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Call for writers & game changers

We need your help.

We're starting a new magazine for our beloved makers, dreamers and hustlers. We're currently looking for contributors and posts ideas around startups & innovation.

It's a good time to start and scale a company

During the last few years, our tools and resources helped connect millions of founders, investors and startup talent. Startup ecosystems have matured and it's becoming increasingly easier to start companies.

But some major challenges remains:

  • 🤷 Hiring. Tech giants are competing for today's brightest minds. Even the most boring corporations can't help but boast their "startup-like" culture. Attracting talent for new projects is harder than ever.
  • 🤔 Partners. It’s still a headache to pick the right service providers. Startups are simultaneously bombarded of offers by a few SaaS and accelerators, and actively neglected by other established players.
  • 📢 Getting attention. With so many companies are desperate for media coverage, it's hard hard to cut through the noise. Sadly, reporters and readers often miss out on the most innovative projects and relevant ideas.
  • 🤖 SEO. The party is over. Ranking in search engine is increasingly harder. That free visibility is now harvested by countless sites designed specifically to generate cheap traffic at the expense of startups working hard to create value.

So, we're excited to try something new! 🎉💃

We will celebrate some the most promising startups, wildest ideas and badass makers; and spread the world about them. We'll publish series of original articles and promote them across a network of partners sites & newsletters.

And we need your help 🙃

We're looking for ideas, partners & contributors.
Please send us your story ideas, weird pet projects, management tips and deepest desires. ✌️
We'd love to hear from you  → [email protected]

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Photo by Bench Accounting / Unsplash

Here's a few questions for inspiration 💡

  • Which startups are quite admirable in your opinion?
  • We love the hype, but what are some of the most currently underrated technology/ideas in your opinion?
  • Do you know of surprising projects challenging the boundaries of society or the usual capitalist model, one way or another (an open protocol for ride-hailing apps, a pay-what-you-can human organs marketplace, a semi-anonymized social-network annotating users' comments with the types of arguments used, etc)?
  • What's the most creative project (not necessarily a business) you've seen lately?
  • Did you notice a new interesting trend in your community or industry?
  • Is there a tool, a methodology or a resource that you really wish you'd have discovered sooner?
  • What was/is your biggest fears preventing you to start something new?
  • What was/is your biggest pain in scaling your company?
  • What keeps you going? What's your end goal?
  • What are so key lessons you learned and how could it help others. (more often than not, our mistakes teaches us very personal lessons).
  • What do you feel is missing in your newsfeed?
  • Who Do you think we should talk with?

Let's talk! [email protected]

This article have previously been published on Start Scale Surf.

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