computational AI @ University of Toronto. Ex-IBM, HP, Compaq.

ID 465410

Barum Rho

iOS Developer with experience in web and Android. Studied at @university-of-toronto.

ID 448332

Kyle Lam

Worked at @ibm • Studied at @queen-s-university

ID 85701

Poya (Marcus) Rahmati

Fashion photographer, frontend developer and mech engineer. Cofounder at Gizmolabs and Talentell.

ID 250052

John McDonnell

Finishing up a PhD at NYU's Computational Cognition lab looking at how Bayesian statistical models do (and don't) reflect how people learn and reason.

ID 632163

Marc Roopchand

Software Engineer Studied @university-of-waterloo Worked @gree-international-inc @electronic-arts @reputation-com @trustwave Enjoy Full Stack role.

ID 25599


ID 406658

Lesia Nalepa

Front end developer and designer. Engineering student at @university-of-waterloo

ID 41983

Pilwon Huh

Founder @stockpad • Full-stack Software Engineer, Skydiver from Canada • Worked at @scotia-capital, @td-securities • Studied at @university-of-waterloo

ID 159403

Telm Perez

Founder @openease • Worked at @ebay, @zerofootprint • Studied at @university-of-waterloo

ID 24721

Anson Kao

Pianist and U-Waterloo Mechatronics engineering grad turned web-developer and dance music junkie. Cofounder and UI/UX lead

ID 537390

Jeremy Nauta

Polyglot web enthusiast. Web developer for @needle-1 . Able to create highly performance web systems without a fuss. Occasional freelance web developer.

ID 726481

Victor Chan

University of Waterloo Student looking to learn front-end and back-end development - Looking to revolutionize the real estate industry

ID 482184

Anton Shevchenko

University of Waterloo Honors Computer Science Co-op student. Graduating in 2018. Fast learner, competent and team worker. Passion for mobile.

ID 640196

Andrew Martin

Founder @eco-modelling @hotsauce • Studied @mcgill-university

ID 476738

Andor Salga

I'm a game developer.

ID 512295

Abdullah Sattar

Working at @divergent-rays-computing-inc

ID 621627

Shashwat Pandey

Founder @davai • Studies at @university of Waterloo

ID 159485

Alan Czajkowski

Founder @openease • Studied at @university-of-waterloo

ID 492389

James Zhang-Yao Cheng

Undergraduate student at University of Waterloo, Systems Design Engineering. Experienced in web and mobile development. Interested in robotics and MI.

ID 250454

Eddie Li

web dev @flee, proud carnivore, manda/canto speaker, coding breather

ID 687032

Patricia Thaine

M.Sc. Computer Science Student at University of Toronto, Computational Linguistics Group; Fluent in English, French, Portuguese, and Spanish

ID 269853

Wesley Nelson

Technology leader who gets it done on time and to specification. Former CTO, Director, Architect, Propeller Head

ID 385604

Dylan Tredger

Trained as Junior Rails Developer at Bitmaker Labs. JD Queen's 2013

ID 284505

Jason Hamilton-Mascioli


ID 508370

Nicholas Lee

Founder & CTO @flipgive • Worked at @ibm, @blast-radius • Studied at @university-of-western-ontario

ID 113402

Oleg Grodzevich

CTO at @lanamark

ID 119395

Darren Fung

Studies Software Engineering at @university-of-waterloo.

ID 463996

Stephen Clark

Multimedia Content Expert since 1995. If there's something New Media I don't know, I have a drinking buddy who does.

ID 103161

Stepan Parunashvili

SF / Toronto / Taipei. Sent to Beijing to found @dentasign, worked with Derek Sivers @woodegg. Hacker at @wit-ai

ID 267695

Alison Lee

Studies Nanotechnology Engineering and Knowledge Integration @university-of-waterloo . Works at @Nicoya Lifsciences. Athlete, traveller, problem-solver.

