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Map of the local innovation industry.
Meet some of the best and newest startups based in Toronto.

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ID 76249

Michael Mahon


Director, Strategic Investments & Initiatives @ BDC Venture Capital. Intrapreneur. Entrepreneurial VC. Venture catalyst. Startup champion.

ID 12277

Prof. Sean Wise

ID 210789

Andrew Black


Founded BrandProject to help talented founders build disruptive consumer brands. (Founder CEO Virgin Mobile, President LEGO, GM Nike, Dr Pepper 7UP, Colgate)

ID 88652

John Albright


Managing Partner at Relay Ventures. Early stage VC focused on All Things Mobile.

ID 55818

Farhan Thawar


Investor in @xtreme-labs.

ID 1016

Kevin Swan


Been in a startup, ran a seed fund and now a VC, but an entrepreneur at heart. A Canadian who lived in the Silicon Valley and took it back home with him.

ID 41044

Chris Arsenault


Founder @inovia-capital, @sit-europe • Worked at @telesystems-ltd, @msbi-inc • Studied at @university-of-laval

ID 186553

Darrell MacMullin


@DMACMullin Modern Gentleman, Investor, Troublemaker, & thrives on continuous innovation.

ID 104060

Jared Gordon


Investment Manager at the Investment Accelerator Fund

ID 12299

Ben Zlotnick


Founder & CEO of INcubes Accelerator in Toronto, I help build proper infrastructures that create sustainable businesses. Startup Investor.

ID 487122

Andrew Bridge


Founder @brandproject • Worked at @cadbury-schweppes, @diageo • Investor @brika-1, @surfeasy • Studied at @queen-s-university, @southern-methodist-university

ID 19260

Nabil Kassam


Managing Director at Zynik Capital Corp. • Founder & Executive Chairman at @noble-iron & Texada Software Inc. • Studied at @harvard-university University & @stanford-graduate-school-of-business

ID 1204

JS Cournoyer


Partner at @real-ventures Entrepreneur angel investor husband father of 5 hockey player

ID 9934

John Stokes


Co-Founder of early stage VC, @real-ventures (Montreal, Canada) and an investor in the FounderFuel Accelerator.

ID 19554

Jimmy Dinh


Strategy/CorpDev, BD & Product Leader. Mobile Payments & Digital Commerce Exec. Capital Markets Innovation at CIBC World Markets. Ex- Head of Emerging Payments and Digital Commerce at Loblaws. Ex-MasterCard, ex-AOL, ex-eBay, ex-Nokia. Active Angel.

ID 88857

Matt Golden


MD@Golden Venture Partners -mobile focused seed and early A VC fund. Investor in @wattpad, @yesware, @guardly, @tempo-ai @influitive @top-hat @mparticle

ID 96754

Michelle McBane


Director at Investment Accelerator Fund @ MaRS Discovery District

ID 49200

Marco Janeczek


Venture Partner Infinite Ventures

ID 105399

David Arnsdorf


Co-Founder, @neverblue-media., bootstrapped to mid 8 figures rev in 4 years then exited. Angel Investor.

ID 32968

Chi Chen


Chi is a startup entrepreneur. He is currently the Director of Business Development at Tunezy

ID 196902

Meir Sheldon Dick


BizDev at Sciencescape, Partner at RRG. Developed validation platform for investors, and BizDev mentor for early stage startups

ID 459700

Joshua Kauffman


Designer, Consultant, Angel Investor and Advisor to Multiple Ventures.

ID 338226

Kosmayer Investments Inc.


Founded first dot com company in 1998. Have created a successful company with 55 employees and $80 million in total revenue. Sold company and now onto new ventures as well as angel and seed investing in interesting ideas.

ID 178417

Vince Saroli


3 x Exited Entrepreneur and Active Angel Investor.

ID 251618

Gunther Eysenbach


Founder, CEO and President, @jmir-publications Co-Founder and CSO @trendmd • Studied at @harvard-university MPH. Professor in Health Policy, Medical Informatics

ID 693766

Ted Graham


Founded niche sports publishing company (sold to Madawaska); created influencer network analysis; ex-McKinsey consultant, MBA; Innovation leader at PWC Canada

ID 16113

Raif Barbaros


Head of eCommerce Tech at Loblaw - Canada's largest retailer. Prior, founder/CTO at various start-ups: 3 acquired & 2 hit 1MM+ users. eBay, OATV, Deloitte & UC-Berkeley alum.

