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Map of the local innovation industry.
Meet some of the best and newest startups based in Toronto.

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ID 139645

Keir Reynolds


Exec. Chairman and Co-founder of LX Ventures. We build businesses by launching, integrating and acquiring early-stage, high-growth technology companies.

ID 52863

Kelly Noland

Founder/CEO of @www-myblackcard-ca. Owner of Identity Clothing, been in business for 8 years. Founder/CEO of MyBenefitCard. Very connected, and love new Idea's

ID 70148

Jesse Rasch


Entrepreneur, Investor, Venture Philanthropist.

ID 23958

Jamie McDonald


Co-founder Hubdoc, Co-founder/CEO of @sparkroom, investor, entrepreneur, ex-Expedia.

ID 181445

Marcus Daniels


Founder/CEO @highline ( @extremestartups + @growlab merged Accelerator ). Seed Investor. Digital Product Entrepreneur. Innovation Platform Architect

ID 84378

Jaiveer Singh


Director, @mint-pharmaceuticals-inc General Partner, @medina-singh-partners, LLC Studied @carnegie-mellon-university, Columbia MBA

ID 186553

Darrell MacMullin


@DMACMullin Modern Gentleman, Investor, Troublemaker, & thrives on continuous innovation.

ID 625183

Omar Dhalla


Venture Partner at Real Ventures in Toronto / Built an early stage Canadian media business / McKinsey & Accenture / Richard Ivey MBA, Sauder B.Comm

ID 173

John Philip Green


Chief Executive Dad, @careguide. BMath, UWaterloo.

ID 655385

Shelley Lau - シェリーロウ


Investor, Founder, Advisor: @IPCapital, @adaptics; Investment/biz role at R Group, @credit-suisse, @ibm; MBA/MS at MIT

ID 46759

William Mougayar


Founder, Startup Management @startupmanage. CEO/Founder @engagio, @eqentia. ex- @influitive . 30 yrs in high-tech. Ex-HP, Cognizant. Marketing & Strategy.

ID 178417

Vince Saroli


3 x Exited Entrepreneur and Active Angel Investor.

ID 43322

Fahd Ananta


co-founder, chime (acq. hubspot). worked at mckinsey & microsoft.

ID 50504

Jackie Wilgar

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