ID 389951

Derek Braid

Meteor js, d3js, and lodash. Some Angularjs, Ruby on Rails. Biochem double major, certified financial planner, writer, number-cruncher.

ID 316207

Christopher Bowal

CTO of Sniply

ID 663592

Andrew Smith

Full stack web developer in training. Currently learning Ruby, Ruby on Rails, HTML + CSS, and JavaScript.

ID 642472

Rocco Marinaccio

Founder at Foobli • Worked at @cibc • Studied at @university-of-western-ontario

ID 630290

Will Lo

Software Engineer & UX Designer

ID 503708

Andrew MacLusky

Columbia CS, Experienced(8 yr) Technical Manager with extensive mobile/gaming portfolio

ID 231465

Jeff Klink

STSM at IBM. 1st startup in high-school. Strong technical and business backgrounds. Took a company through acquisition into IBM. in 2008. Have built worldwide solution and business architecture teams for cloud computing. Honour CS degree @ Waterloo.

ID 484031

Rizwan Tejpar

Founder @rt-code-spark-software-ltd • Worked at @computer-task-group, @ibm, @canadian-broadcasting-corporation, @university-of-western-ontario, @x-eye

ID 731596

George Holicka

E-Commerce Leader * Senior Leader * Digital Marketing * Turnaround Management

ID 538778

Don Vo

UI/UX Designer & Front-End Developer

ID 542922

Jeong Woo Park

Undergraduate Student at University of Toronto. Currently finishing up second year as computer science specialist. Looking for a summer internship.

ID 413977

Kristen Lutz

Post grad bioinformatics, passionate about machine learning and big data solutions.

ID 342737

Thomas Lock

Founder and CEO @fhotoroom , Worked at IBM, also Microsoft Partner and BizSpark Plus Member, school Ryerson.

ID 252480

Darcy Clarke

Developer, designer, ux, founder & speaker. Founded Themify and DealPage. Love open source and developer/designer advocacy.

ID 480811

Julian Paas

Founded Osaaru,Liketribe. CTO @ Kibboko,Liketribe. Director User Interface Design @ BlackBerry. VP Engineering @ Plazmic. Worked @ IBM,Footprint,Pharmatrust.

ID 556643

Brittany Cooper

Front-End Web Developer, Master's degree in Psychology (2013), excellent communication skills (BA English Literature / Psychology).

ID 470686

Mihai Alin Diaconu

Studied at @politechnic-university-of-bucharest

ID 514294

Charis Chio

Founder and chief builder of Rate Your Musician • Worked at @nortel-networks, @the-home-depot • Studied at @york-university-1, @schulich-school-of-business

ID 385164

Ryan Racioppo

Accountant, Economist, Programmer and creator of

ID 630027

Muhammad Choudry

Waterloo EE and Mechatronics. Worked at Qualcomm, Apple. Published papers on stochastic motion analysis. Patents on touch hardware (@ Apple)

ID 635596

Amin Nikdel

Queen's CS; CEO of nPulse - real time in class Educational Platform application. CTO of PrepYou - Online Educational Platform. Over 5000+ students & 7+ teacher

ID 477979

Erich Welz

Full Stack Ruby On Rails Developer with Business Background. Regular Hackathon attendee/prize claimer.

ID 719877

Alykhan Kanji

ID 231892

Mike Post

Founder of FitFriend. Previously worked as a mobile developer building apps for media companies.

ID 546780

Ken Li

Full stack web developer, with a focus on Ruby on Rails. Also great with C++.

ID 534026

Jesse Sum

Waterloo CS, Interned at Lookout and Paperless Post, worked at a couple side android projects.

ID 282377

Deeson P

UWaterloo Grad. Computer Engineer. Mobile Developer.

ID 397758

Derek Rabindran

@university-of-waterloo Computer Science working in the finance industry.

ID 653575

Jorge Barnaby

Software Engineer at @genesys. CTO at @dechalaca-com, CTO at @sportan, Worked at @mejuri, @hewlett-packard.