ID 41319

Scott Howard

Business Development at @coral-cea. Co-Founder @investment-ready-partners. Selected 70+ startups for $2.1m+ in funding in the last 24mths.

ID 93095

Robin Axon


General Partner - Mantella Venture Partners

ID 19761

Ken Nickerson


Entrepreneur, Angel, Inventor, BODs, @flixel-photos-inc, dTaz, Atomic Reach, ex-Kobo, ex-OpenCola, ex-Microsoft, ex-Rogers, ex-Banks -

ID 139812

Matthew Saunders


Managing Director at Ryerson Futures, Executive Director, DMZ Investments Inc.

ID 488778

James Appleyard


President of Freycinet Investments Ltd; Previously CEO & controlling shareholder of Artez Interactive - sold to FrontStream Payments & Arsenal Capital Aug 2013.

ID 171263

Jonathan Straus


ID 112426

Muneeb Mushtaq


Co-Founder & CEO @askfortask • Graduate @university-of-toronto. Serial Entrepreneur. Love innovation and collaborative consumption.

ID 208864

Kurtis Scissons


Co-Director of University of Toronto Early Stage Technology Program - Investing in UofT entrepreneurs

ID 379051

Joey Lomanto

Designer + Developer.

ID 175410

Mark Vange


ID 31105

Jason Martin

Investor in @vizibility, @iotum.

ID 117807

Ayman Shalaby


at Computer Science Dept. of University of Waterloo

ID 499144

Amir Farmanesh


Founded 5 for-profit & 6 not-for-profit ventures, interested in innovative new ideas based on scientific advancements. I am a university faculty & a researcher.

ID 279168

Anton van Rhyn


Looking to invest in IoT, b2b SaaS and other interesting businesses.

ID 122066

Jordan Klein

Dynamic global business development and marketing executive with strong interpersonal and communication skills focused on building revenue

ID 508304

Chris Gray


Associate at Ryerson Futures Inc out of the Digital Media Zone Incubator in Toronto.

ID 72174

Ratko Vidakovic


Entrepreneur. Angel Investor. VP Product & Marketing @sitescout (acquired '13). Co-founder @toyotanation (acquired '06).

ID 170588

John Culligan


Studied at @university-of-manitoba

ID 270983

Bruce Inwood


Worked at @hewlett-packard, @research-in-motion • Studied at @mcmaster-university, @university-of-guelph

ID 242920

Ivan Lenev


Investor, Advisor & Entrepreneur

ID 71230

Trillium Energy

Founded the first local benefit community power generation co-operative. Assembled a team of commmunity power professionals.

ID 286220

Garry Chan


Tech entrepreneur with successful track record of building companies from the ground-up; CMU M.Sc. (expected in Aug 2013); MBA from Rotman School.

ID 227644

Elaine Huang Crawford

CEO of 3 REITs. Computer Science from CMU, Harvard MBA. Solid business background with BCG, JPMorgan and Lazard

ID 249020

Jamil Velji


Marketing Expert, Growth Hacker and Full Stack Developer

ID 21221

Romy Kraus

Founding editor and host of culture/tech magazine D! -- Previously media+marketing exec at Bertelsmann and @sony.

ID 35138


A managing Partner at Playground, a web agnostic design and development company in Toronto. Working to build strong startups.

ID 207811

Roman Sivers


Associate at investment banking and growth capital firms in Toronto. MBA from University of Toronto. Worked at IBM. Passionate about shareholder value creation.

ID 272832

Jeff Marsden


Co-founder PriceMetrix Inc. Former President Accretive Advisor. Strategic manager. Fundraising experienced. Financial Services Expert. Ideas, pragmatism & focus

ID 675544

Robert Walter-Joseph

Founder @stone-and-paper-press

ID 477482

Brian Deck


Entrepreneur, Investor & Techie passionate about innovation and good design. Internet, mobile, payments and customer loyalty.

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