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ID 13722

Aysar Khalid

Founder @washly. Engineer @salesforce.

ID 144468

Wynne Leung

Principal UI Designer @aol previously at @amazon @the-walt-disney-company • Loves fashion, design and modern art • Studied at @university-of-toronto

ID 59793

Jason Li

Designer @thanx ; Self-taught designer with an Accounting/Finance educational background.

ID 39834

Andrew Lockhart


Co-founder @realkick-1 , Co-founder @pophire, Experience Architect @idea-couture, Associate Creative Director @trapeze, @stanford-graduate-school-of-business @university-of-toronto

ID 173

John Philip Green


Chief Executive Dad, @careguide. BMath, UWaterloo.

ID 94903

Andrew Louis

All things tech (and some design) at @shoplocket

ID 123109

Kevin D.H Kim

Entrepreneur & Designer building @teamstory (

ID 29544

Matt O'Leary

Founder @FreshCanteen. Previously Founded @shopcaster. Product guy and designer who loves customer acquisition. Foodie and grill man.

ID 75989

Jon Carr-Harris

Strong expertise on Mobile Products. Development & Design. Partner @ SwishLabs. Previously CEO @venio; PM @Theknetwork. Studied @mcgill-university

ID 618033

Charlotte Chan

Systems Design Engineering student with a strong passion for UX/UI Design. Experience seeker, rock climber, and travel enthusiast. Talk to me about vacations!

ID 226443

Danish Siddiqui

Waterloo Computer Engineer with 5+ years experience shipping code to millions of customers worldwide. Worked at start ups as well as large multinationals.

ID 135135

Taige Zhang

Founder @wellingtons-travel and @mificlub. Worked at @apple, @wimdu, @oanda. Studied at @university-of-toronto

ID 323719

Feng Xie

Strategy, Product Management, UI/UX, Customer Experience

ID 27271

Ben Baldwin

Founder @clearfit, Founder @careerxact. 13+ yrs experience building recruiting software for Fortune 500 & SMBs. Patent holder and board member of EO/YEO.

ID 420675

Mike Beltzner

ID 86384

Tyler Galpin

Creative Director at @radpad I design products. I build experiences.

ID 87685

Jayesh Parmar

Founder, Jayesh is Picatic’s public face and voice. As CEO his primary responsible for overseeing product strategy & vision.

ID 255531

Joseph Santoro

DC/LA Superconnector @forbes @MoxieStrategy @StartupGrindDC @ADmapco Creative Strategist, Media2.0Sensei, Political Wonketeer, Entrepreneurial Techie, Neuro PhD

ID 167213

Brett Ede

CMO & Co-founder of @picatic. Product Designer, Startup Marketer & Entrepreneur. Previously Co-founder of UX design agency @island, and Lead Designer for

ID 101601

Ghazaleh Etezal

Founder of Vacantful. Formerly Information Architect / UX Designer at Kobo, Influitive, Engagio, BNOTIONS, Polar Mobile, RIM

ID 106341

Joe Gamalinda

A blend of traditional art and digital design – From Advertising and Web Design to UI/UX. Cross platform creative junkie from @index @lytro @prescreen @loomis-group @organic

ID 124318

Bretton MacLean

• App Designer • Founder @flixel-photos-inc • Worked at @guardly, @endloop-mobile, Bridges/Xap, & others • Studied at @university-of-ottawa (Software Engineering)

ID 94176

Rodolfo Novak

I make things.

ID 179431

Joshua Kelly

Rails/Javascript Hacker #2 at @uniiverse • Founder @kmsm • Studied at @university-of-toronto

ID 72731

Sunit Mohindroo

Co-Founder of @watrhub Inc. Unique Product Dev & Incubation Experience (hardware @ @apple & @microsoft). Systems Design Grad from Waterloo. I remix tech+biz.

ID 447636

Catherine Kazmir

User-focused and detail-obsessed UI/UX designer at Guardly.

ID 209289

Aloke Pillai

UI/UX designer with expertise in project management. Started a design firm to try humanizing the web. Dedicated to create products that inspire great stories.

ID 246685

Matt Rae

Founder Tripzaar • Studied at @university-of-waterloo (VeloCity resident) - Founder MattRae Photo - Employee with Toyota, Ontario Power Generation, Cargill

ID 171602

Kevin Lee

Graphic Designer · Web Enthusiast

ID 48374

Dawson Whitfield

UX & frontend. Founder of @wisewords. Worked @weebly. Nature lover.