ID 671128

Megan Mackrory


ID 763939

Jami Boy Mohammad

ID 274433

William Truong

Management Engineer University of Waterloo, strong technical background with entrepreneurial mind set

ID 497943

Walid Shaheer

Worked at @tudemy • Studied at @university-of-waterloo

ID 204793

Guilherme M. Trein

M.Sc.A.C. student at UofT; Passionate about technology; Focused on Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing; Actively engaged in innovative projects;

ID 51757

Juil Yoon

Jack of all trades, Master of none

ID 722190

Teri Leung

University of Waterloo Engineer; Worked at SNC-Lavalin; Interested in software development

ID 653436

Edward Kim

ID 157727

John Chia

Web developer & embedded hardware/software developer. Strong Linux skills. Love to cook and fix bicycles.

ID 103953

Jason Lavigne

Serial entrepreneur with a passion for building event ticketing engines in the cloud.

ID 51855

William Hou

Student at @university-of-waterloo

ID 562039

Oscar Leung

Software Engineer • Worked at @appnique @xmg-studio-inc • Software Engineering Student @university-of-waterloo

ID 165999

Travis Jeffery

iOS Prototyper @37signals. Into dev, design, math, tea, film, art, water painting, skateboarding, fooling around with iOS, JavaScript, Ruby/Rails.

ID 493685

Otto Cheung

Waterloo CS & Finance. Worked at BlackBerry. Contributed patches to WebKit.

ID 684606

Sina Sadeghian

Software Developer, IBM Canada Compilers Group. University of Waterloo Masters graduate.

ID 637551

Johnny Kam

Waterloo Engineer, Full stack developer; Passionate with web development and design

ID 441702


Univ. of Waterloo Mechatronics, worked at Qualcomm, Arista Networks, Blackberry. Love Software, Robotics. Currently employed as a Systems Architect

ID 588441

Peter Sun

UWaterloo Computer Engineering, Developer, Product Guy, Entrepeneur

ID 522364

Suraj Chetnani

Android Developer. Worked at Pivotal, BlackBerry and Qualcomm

ID 427678

Noorain Noorani

Front-end Developer + UX/UI Designer. Candidate for BAsc @university-of-waterloo (Systems Design). Seeking a 4-month intern position for September 2014.

ID 499582

Avie Seegobin

Worked on both software engineering and QA teams. Passion for development; currently developing Android app as self-study and working as Ruby on Rails Developer

ID 574815

Al Mithani

Entrepreneur, technologist and startup consultant. I'm the kind of guy that can turn and idea into something real and useful.

ID 626783

Nikola Ranchev

Software developer. Devoted last five years to large scale projects.

ID 675469

Josh Estacion


ID 564541

Suren Udayakumar

Waterloo Electrical Engineer, Graduated in 2013, Software/Web/UI/Mobile Developer, Worked at Samsung, RIM

ID 597823

Richy Kim

Engineer; bee boop bee boo bah.

ID 773525

Shayan Masood

A passionate an enthusiastic developer looking to explore the world of Big Data analysis

ID 685949

Sujen Sathiyanathan

Software Engineering student

ID 540801

Christopher Soon

Problem Solver, Jack of all trades. Former RIM, UWaterloo.

ID 752951

Thirukumaran Vaseeharan

ID 544503

Mack Zhou

Software engineer by trade, entrepreneur at heart.

ID 546779

Tyler Johnson

Full stack javascript developer with over 15 years of experience developing business applications.

