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ID 688557

Armin Mahmoudi

Co-Founder @fixo • Co-Founder @triposhare • @the-next-36 Entrepreneur

ID 519997

David Hariri

Co-Founder @volley-2 • Worked at @teehan-lax • Studied at @queen-s-university

ID 503831

Thomas Price

ID 94662

Amanda Parker

Founder and CEO at Innohub Inc.

ID 256203

Aram Melkoumov

Founder @crowdlinker, @identity-apparel, @truebidz • Worked at @dell-computer, @rbc-wealth-management, @scotiabank • Studied at @mcgill-university-1

ID 348688

Brian Amaro

Co-Founder @ CloudExchange. Software engineer @ Alpha Exchange bought by TSX for $180 million. Software engineer for swaps and US treasuries @ Citi Bank.

ID 434978

Feras Nasr

CEO and Co-founder of AidBits. 15 years of Technical Leadership and Management experience.

ID 602627

Grant Furlane

Founder @locomobi, @anai-global-media, experienced start up specialist and mentor

ID 746188

Anthony Di Iorio


Co-Founder: @ethereum-1, @kryptokit, Founder @Decentral, #Bitcoin Decentral. Executive Director: @BitcoinAlliance

ID 655385

Shelley Lau - シェリーロウ


Investor, Founder, Advisor: @IPCapital, @adaptics; Investment/biz role at R Group, @credit-suisse, @ibm; MBA/MS at MIT

ID 678036

Chantelle Buffie

Co-Founder @fixo • Co-Founder Fusion Kitchen • HSBC Woman Leader of Tomorrow • @the-next-36 Entrepreneur

ID 75989

Jon Carr-Harris

Strong expertise on Mobile Products. Development & Design. Partner @ SwishLabs. Previously CEO @venio; PM @Theknetwork. Studied @mcgill-university

ID 538778

Don Vo

UI/UX Designer & Front-End Developer

ID 683896

Shaan Bhanji

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