ID 196759

Maggie Cai

Industrial Engineer; Looking to understand the world by analyzing data

ID 391621

Cole Mackin

Cole Mackin is President of @keele-ux-inc-1 -- helping startups create digital products + services that people love, use routinely & share avidly.

ID 39140

Luke Sequeira

Founder @dccper, Worked at @bnotions, @indivibe-com

ID 191395

Eric Puigmarti

Creative Designer @shifthub

ID 72635

Jaco Joubert

Founder of @guestlist Creator of EmberUI Worked at @upverter and @freshooks

ID 12881

Landon Kim

Lead designer @ Collaborate / Kibits.

ID 274958

Olivier Mayrand

Graduated Dawson College & OCAD University in Industrial design, worked for Interaxon, Steve Mann, Maxtech, Feature Walters, Wildeye design and more.

ID 55960

Hannah Wei

Co-founder & Creative Director @ @vizualize-me. Hybrid designer & developer. Former Lead Courseware Dev at Canadian Forces, worked at Telus and Nortel.

ID 336461

Conner Fritz

Software Developer @uniiverse, co-founder @wompit

ID 388568

Abeiene Nejar

Product designer, process nerd, and storyteller.

ID 7383

Aidan Nulman

Co-Founder & CEO of Fleetbit (Winston Inc). Hacker. History of growing technology and entertainment products by 200%+ y/y. One of Canada's @the-next-36

ID 109317

Jon Friis

Founder @kera • Studied at @ryerson-university

ID 64041

Matt A Myers

Entrepreneur, Life Learner, Yogi. In tech for 20 years now.

ID 231148

Ritwick Gupta

Working on API for POS integration at @ethor ; MSc Computers at @university-of-windsor; Experience as research assistance in field of healthcare data.

ID 147733

Anne-Marie Paquette

Founder and Chief Executive Officer of @talem-health-solutions • Worked @mcgill-university-design-services • Studied at Architecture and Management @McGill

ID 715541

David Hurley

Full Stack Developer with an strong working knowledge of Ruby, Rails, and JS. Previously was in a business development role at Top Hat and

ID 379051

Joey Lomanto

Designer + Developer.

ID 451047

Carson Perrotti

iOS Developer at @joist. Previously at The Mobile Cartel and Apple Inc.

ID 228442

Dmitri Tcherbadji

Artist, Founder @artsocket @eureka-1 @hechnr-business-engines-inc-1

ID 308287

Kirushanth Sakthivetpillai

Waterloo engineer, expert UI/UX, frontent guru, solid backend, full stack development experience

ID 151863

Qasim Virjee


Founding Director of @getfilmi and Principal at @design-guru. Constantly exploring the world's music through editing and

ID 426441

Jon Saul Prozer


ID 112874

Safinaaz Rawji

@microsoft Alumni, Interened @rim, Currently a Sr. Technical PM @appnique. I get things done and make magic happen.

ID 455279

Scott Beaty

Designer working primarily in the UI/UX world. Startup friendly. Recovering writer. Cat fancier.

ID 166909

Soheil Alavi

Creative Director at @tunezy (The Music Experience Marketplace). Formerly Creative Director at @theredpin (Canada’s largest database for residential real estate listings).

ID 129182

Lily Tse

Founder/CEO @happy-monday, @think-dirty

ID 387546

Hubert Ka

Chief Designer @testlegends-inc • Worked @department-of-national-defence

ID 138972

Jeremy Bell

Co-Founder and CEO of Wattage Inc. Former Partner at Teehan+Lax. 18 years of experience designing and building digital products.

ID 135204

Ronen Ackerman

Developer & Designer from Toronto.

ID 25416

Miki Setlur

Sr. Product Designer at @evernote. Strong user experience background (iOS and Android). Former digital strategist for top-tier brand clients.

ID 137710

Meghan Athavale

Founded PO-MO Inc., Po-motion Inc. and Lumo Play Inc. Accidental CEO, natural leader. Animator & game designer since 1997. Passionate about physical engagement.