ID 616921

Alvin Joys

Waterloo ECE 2018

ID 531447

Aseem Sharma

Systems engineer, Entrepreneurial minded, open source fan, Linux expert, Writer, Enterprise messaging, Python

ID 103899

Bianca Sayan

Masters in life cycle assessment from uwaterloo, bachelors in environment and business. Business/webtech/sustainability background

ID 170826

Keerthi Siva

Developer & Technology Project Manager. With 5 years of professional experience bringing technology to market at @Zolo Labs, @vengeo, @bundle-manager

ID 571846

Ken Yundi Huang

Waterloo CS, launched couple mobile apps

ID 394905

David Freiman

Magento Developer at Demac Media. Bitmaker Labs Alum

ID 204107

Conor O'Donnell

Worked at @audienceview-ticketing • Studied at @ryerson-university, @queen-s-university

ID 293039

York Hua

Worked at @edusight • Studied at @university-of-waterloo

ID 546027

Farran Cheung

Software Dev: Strong Dev and QA background. Worked at Virgin Gaming, Cerdian-Dayforce

ID 394434

Daniel Hadi

Embedded software developer • Worked at @blackberry-2 • Studied at @university-of-waterloo

ID 262994

Jonathan Tomkun

Founder @eqol

ID 666488

Weikun Hou

ID 599489

Han Du

Waterloo CS, Full stack generalist; Interest in integration of technology and finance, worked at financial institutions such as Sun Life Financial

ID 618230

Theebak Sothilingam

University Of Waterloo, Full stack generalist; interest in Data Science; Actuarial Science Background

ID 692463

Stephen Dong

U of Waterloo Software Engineering. Tools developer. Multi company internship experience.

ID 535237

Thomas Kim

Worked at @deloitte-consulting @manulife-financial Studied Actuarial Science & Statistics & Finance at @university-of-waterloo

ID 25438

Vivek Sekhar

Product Manager, Google Fiber

ID 482983

Neeraj Singh

Manager(Product/Project) with a solid full stack development background in a multitude of industries. Passionate in all things technical and technology.

ID 644900

Jackson Chao

Ruby on Rails Developer | Sales & Recruiting | Business Development Beedie School of Business 2014 (Entrepreneurship & MIS)

ID 132856

Kevin Godfrey

Lead Mobile Architect

ID 381014

Joseph D. Viviano

Mercenary Neuroscientist & Medical Image Analyst • Research Analyst @Center for Addiction and Mental Health • Worked @york U • Studied @queen's U, @york U

ID 632739

Roiy Shpaner

Software Developer and Researcher.

ID 729995

Hugh Andrew Archibald

Recent CS graduate from St.F.X. University. Worked as intern for 16 months at IBM in Markham, Ontario.

ID 429529

Danny Dechtiar

Lead Software Architect @groovie, Full stack developer, mobile / web / TV apps, out of the box thinker, entrepreneurial mindset.

ID 255727

Tyler Freedman

ID 195530

Eric Kim

Cofounder of Lifestyle Ninety; Comp Sci Hons. BSc.

ID 342769

Sepehr Hadizadeh Moghaddam

Graduate Student

ID 159400

Sean Lee

Javascript Enthusiast. Strong technical background in Web Development

ID 167710

Norman Hernick

Norman Hernick is a multitalented entrepreneur with decades of experience in mortgage finance, real estate management and development,and construction.

ID 684297

Samarth Bhasin

Advanced Product Development Engineer at Bombardier Aerospace. Currently introducing Aeroelastic capabilities to Bombardier's MDO efforts.

ID 456341

Dev Chakraborty

Full-stack developer & entrepreneur. Co-founder of Edusight and HelpWanted. Over a decade of software experience.

ID 352574

Miso G.

ID 561741

Keith William Horwood

Full-stack generalist; Multi-disciplinary self-motivated learner; JavaScript specialist; Focused on elegantly engineered solutions for users and developers;

ID 510447

Taha Nasir

I'm a student at the University of Western Ontario pursuing a dual-degree in Computer Science (with Honors) and Medical Sciences.

ID 690309

Jasna Todorovic

ID 629437

Dhaval Giani

Kernel Developer/Scalability/Debuggability

ID 481925

Shirley Miao

Student at @university-of-western-ontario; Dual degrees in CS and Business Admin.; Worked at @allstream, @sunnybrook-research-institute.

ID 710020

Vanessa Yuen

Full Stack Ninja

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