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ID 549203

Nathaniel Duncan

Entrepreneur passionate about the ideal society, digital technology, clean energy and a more connected world. Working on a nature based company ecosystem.

ID 220209

Tania Hew

@university-of-north-carolina-chapel-hill 2012 MBA. Loves working at startups in marketing or other strategic roles. Great tech background (CS undergrad).

ID 713504

George Dawson

Retail & ecommerce business side guy. Well connected to legacy B&M retail.

ID 89703

Colin How

Startup Executive. Board Member. Entrepreneur. Angel Investor. Builder of Great Teams and Great Products. Strategic Business Transformation.

ID 120290

Amarachi Miller

Founder @opusnote, He(a)rd • Studied at @university-of-western-ontario Strategy Consulting/Publishing Experience F500 Pre-Sales & Marketing Technology Exec.

ID 145774

Corby Fine


Worked at @rogers-communications-inc, Invested in @careguide and @shifthub, mentored at @extremestartups.

ID 582643

Steffan Edward

Strategy, Marketing and Business Dev, Venturer, University of Waterloo, Business Enthusiast, Winner of Deloitte case comp

ID 187916

Peter Davison

Chief Wabbit Hunter. Strong Collaborative approach to Business Growth. Speaker 140conf & Tedx speaker

ID 244884

Matthew Burns

Full-time thinker, part-time savant. Founder @fondly , @groudu , @ticket-elephant • Studied at @wilfrid-laurier-university

ID 568873

Catherine Gui

Strategy & Operations, Senior UW student, former Co-president @ UW Entrepreneurship Society, MakeWorks Operations Co-op

ID 507437

David Kapitany

Founder/CEO Guideally • Traveler by heart • Photographer by passion • Entrepreneur by ambition • Dog person by choice

ID 497072


Former Analyst, Strategist turned Founder of

ID 223120

Paul Clark

CMO at BlueCamroo Inc.: all-in-one SaaS Team Collaboration Application for CRM, Social CRM, Project Management, Email Marketing and more...

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