ID 66423

Dan McGrady

Front-end engineer; UX designer and Ruby/Javascript developer. Creator of @carelogger

ID 355204

Ray de Guzman

Product UX / UI Design

ID 31980

Dominik Dryja

Co-founder of Volume

ID 160544

Olya (Olga) Caliujnaia

Director, Product @getty-images Previously @playfish.Worked in VC @blackberry-partners-fund,consulting @simon-kucher-partners.Studied @london-business-school-2

ID 170983

Nicolas Koff

Founder projexity • Studied at @university-of-pennsylvania-1, @university-of-toronto

ID 115871

Sacha Raposo

ID 154677

Shawn Kalin


Founder @allberta-com, Customerge • Worked at @intercell, @venturesource • Studied at @university-of-victoria

ID 60769

Amanda Blain

CEO of @girlfriend-social. Strong Social Media presence across all networks including over 3 million followers on Google+. Coder, CEO, and UberGeekGirl.

ID 686295

Joe Auty

Co-founder of DataSprocket, experienced full-stack startup web app developer for numerous startups, enterprise computing/sys-admin experience, IU grad

ID 425122

Lukasz Kos

Founder Four O Nine • Studied at @university-of-toronto, @jagiellonian-university

ID 30398

Josh Barkin

I like making things. Combining design, tech and biz skills. I've built mobile social apps that have served 20+ million users.

ID 185674

Brandon Donnelly

CEO of Dirt. Strong background in real estate development. Master's in architecture + real estate from Penn.

ID 596774

Mike Hansen

Designer - I help companies and startups design user experiences for web and mobile. Notable companies include @tesla-motors @nike @coca-cola @apple & Indiegogo

ID 142261

Cameron Dearsley

Product Designer

ID 76284

Jake Grygowski


Computer Science @university-of-waterloo / Client-Side Internet Tech & Entrepreneurship @stanford-university / Intern @checkout-51 / @velocity Resident

ID 494348

Phil Jones

CCO at Cumulonimbus.

ID 11170

Eyal Katz

Experienced full-stack developer / project manager, gets things done! Worked at @nortel Networks, studied Computer Engineering at the @university of Toronto. @comicreply

ID 254427

Mustefa Jo'shen

Lead Designer & Founder @tailoredux. Building businesses through Design.

ID 86282

Zain Abiddin

Entrepreneur, Designer & Developer

ID 537594

Able Varghese

Founder @able-entrepreneurs • Studied at @carleton-university

ID 138969

Nate Wolfe

Form & Function. Branding, Strategy, Art Direction, UI/UX Design + Dev. Polymath, hacker and entrepreneur. Co-Founder @drnk-to & @popshop-1 • Worked at @hopskoch

ID 6426

Sasha Baksht

I run an offshore software development boutique for startups and emerging web companies.

ID 291245

Vergel Evans

Studied at @sheridan • Worked at @syncapse • over 15 years experience as an developer / IA & UX designer.

ID 448201

Severin Smith

Co Founder of Minuum, the tiny keyboard for big fingers. Focused on the interaction design and engineering of new high-tech everyday objects.

ID 496696

Jenn Neilson

Founder Jill and Jack

ID 476961

Gwen Myall

Currently working with Backchat & Key Gordon. Worked at Rogers Publishing, OCAD University, Studied at OCAD University

ID 523988

Carmine Valentini

Founder of @blabloud

ID 182703

Mark Suarez

Designer @backchat-1, formerly a product designer @theglobeandmail, OCAD Design, Type Designer and Creative Coder

ID 73533

Johnny Chauvet

CCO @ Cardign. UI / UX specialist. York University / Sheridan College Bachelor of Design, Honours. Clients include CTV, Weather Network, Rogers, TheScore, RONA.

ID 126875

Helen Tran

Designer & Front-End Developer.

ID 538196

Amos Shaw

Award winning designer with 10+ years of producing memorable interactive experiences for screens and users of all shapes and sizes.

ID 199220

Don Radhay

Founder of @kukuzoo-1.Designer and Animator.

ID 764624

James Duncan Iveniuk

Canadian PhD candidate at the University of Chicago. Four years experience with statistical analysis and survey design at a national research centre.

ID 134518

James McLean

Co-founder / CPO @homefed. Strong design and tech background, studied Industrial Design at OCADU

ID 312849

Matt Dunn

User experience and visual designer.

