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ID 666488

Weikun Hou

ID 204793

Guilherme M. Trein

M.Sc.A.C. student at UofT; Passionate about technology; Focused on Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing; Actively engaged in innovative projects;

ID 602582

Victor Anjos

Data Entrepreneur, Engineering Manager (acting VPE) & Data Scientist @viafoura. Founder @Data_for_Good. Play volleyball / Watch basketball (& hack on its data).

ID 334837

Eric William Dolan

Hacker by trade, Hustler by nature. Western Business Management- Finance John Hopkins University- Data Science

ID 319752

Kevin Chen

Startup Co-founder, Aspiring Innovator

ID 165344

Chris Miller

@tdbank, @BMOBank Alum. Founder @coincad @overc-studios • Studied Economics & Logic at @college-of-wooster

ID 271958

Samson Hu

Analytics Lead at 500px, Cofounder at Polychart. Extreme Startups & Velocity Alumni

ID 764624

James Duncan Iveniuk

Canadian PhD candidate at the University of Chicago. Four years experience with statistical analysis and survey design at a national research centre.

ID 685348

Pranav Dobhal

Carnegie Mellon grad student, 5 years Business Intelligence experience, Currently interested in machine learning and data science using Python.

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