ID 307706

Neil Stevenson-Moore

Founder of StylePixi • Studied at @princeton-university

ID 308137

Teehij Kaul

MBA candidate, Schulich School of Business, Accenture, Business Analyst

ID 218655

Azmat Zuberi

Co-founder & President, @uknowte; Founder, Soulistech; IT Technologist, Branksome Hall; IT Analyst, DAC Group; Ach. Arts&Sci (U.Toronto), Cert. IT Technologist

ID 480260

Tara Shahru Amiri

Oxford MBA, 5 yrs of IT consulting at Deloitte, PMP. Entrepreneurial, creative, and analytical. Excellent interpersonal skills.

ID 192003

Adam King

UX designer-for-hire at @unnormal · Founder at @ethical-coffee-chain · Seeking: good people to work with, design problems worth tackling.

ID 300160

David Michaels

eBusiness entrepreneur and brand consultant; 20 years of experience in trademark law; J.D., B.Eng., CHRM

ID 281837

Ari Zilnik

UX Architect @lab49. Strong @user-experience-design-1 skills. Founder @swrm-io. @carnegie-mellon-university MHCI grad. Worked at @apple . 3rd place @ CHI '13. finalist in IxDA.

ID 192078

Ivonne Robledo

Graphic Designer; Worked at Seahorse, Vendly and Zet.

ID 123162

Ammad Shaikh

Designer & Front-End Developer. Worked with Insight Data Science, Pebble Watch, Teespring and Medisas.

ID 479286

Vivian Lai

All-around Artist, launched 4 Facebook social games and a responsive HTML5 trivia game.

ID 32818

Menan Vadivel

Founder @roadsight, @tinrit • Worked at @canadian-heritage • Studied at @carleton-university

ID 770410

Hao Cheng (Henry) Zhu

MASc candidate at University of Toronto Institute for Aerospace Engineering; Expertise in control and autonomous navigation of UAVs and other mobile robotics.

ID 406658

Lesia Nalepa

Front end developer and designer. Engineering student at @university-of-waterloo

ID 129457

Drew Matthews

Digital + Design + Motion + UX 13 years of agency experience. Looking to make a career pivot into products and experiences. Will move to San Francisco. Help me out!

ID 85701

Poya (Marcus) Rahmati

Fashion photographer, frontend developer and mech engineer. Cofounder at Gizmolabs and Talentell.

ID 634790

Belle Kaplan

New grad industrial engineer. I love data and I love customers; I want to use my experience creating UX designs and research studies to create great products.

ID 307255

Mason Kuang

Co-founder of Heka, Trustee at CKI, CR at AIESEC

ID 597049

Reza Abasi

Leveraged technology to advance business @semtech, @nspire-innovation-network • Studied EE|CE|CS|BIZ|MGMT @ucla, @UofT

ID 587053

Kimberly Chen

Cornell ILR'13, HR, Analytics, Operations, started own company in web design

ID 409618

Stas Dimos

Ivey Business grad, Business Development/Sales experience with creative/marketing skills and entrepreneurial spirit.

ID 698568

Ramis Hassan

Designer, Foodie, Gamer, Human based in Toronto

ID 724488

Thanesh Sunthar

Launched 3 successful websites., anememe,com, Product manager for 7 years in a large corporation.

ID 299579

Gerard Dolan

ID 661011

Robert Mindzak

Passion for pixel perfect design, user-centered design, desire differentiate between "good" and GREAT. Design that works, entrepreneur spirit.

ID 24721

Anson Kao

Pianist and U-Waterloo Mechatronics engineering grad turned web-developer and dance music junkie. Cofounder and UI/UX lead

ID 474463

Lara Cremon

Founder @content-games • Studied at @university-of-waterloo

ID 165387

Matthew Miller

Founder of @crouzz & @BuckandSpitz. Studied at the @college-of-wooster

ID 556611

Moudi Al-Ghashyan

Founder @food-with-benefits-2 • Worked at @king-abdullah-university-of-science-and-technology-1 • Studied at @mcmaster-university

ID 276233

Frank Qin

Cofounder at @questr-co, Toronto

ID 58727

Anton Bielousov

Experienced software developer with extensive knowledge of social web and mobile. Areas of Expertise: CSS, JS, HTML5 and PHP.

ID 777492

Mike Monroe Yu

User Experience and Interface Designer

ID 750154

Anna Nicolaou

Journalist and web producer for the Financial Times, writer for Fast Company, former financial trader.

ID 445462

Kamil Ciszkowicz

Seasoned UX/UI Designer for Android, iOS and Web based software applications.

ID 642472

Rocco Marinaccio

Founder at Foobli • Worked at @cibc • Studied at @university-of-western-ontario

ID 103193

Douglas Coyle

Founder, Managing Director, Double Helix, Previous: Phoenix Biomolecular. Serial technology entrepreneur, Engineering Physics, Molecular Biology, Innovation.

ID 538778

Don Vo

UI/UX Designer & Front-End Developer

ID 215130

Jimmy Wang

Lead Designer at 2 Startups - Shopcaster / Keek

ID 100235

Peter Chen

Innovation Architect

ID 293122

Alex Karasyov

I design & develop products that your customers love.

ID 482184

Anton Shevchenko

University of Waterloo Honors Computer Science Co-op student. Graduating in 2018. Fast learner, competent and team worker. Passion for mobile.

ID 397758

Derek Rabindran

@university-of-waterloo Computer Science working in the finance industry.

ID 252480

Darcy Clarke

Developer, designer, ux, founder & speaker. Founded Themify and DealPage. Love open source and developer/designer advocacy.

ID 124223

Jordan Choo

Hacking and hustling my way through the startup world.

ID 152082

Frank Goertzen

UX Designer

ID 442918

Allison Moore

Information Architecture-obsessed tech writer Master of Information. Drinker of Tea.

ID 438348

Tina Chan

UX/UI, graphic designer, student, 2013 Adobe Information Design Finalist

ID 635596

Amin Nikdel

Queen's CS; CEO of nPulse - real time in class Educational Platform application. CTO of PrepYou - Online Educational Platform. Over 5000+ students & 7+ teacher

ID 340533

Neil Campbell

Full stack marketer & creative. Strong art & design focus. Studied as an artist, work as a designer; future in marketing. Proud designer and idea generator.

ID 564541

Suren Udayakumar

Waterloo Electrical Engineer, Graduated in 2013, Software/Web/UI/Mobile Developer, Worked at Samsung, RIM

ID 231752

Charlie McLean

Founder @dynamatik. Design girl with a passion for technology.

ID 456341

Dev Chakraborty

Full-stack developer & entrepreneur. Co-founder of Edusight and HelpWanted. Over a decade of software experience.

ID 255727

Tyler Freedman

ID 684297

Samarth Bhasin

Advanced Product Development Engineer at Bombardier Aerospace. Currently introducing Aeroelastic capabilities to Bombardier's MDO efforts.

ID 381014

Joseph D. Viviano

Mercenary Neuroscientist & Medical Image Analyst • Research Analyst @Center for Addiction and Mental Health • Worked @york U • Studied @queen's U, @york U

ID 416709

Coco Tang

HCI Masters grad, looking for an exciting fast-paced career in the design space. pw: cocotang

ID 271062

Delia Xiong

Creative Director of Our Story Paper Co., Successful digital project manager, looking for project/product management positions for awesome tech products.

ID 344222

George Gagnon

Engineer by training. Conducted research at Harvard. Currently bringing design-first thinking to an engineering-first team creating internal tools.

ID 210864

Bruno Wong

- Cofounder at @orchard - Founder of Technest Consulting Group - PR & Marketing at Radar Entertainment Product and design guy at heart.

ID 204107

Conor O'Donnell

Worked at @audienceview-ticketing • Studied at @ryerson-university, @queen-s-university

ID 195530

Eric Kim

Cofounder of Lifestyle Ninety; Comp Sci Hons. BSc.

ID 72822

James McNab

Designer & Developer. BDes in Advertising from OCAD U.

ID 481925

Shirley Miao

Student at @university-of-western-ontario; Dual degrees in CS and Business Admin.; Worked at @allstream, @sunnybrook-research-institute.

ID 233311

Eryn Corbeil

Founder/VP Design & UX SportRFID • Founder/Creative Agent at @ion8

ID 426736

Calvin Kuo

Designing and creating transformative experiences through objects and environments.

ID 449304

Karen So

Experienced Business Operations and Project Management Professional with technical background. uWaterloo Math Grad.

ID 427678

Noorain Noorani

Front-end Developer + UX/UI Designer. Candidate for BAsc @university-of-waterloo (Systems Design). Seeking a 4-month intern position for September 2014.

ID 274433

William Truong

Management Engineer University of Waterloo, strong technical background with entrepreneurial mind set

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